Onelogin Gives Sage Advice For Keeping Your Company Secure

October 18th, 2017 by admin

In a recent blog post onlines, a cybersecurity expert discusses how cybersecurity is like Game Of Thrones. For instance, they relate the preparation of Jon Snow’s forces for war like the cybersecurity teams preparing their defenses against attack in real life. Cybersecurity teams are tasked with keeping highly confidential information secure and out of the reach of would-be cyber attackers just like Westeros’ northern border safe from invaders such as White Wakers, wildling, and wights.

The article goes on to warn internet users of zombie accounts. The article uses the analogy of how deceased characters on the show come back as a wight and then must be burned to be rid of them permanently. In that sense, once an employee leaves your company, that doesn’t mean their access information is dead. This can produce a security threat for your company because of the remaining digital footprint.

Overall, the security of your company comes down to everyone playing their part and making cybersecurity a big priority for the benefit of everyone says cybersecurity company OneLogin. Unfortunately, may board members of top companies do not feel that cybersecurity is a major risk and tend to flounder on decisions in favor of tightening security and eliminating risks. One of the key elements involved with cybersecurity is making sure that all members of the company are familiar with, and execute password best practices. Some of the useful techniques include using phrases rather than passwords and not writing down any passphrases or passwords where they can easily be accessed.

Some other helpful tips included having employees become knowledgeable regarding the best way to deal with phishing and malware threats. Those are the top issues that companies see on a regular basis. Basically, the company needs to work together to avoid being compromised as well as each individual taking responsibility for their daily activities.

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White Shark Media Helping Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Enhance Their Revenue through Online Marketing

October 18th, 2017 by admin

White Shark Media is one of the leading search engine marketing service providers in the SEO industry. The company has been around for many years and is known to offer a wide range of search engine optimization services. The search engine marketing professionals at White Shark Media have years of experience in this field and has a unique approach to every project they come across.

White Shark Media first analyzes the competition of the client and after that audits the client’s site to understand the loopholes and the shortcomings in the current status of web presence. Once the gaps are known in the existing online presence, they are filled expertly with the help of advanced search engine optimization techniques. The good thing about White Shark Media is that they use only the legitimate online marketing techniques that would help the clients’ website to get registered in the good books of the search engines without getting penalized.

White Shark Media understands the importance of online marketing in today’s world, where the competition is high, and the businesses are trying new and unique marketing techniques. Online presence is essential these days as most of the people shop online as well as search for relevant information on the web. Not having an online presence means giving away a part of your business to your competition, one bit at a time. Sooner you start building your online presence, better it would be for you. White Shark Media has helped tons of small, medium and large enterprises to consolidate their position online, increase their rankings on search engines, and get more traffic.

These are the pointers that are necessary to make the most of the online marketing. White Shark Media has received many positive reviews for its services and continues to provide economical and highly efficient SEO services to clients from around the world.

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Edward Honig: A Heart for Hearts

October 9th, 2017 by admin

Maintaining a close eye on their health becomes more and more important with age. People grow frail, pain sets in, limbs become weak and visiting the doctor becomes more and more frequent an occurrence. Cardiac health becomes paramount for individuals as they age. The number one killer of men over fifty is some form of cardiac disease, making it all the more important to monitor the health of an aging heart.

Cardiologists are healthcare professionals specifically trained in treatments and preventative medicine for the preservation of heart health. Whether it’s in diagnosing a murmur or in the replacing of a defective heart valve, a cardiologist in some form, be it as a surgeon or diagnostician, is involved in the process in some way. So as one begins to age, in addition to standard checkups with a general practitioner, additional doctors and specialists are required to ensure proper health.

When it comes to one’s own health, it’s important to always be proactive in surrounding yourself with the best people for the job; you’ve only one life to live, any error or oversight having the potential to cause drastic consequences. When selecting a doctor, especially for one’s own cardiac health, experience is at the forefront for the evaluation of a healthcare professional to trust with your own being. Nobody wants to be the first patient a surgeon operates on.

