Brian Bonar’s World As A Financial Executive

September 2nd, 2015 by admin

Financial executives like Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers among others are usually considered to be in the business world as managers of financial matters only, but that’s not it. Top financial executives in most companies possess more than just financial professionalism. To make an excellent financial executive, one needs to embody the traits of an accomplished manager and a financial expert. Still, there are no quantifiable apparatus to gauge a real financial executive since the primary features seem to roll over with time. But it is prominent that some individuals with particular behaviors blend well with specific jobs. However, for financial executives so much entails to their traits and character and a superb blend produces the best example of a leader.

For our case, Brian Bonar serves as the best example of what a financial executive should really exude. Brian Bonar currently serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a top developer of color management software and an integrator as well as service corporation for digital imaging hardware. Since his inception into ITEC, Mr. Bonar has been able to generate higher returns on capital as a result of his efficient operating structure and use of capital. As part of his plans to jettison the organization, Mr. Bonar has included a leverage program on its expertise in imaging products and services. Strategic acquisitions that he has implemented have rapidly grown its market to that of providing imaging services and products.

He has maintained the balance of driving tough bargains but not too tough. He intuitively understands the need to motivate his staff as a way to continue working hard towards long-term corporate success. He has created value for the organizations he has served as a financial executive. The creation of long-term value has been his primary focus as a visionary leader. At ITEC, he has grown the company at an impressive rate by identifying opportunities to serve its target markets, both small and medium-sized companies by offering particular administrative services. He has been astute at developing new markets and abandoning them as they transcend from growth to exponential growth in his previous places of work. He is exemplary at managing the future and not the mirror, making him a favorite leader to many companies including IBM in the United Kingdom where he worked for almost 17 years.

Brian Bonar (Twitter) served as the President, CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director of TRUCEPT, INC. prior to ITEC where he also used to candor his duties with compassion and pragmatism. He has always been aware of how to deal with suppliers, customers as well as co-workers who failed to meet the expectations of the company. To add on those, the sense of urgency and flexibility are vital to the rapidly changing business environment and in keeping up the pace. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

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Eric Pulier Still Holds Sway In IT Industry

September 1st, 2015 by admin

Eric Pulier’s involvement in technology goes back to his childhood. The current CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has always loved technology and how he could use it to make a better world. By his teen years, he knew more about computer programming than people who had been doing it all their lives. Over the years, he honed those skills and is now one of the most respected young tech experts in the business.

After graduating from Harvard University, Pulier made his way to Los Angeles. Within 10 years, he had already started 3 successful companies: People Doing Things, Starbright World and Digital Evolution. People began to stand up and take notice of Pulier’s technology skills. As word got around, his expertise was in high demand.

Pulier has worked for a number of private and governmental agencies. He has sat of the boards of many companies both in the U.S. and abroad. During the 1990s, Pulier was invited to sit on Vice President Al Gore’s technology forum. He also led the creation of the Washington Mall technology exhibit, “21st Century Road to Technology.” Plus, he’s written a book on Amazon.

Pulier is also the former CEO of Service Mesh, a software company that provides solutions to software technology. He was named CEO of Computer Service Corporation in 2008. During his tenure, the corporation has seen some of its best quarters in years. Under Pulier’s tenure, the company has secured its position as the government’s number one IT provider. Pulier says he is elated with all of the strides the company has made and hopes that the success will continue for years to come. Eric Pulier, former ServiceMesh CEO, is a well known entrepreneur.

Pulier provides his expertise to many organizations. He sits on the board of X-Prize. A foundation that focuses on technology innovations. He is also a contributor to the Painted Turtle, an organization devoted to helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

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Man Rendered Handicapped in an Accident Fights Unscrupulous Insurance Company- and Wins

August 24th, 2015 by admin

Nearly losing your life in a head-on impact is difficult. Recovering a million dollar settlement is even more daunting, especially after going head-to-head with a know-it-all, hostile, penny-pinching insurance company with a reputation for eating their young.

