High Fashion Wedding Dresses

May 20th, 2015 by admin

Fashion is an ever changing industry, with new collections being revealed seasonally and all over the world. The Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2016 just took place in New York City which showcased all of the upcoming bridal trends for next year. Although the usual styles showed up on the runway, the amount of skin being shown was rather surprising to most. Bridal trends seem to have taken a page out of high-fashion and cropped dressed and backless gowns were seen in many of the collections to walk the runway.

The most striking of these designs were the completely sheer gowns, featuring an almost naked look. Although this may seem surprising to most, it seems bridal designers have finally caught up with mainstream trends. For example, Kim Kardashian’s custom made wedding gown from Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. The dress showcased sheer sides and a low cut sheer back, not so different from the transparent dress that Beyoncé wore to the Met Gala this year.

As times changes, so do fashion and style. While the classic wedding dress is thick, full of material and stark white, women are not feeling the need for as traditional a look anymore. Up until now, the rebellious trend had been dark colored dresses, a shorter length and the occasional backless dress. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has seen this a few times. Moving forward, we can expect to see more unique, expressive, even avant-garde styles.

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Netflix TV chief signals the end of reality TV

May 20th, 2015 by admin

The movement of many of the best reviewed TV shows offered by cable and network broadcasters to Online streaming platforms has had an unexpected outcome for many TV insiders, the death of reality TV. In recent months, the golden age of TV that is often referred to has seen a shift away from unscripted and reality shows to traditional sitcoms and drama’s again becoming mainstream, Slash Gear reports. The lack of belief that viewers are tiring of reality shows by network executives has seen many canceled scripted shows slowly make their way to Online streaming platforms as their new homes.

Netflix Chief of Content Ted Sarandos explained to a meeting of investors last week that the streaming service would slowly be shifting focus away from reality shows in favor of original programming like House of Cards. Amazon Prime is also thought to be heading in the same direction as they are phasing out reality favorites Mob Wives and Teen Mom as the service feels viewer fatigue has set in with these shows. The A&e network has seen two of its recently canceled shows move to Online platforms in the form of Longmire and the killing. Fox favorite The Mindy Project is also making the jump to the Hulu platform as major networks try to handle the changing viewing habits of their audiences, which have moved to cable networks showing high quality drama such as AMC’s Mad Men and HBO’s Game of Thrones. That is something Ivan Ong points out, and even those on Working With Grace feel the same.
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Roger Mayweather Promises To Beat a Las Vegas Woman

May 19th, 2015 by admin

Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer alive, but he is also one of the most despicable people that has ever walked the face of the earth. Floyd has been found guilty of more than five counts of assault on female victims. It should be noted that Floyd Mayweather has gone to jail for 90 days thanks to his violent acts of abuse. Nonetheless, James Dondero says that it has become quite clear that Floyd Mayweather learned his abusive habits from his father and uncle.

Roger Mayweather was recently interviewed, and he openly admitted that he wants to beat a woman the next time that he sees her. Apparently, Roger Mayweather was pepper sprayed in Las Vegas last year. It seems that Roger was hitting on a woman by degrading her figure. Some reports have said that Roger Mayweather told the woman that she had a fat booty, and he wanted to get to know it personally. After he said these disgusting comments, the woman pulled out the pepper spray, and she shot him in the face. Roger Mayweather screamed in pain as the woman ran away.

TMZ recently caught up with Roger, and he said that he is going to give the woman the ”real deal” the next time that he sees her. Roger promises to make her feel pain the next chance he gets. Boxing fans are completely appalled with the Mayweather family. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

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The 2nd Phase of the Pink Print

May 14th, 2015 by admin

Nicki Minaj is a marketing genius. She released singles last summer that would make the current album, “The Pink Print.” The key was releasing the album late. She didn’t release the album until December. This gave her time to ride the wave of a new album for another year. With “The Night is Still Young” Nicki has a new video that is going to draw more people to the album.

Her videos have people talking around the water cooler. She is smart because she does a lot more singing these days. She was once a rapper that sung the hooks on her songs. Today, with the “Pink Print” album she has songs with nothing but singing. TechCrunch suggested that is what is happening with “The Night is Still Young.” She has managed to create a new side to her that reaches the pop audiences that may not like rap.

This is the 2nd leg of the CD. There was a deluxe version of the disc that had a lot of songs. There were rap songs. There are pop songs with singing. She has managed to do this will such skill that it has allowed her to cross over. Most artists would kill for this type of exposure. Nicki doesn’t have to work hard though. She has the youth and adults. She also has hip hop and pop fans. Her marketing prowess has given her diverse fans.

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Ben E. King dies at 76

May 1st, 2015 by admin

Soul singer Ben E. King, who is best known for his single Stand By Me has died at the age of 76, the BBC reports. During his long and successful career, which began in the late 1950s the star was responsible for writing and singing three sings that made the Rock n Roll Hall of fame list of 500 most influential pop songs. King was born with the name Benjamin Nelson, but adopted the name King after leaving The Drifters after a dispute over pay with the manager of the band.