For those in New York City, living in a major metropolitan center can make finding proper healthcare professional very difficult. Among the crowds of individuals in the city, numerous services have sprung up to cater to these individuals during its rich history. These include numerous hospitals, urgent cares, general healthcare practitioners and healthcare specialists. For those who are seeking a cardiologist for their heart health, sorting through the immense list of cardiologists may be daunting. Yet there’s a single name that rises to the top as indisputably one of the more experienced cardiac specialists in New York City.

Doctor Edward Honig, based in Glen Cove, has been a cardiologist honing his craft for over sixty-five years. His credentials include earning his medical degree from Duke University in 1952 and has been practicing ever since. His lifelong dedication to the hearts of others has led him to become one of the more premier cardiologists of the New York City area, continuing to serve his home community throughout his life. His experience dwarfs that of most other cardiologists in the area. As an inspiration in the field of cardiology field, Doctor Edward Honig has devoted his life and resolve to guarding and serving the people of New York and their hearts.

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IDLife: An Easier Way To Have A Balanced Diet

October 8th, 2017 by admin

Do you find your self out of breath after going up a flight of stairs? Do you find that you still feel sleepy after a nights sleep? Do you sometimes have a hard time concentrating when at work? There is an epidemic of people who just can’t find the time to exercise or eat right. In this rat race of a world we live in, everything is so fast-paced. Your boss is demanding you stay late to finish a project. Your children require you to do what you need to make sure they have a good life. You have to make dinner and clean the house and the time just slips right by. There are so many reasons why that fitting a balanced diet into your life is not easy.

A company called IDLife has come up with a solution to help you eat healthy even on the go. They have come up with products that give you all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need, as well as keep you hydrated. IDLife has vitamins in pill form that you can take and also shakes full of vitamins and protein. They also have a workout line. These are products you would take before and after your workout. These ensure that you get the correct amount of amino acids and enzymes that you need as well as those vitamins and nutrients.

IDLife has partnered with a company called Garmin to help perfect the IDLife app. They partnered with Garmin because of the combination of their expertise in technology and nutrition. That is a powerful combination when it comes to the ultimate goal of making the world healthy, one person at a time, and making the app easy to navigate.

If you would like to learn more about IDLife please visit

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The types of Initiatives that George Soros Has Been Supporting

October 7th, 2017 by admin

George Soros is one of the most dedicated crusaders for social justice and equal treatment for all humans. He has been working with Open Society Foundations for more than two decades. Perhaps it is the experiences that he had when he was growing up that made him have a soft spot for people who are being discriminated as a result of their religious beliefs, ethnicity or color. Whatever his inspiration is, the contribution that he has made towards the creation of better societies around the world is indisputable and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He was born to Jewish parents and grew up during a time when the Nazis were occupying the country. When he was a teenager, the Holocaust started, and he was forced to flee his country and go to the UK. Life was tough in the UK, and he was compelled to work as a porter for a railway station and also as a busboy to pay his way through college. He graduated from the London School of Economics and went ahead to get his masters and Ph.D. in finance. He did work for a few hedge funds before starting his first hedge fund. His real financial breakthrough came when he made a short sale of ten billion sterling pounds and made a billion dollars in profit. After this sale, he moved his businesses to New York and more information click here.

He has been operating from New York for the past three decades. His interest in open society foundations started in the 90’s. He has been involved in the creation of better societies in Eastern Europe and was one of the driving forces behind the fall of the Berlin Wall. He was also involved in the campaigning for the educational rights of some black students in South Africa, who had been denied access to University education and what George Soros knows.

The other initiative that he has been part of is his involvement with the Liberals. He has supported the agendas of the Democratic Party since he moved to the US. He has supported Liberal presidential candidates such as John Kerry, Barrack Obama and most recently, Hillary Clinton. After Bush beat Kerry in 2004, he had dialed back his involvement with the Democrats and politics in general, but last year, he renewed his investment in their policies. Even though Clinton did not make it to office last year, Soros has been a staunch believer in her style of politics since the start and learn more about George Soros.