Attorney Dan Newlin, of Dan Newlin & Partners made sure that his client Mr. Krutsinger, a man who nearly lost his life from injuries sustained from a head on collision with a car driven by a reckless, red-light running drunk driver would receive a fair and just settlement from the company that insured the men who almost took his life.

Mr. Krutsinger suffered a crippling brain injury, third-degree burns on his face and neck, multiple skeletal fractures and a herniated disc in his spinal column, essentially him for the rest of his life. The victim, plaintiff Mr. Krutsinger also underwent multiple facial reconstructive surgeries as a result of the accident. Medical professionals predict that Mr. Krutsinger will be handicapped for the rest of his life, requiring him to hire assistance professional caretakers. On top of the injuries Krutsinger, his Chevy Avalanche truck was also totaled, placing him in even deeper into debt.
Main Street America Group, The insurance company that questioned the validity of plaintiff, a man that was blindsided by the insurance companies reckless-driving policy owner- even though the debilitating injuries he faced in the crash rendered him useless for work and forced him to pay for multiple facial reconstruction surgeries and physical therapy on credit cards alone had a filed a lawsuit filed against them by The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners earlier this year.

in the span of almost 16 months, the Main Street America Group never presented a settlement opportunity to the plaintiff Mr. Krutsinger. Earlier this year, Dan Newlin, of The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners was instrumental in negotiating a $1 million settlement for the plaintiff, Mr. Krutsinger.

According to Dan Newlin, it is criminal for an insurance agency to deny an injured victim the right to pay for reconstructive surgery by withholding the settlement that the plaintiff is entitled to, especially when police reports and medical statements exist that support the injuries that the plaintiff claim. According to sources, Mr. Krutsinger was forced to pay for multiple surgeries and physical therapy on credit cards because he was rendered unable to work. Here, Dan Newlin was written about by PRNewsWire.

Dan Newlin of Dan Newlin & Partners , an attorney with multiple offices around the country, including major cities on the East Coast and Midwest states how heartbreaking it is to see victims whose lives are ruined by the reckless actions careless drivers, and lied to month after month by unscrupulous insurance companies, adding insult to injury.

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Andy Wirth runs past tragedy for a good cause

August 21st, 2015 by admin


Several years ago Andy Wirth was skydiving with his friends when his right arm was almost severed. An experienced skydiver, Wirth did not notice anything unusual in the conditions that turned a routine dive into a nearly fatal accident. Wirth was pushed off course, away from a safe landing, and into a vineyard, where a pole caught him in a major artery. Wirth experienced severe blood loss, and could have died without prompt medical care.

It was only due to excellent medical care, and the support of his family that Wirth has begun to recover. Since the accident Wirth has worked hard to regain strength in his arm, and get back to his previous level of physical fitness. Wirth’s ability as an athlete was an important part of his identity, and it was frustrating to struggle through tasks that used to feel natural.

Wirth has been inspired to put his pain behind him, and give back to the world. He has put together a team to participate in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe, a triathlon. Wirth recruited a friend from college to bike, and a Navy SEALs he had become close with to swim. Wirth himself will be doing the running, with his arm brace. The team is called the Special Warfare Warrior team, and they are raising money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

The Navy SEAL foundation provides support to the community and families of brave individuals who defend our country. Throughout his rehabilitation Wirth became close with a group of Navy SEALs in his area. Their courage, dedication, and support was an important part of his recovery. You can give to the Navy SEAL foundation, and sponsor the Special Warfare Warrior Team by donating on crowdrise. The goal is to raise thirty-thousand dollars before the race next month. If you were inspired by Wirth’s story of survival and recovery please donate now.