King worked as a successful solo artist for a number of years after leaving The Drifters and had intended many of his most successful solo hits to be recorded by The Drifters. His hits include Spanish Harlem, which established him as a solo star before the release of Stand By Me added to his fame. The There Goes My Baby singer enjoyed a career renaissance when Stand By Me was used as the title song for a successful movie in the 1980s and featured in a number of commercials. King’s manager announced that his client had died on Thursday, news met with a large number of fellow artists and profesionals like Jason Halpern expressing their sorrow on various forms of social media.

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Mariah Carey’s Hit Single

April 28th, 2015 by admin

What happens when one celebrity splits from another celebrity? When one – or both – of those celebrities is a singer you know that there will be a song out about it. Mariah Carey has released a single that will bring chills to those who listen to it. This new song from Mariah Carey is one of those breakup hits that everyone can identify with, and it comes soon after her separation from her husband Nick Cannon.

Anastasia Date recalls in the world of celebrities and music, this song from Mariah Carey is something that everyone will be able to listen to and understand. This song is one of those breakup songs that is powerful. This song may be meant for the ears of Nick Cannon, but we have all had the opportunity to listen to it if we want to and we can all share in its beauty.

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Grad Students Create Marijuana Sobriety Test

April 28th, 2015 by admin

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a risky action. In just a few easy steps, a police officer can determine just how intoxicated a driver is. This can end up with a mulititude of fines and even jail times. However, the use of marijuana while driving has been a more difficult thing to prove for law enforcement officers. This may change in the near future due to the research and development of a new THC detecting machine that has been developed by a group of graduate students from the University of Akron. The students have received grant money in order to further develop and possibly market this device in the future. Although the NBA does not test for THC during the season, this may be of interest to organizations like Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks. This could be a monumental invention by the students, which could lead to even more safe driving conditions for all citizens. Since there is a legal limit of marijuana when driving, the device will be able to detect the amount of THC, which is a chemical in marijuana, to determine if the driver is above or below the legal limit. This will definitely change the effectiveness of the police’s enforcement of the roadways.

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Taylor Swift Has A Japanese Twin

April 20th, 2015 by admin

A Japanese model named Agota Verga was recently seen in a new commercial, and everyone is saying that she looks just like Taylor swift. It’s funny because Agota is a famous model for McDonalds. Agota Verga has been famous in Japan and on YouTube since 2006. Fans say that Taylor swift and the model look so much alike that it’s creepy. Some people even say that Taylor swift is playing a joke on us. Agota has blue eyes, pink lips, and long beautiful legs. Taylor Swift shares the same exact features as the Japanese model.

New York Times tells us that Taylor Swift has reached out to the Japanese popstar, but Agota has yet to reply. Fans are excited, and they are hoping that Agota and Swift become friends. However, some fans are saying that the two look nothing alike, and it’s all just a big hoax. Honestly, though, they could be twins if Agota died her hair blonde. Although, in some videos and pictures the two look nothing alike. Then, there are pictures were the similarities between the women are startling. Taylor Swift hopes to meet Agota, and the world will then be able to tell if they really do look like twins. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

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Safaree Misses Nicki Minaj

April 17th, 2015 by admin

Safaree, who is the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, sat down for a recent interview, and he spoke about missing his girlfriend of over 11 years. Safaree. Although the numbers may differ, it’s estimated that the two have been in a relationship between 11 and 13 years, even though many did not realize they had a relationship, until it ended. Nicki is very protective over her relationships, and she never speaks publicly about what’s going on in her private life.

Many have speculated for some time that the two were together, but very few knew that it had been going on for over a decade. Safaree is a rapper, and he is now coming out with his own music, and he speaks about wanting to be with Nicki Minaj, even though he’s not necessary saying that he wants to be with her, in a relationship. Dino suggested that no matter how much he tries to deny it, the fact is, he does want to be with her, because he stated as much in recent interviews.

Safaree may be too embarrassed to say he wants to be with her again, because she has already moved on to dating Meek Mill, and it’s possible that she was even seeing him, before she left the relationship with Safaree. Either way, Safaree is doing well, and his music is thriving, and he wishes Nicki all the best, as he strives to make his way in the music business.

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Lady Antebellum’s Tour Bus Goes Up In Flames

April 16th, 2015 by admin

Today on April 16, 2015, Lady Antebellum’s bus caught fire on their way to their show in Dallas. The band commented stating that everyone got out of the tour bus safe and sound with no injuries. Hillary and her passengers were very lucky to have exited the bus in the time that they did. She has also stated that she was thankful for the safety of all the individuals who helped put out the fire. Inside the bus was the lead singer Hillary, her husband and the tour manager. Forbes says that a photo of the fire has gone viral showing the tour bus going down the highway with the entire rear end busting into flames. A car following behind the tour bus had captured this image with their cell phone as the fire started. Pictures of Lady Antebellum’s tour bus can be found throughout the web on numerous sites.

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