George was also a financier of the protests that took place in Ferguson over the killing of Brown. He financed the hiring of the buses which took protestors to Missouri because he firmly believes that no one should be treated unjustly just because of their skin color and Follow his Twitter.

More Visit:

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What the Greg Secker Foundation Does

October 6th, 2017 by admin

Greg Secker is a well known trader, and he is the owner of Learn To Trade. Greg has always been a why not guy, not a why guy. He always loves trying new stuff out, because there is no reason not to. He first studied agriculture and food science, but he was always a computer geek who loved to program. That is how he got his job at Thomas Cook Financial Services, helping with the coding for the Virtual Trading Desk.

While working on the code for the Virtual Trading Desk, which is essentially an online platform for traders, Greg had to learn about every detail related to trading, because coding doesn’t allow for discrepancies. He learned a lot about foreign exchange trading as well, also known as Forex. That is when he decided to get in on the action and go into trading himself.

He invested just five thousand pounds, which he had borrowed. However, within a year, his investment skyrocketed to sixty thousand pounds. He learned a lot about the various principles you need in order to be successful at trading. Greg Secker says you need a risk managed approach, you have to develop a plan that is driven by strategy, and you have to stick to that plan.

Greg Secker eventually retired, after he had made a lot of money. However, he decided to help out other people. He has given over six thousand speeches over the years. These speeches have been given all around the world in various locations. Over two hundred thousand people have shown up to his lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Greg Secker was already a millionaire when he was in his twenties. He founded Learn To Trade, the Smart Charts software, and various other companies and businesses. He is a well known speaker.

Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation. The Greg Secker Foundation focuses on improving the lives of young people, so that they can get started on the right career path right away, instead of ending up broke after a second divorce at the age of thirty five.

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Four Things Rocketship Education Taught Co-Founder and CEO Preston Smith

October 5th, 2017 by admin

Rocketship Education has been in operation for the past ten years, since 2007. The chain of schools populate eighteen low-income areas throughout the United States, incorporated as a nonprofit institution by present-day CEO Preston Smith and John Danner. Preston Smith had kicked off his career as an educator in 2001, founded a public school in 2004, then – as most readers know – started Rocketship Education. Smith learned a large handful of important lessons throughout his decade-plus with Rocketship – let’s dig deeper.

Parents are required to submit evaluations of teachers at least once every two weeks, at longest once monthly. This helps administrators offer avenues of improvement to their instructors, for classrooms at large and individual students.

Students with special needs spend an average of 80% of their school days in general education classes, those with non-disabled peers. This prepares fellow children for interacting with developmentally disabled persons, teachers for instructing and dealing with them, and special students with proper social skills.

Parents shouldn’t be wary of moving their children into other schools, given their current educational facilities aren’t doing good enough jobs. This goes for Rocketship Education’s facilities, too, although with 91% of its students staying year after year, this doesn’t happen often.

Teachers visit students’ homes once annually, helping them develop better personalized lessons for each and every student. Understanding where one spends most of their waking hours – at home – is highly beneficial to instructors.

Redwood City, California, located on the northern portion of the Golden State’s Bay Area, is home to Rocketship Education’s first school. Created by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007, Rocketship Education has grown to a current high of eighteen schools spread throughout the United States. All of their locations are free for students to attend, although they provide educational experiences exceeding or meeting those of most private schools in their respective areas. They have three locations in Tennessee, one in Wisconsin, two in the nation’s capital, and twelve spread across all regions of their home state of California. The system of public charter schools is known for beefing highly innovative in implementing technology into individualized education plans.

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ClassDojo a New Way for Teachers to Connect

October 3rd, 2017 by admin

ClassDojo is a free communication app that allows educators to build a thriving online community. It lets teachers connect with parents by sending messages, pictures and videos throughout the day. They can privately and safely message any parent instantly. They can provide updates that are more than just a traditional “report card.” Grandparents and other family members can be allowed access and gain insight into how their grandchildren are doing.

Every teacher can work with his or her students and their parents to design their own classroom experience. With a simple message, a teacher can keep all parents up to date on what is happening in the classroom, in real time. Pictures, videos and messages can be uploaded instantly. Students can show their parents projects they are working on instantly. Parents love it. And, the system creates a portfolio that enables you to look back on the year or even previous years.

Teachers also love it because they can provide a virtual classroom experience for parents. They can encourage students to work on particular skills and learn teamwork skills. All of this builds a positive environment and encourages communication.

The ClassDojo app is free and is now being utilized by teachers from Kindergarten through High School. It is being used worldwide in over 180 countries and is compatible with all electronic devices including computers, smart phones and tablets.

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Commanding the World of Advertising Through Strong Leadership-The Story of Lori Senecal

September 29th, 2017 by admin

Lori Senecal is the embodiment of a well-rounded creative person. She is well known in the business circles as a creative and innovative woman. As the CEO and a name partner at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, she is expected to lead the company into a new and exciting era. The company will now be re-branded to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. This is a big move as there has not been a new name partner in the business in 22 years.

Lori Senecal believes empowering employees. She is a strong believer in igniting the entrepreneur in everyone around her. Lori seeks to put strategic conversations into place as the CEO. This is by providing opportunities for the management to discuss ideas with employees. On the 3% Conference, she mentioned that this makes the employees feel valued at the company. Strategic conversations empower. They provide a strong vision for the employees but let them come up with the solutions. The management only has to play a guidance role, but the employees are let to run wild with ideas and options.

Structured forums to discuss new and potential ideas are necessary, and Lori Senecal has excelled and provided the atmosphere for this. A big believer in technology which is driving change in every industry imaginable she has embraced technology and incorporated it into the daily operations of the company to increase efficiency and productivity.

Every once so often a standout employee emerges. They step up and bring change, and this is something important to recognize. In her career, Lori has been involved in some amazing campaigns. Kraft Mac &Cheese, Letgo, NBA2K just to mention a few are some that show how Lori works. Now her new position sees her taking on much bigger clients and responsibilities.

Experience and ability to cope with the pressure were some of her qualities that landed her the job as CEO. According to Ad Week, she currently sits at the helm of a company that has $700 million in billings from its clients and a staff of over 300 employees. Panasonic, BMW, and Diageo are some of the clients she is now responsible for. Lori Senecal I believe is just getting started and I am eagerly waiting to see what she does next.


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James Dondero Welcomes Trey Parker To The Executive Team

September 27th, 2017 by admin

Highland Capital Management is proud to welcome one of their most outstanding advisors from the credit research division to the executive board to join the committee’s headed by co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada. The new executive is Trey Parker who will now become co-Chief Investment Officer, a shared responsibility with Okada who is delighted with this promotion. Dondero has said that what Parker has accomplished thus far as an advisor and research analyst has been integral to Highland’s growth and that the promotion has been “well-earned” by Parker. In his new position, Parker will also join Dondero and Okada in the investment committee for Equity and Structured Products.

James Dondero has been famous for making big bets that have resulted in major turnarounds in some energy and healthcare corporations that even iconic investor Warren Buffet could not turn a profit on. A big part of Dondero and Highland Capital’s investments have come through collateralized loan obligations, a complex business loan that Dondero has mastered over the years. Highland Capital’s investment packages include fixed income funds, long and short equity, high-yield credit and distressed business situations. Several months ago, Dondero also led a partnership with South Korea-based Stonebridge Capital in the investment of pension funds.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993 when James Dondero and Mark Okada brought their skills in portfolio management and accounting to Protective Life to take on the growth of Protective Life GIC. Dondero had previously earned his certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst after graduating with beta sigma gamma honors from the McIntire School of Commerce. From there he had joined American Express where he had become an expert in credit and corporate bonds. In a very short time, he and Okada had turned Protective Life GIC into it’s own company with over $2 billion in managed assets, and in 5 years both men had complete ownership of the company. Dondero’s influence has reached beyond Highland Capital to partnering with Nexbank and NexPoint Advisors, an independent commercial and personal bank based in Dallas. Hee also serves as Chairman of the Highland Foundation.

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