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Online Dating to Go

August 19th, 2015 by admin

In today’s world everything is just a click away. In order to keep up with the pace and all the technology, we have to work hard and move quick. We use our smart phones to access the Internet and the wide world around us. We are always on the go so we need to be able to do things on the go. Even online dating on a computer wasn’t fast enough anymore. Dating on the go via our phones is the newest path. In fact, being able to do anything we need on our phones has been a new revolution. Mobile applications are the latest technological advancement.
With social websites such as face book and twitter, online dating apps such as Skout and Coffee Meets Bagel are taking dating to the next level. Coffee Meets Bagel links you to mutual friends or friends of friends through your face book contacts. Coffee Meets Bagel used to send emails of your daily matches; now it is available as an app on your phone. Skout is also available as an app on your phone. It, like Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to link through face book or your email and share pictures and meet new people.
Despite the need for online dating apps it does seem that the market has many of them. An application or website must fulfill a need that all users have. Dating apps certainly fulfill that need. Everyone has inherent need to find love but more than that, people need help finding that person. Dating apps connect you to some one you can relate to and that lives in your area. Hopefully they also have the same interests or friends that you do; this is a wonderful thing. It is quick and easy! However those apps also have to be user friendly as well as proving better than other apps. How do people find your app in a market full of new applications for everyone to use? Marketing is another tool that new applications need to have.
Teens seem to find the newest and latest app that appeals to them. Online dating is thought of as an adult market but studies show that teens are using sites such as Skout. If your teen is using Skout, it is relatively safe as far as dating apps go because teens are paired with other teens. However, predators could still fake their age and be talking to your teenager. Perhaps better age verification measures could be put into place in the future. Parents also need to continue to monitor their teens’ activities. One great thing about Skout from a parent’s perspective is they don’t approve the scantily clad bathroom pictures. It is also a well-run app that is easy to use. In today’s world that is what is important.

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Adam Sender’s Love for Art

August 18th, 2015 by admin

It is important to understand the history of art and the various forms of art. Art has undergone various reforms eve since its birth. Art collectors are extremely selective. They exactly know what they want and can do all they can to get the right pieces they wish to add to their art collections. To achieve this, it needs a lot of research and spending a considerable amount of time and money. The research is because of the existence of different tastes and preferences among different people. As such, they ought to find distinction and variation to suit all the tastes and preferences. Inflicting various emotions among viewers is not an easy job.

Adam Sender has, over the past two decades, collected a leading collection in the contemporary art. He has achieved this by gravitating the cusp of stardom. We can say Adam Sender is a mega collector of art. He has thrived and survived in the industry by making small choices over and over again in over two decades. To create a large collection that is coherent, it takes a guiding intelligence. At only 45 years of age, Adam Sender has amassed an enormous piece of work from the best artists all over which is why we can say all that is not only personal but also precious. Having featured in the Sotheby’s magazine dated April 4th, 2014, the Sender collection featured 400 works from 139 artists. Indeed for one person, this is entirely an astounding amount of works. The Chairman of the Sotheby Magazine of the Americas, Lisa Dennison worked with Adam Sender. He was then the chief curator of the Guggenheim Museum. Adan Sender has acquired weighty art historical moments as Palmieri put it. Adam Sender also has an IMDB profile.

Finding the right work that meets the criteria of the white noise of the art world is a difficult task. The reason is that Adam Sender has a focus knack. Besides, his ability to hone in is entirely exceptional as Sarah Aibel understands. She has worked alongside Sender helping him in discovering a younger generation of artists. Sarah describes Adam Sender to be having that kind of laser vision as he can create two best pieces from a multiple of them, even if 25 works surround him at once. There are various confessions about the work of Adan Sender’s works. The works are not only intellectually stimulating, but they are also visually appealing. When he started the work, Adam Sender had no idea that he would amass a collection enough to loan to a museum, but he surely did. For Adam nature, the experience is a long-term one in nature. It only takes to be passionate, and the rest will be smooth.

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Get Out and Meet New People with Skout

August 15th, 2015 by admin

It doesn’t need to be difficult in order to find someone new. It just takes knowing where to look. This doesn’t mean heading out to one of the local bars or clubs in order to hope to bump into someone. That really is not necessary. In fact, that probably is not always advised. Instead, all that is required is a mobile phone. It truly is amazing what smartphones are now able to do, which is why anyone who wants to connect with others in the given area just need to checkout the Skout application. This is a free application that connections millions of individuals around the world, all based on their GPS location. So, the next time someone is looking to get out and have some fun with new people, all they need is the application.

The Skout application can be downloaded for free directly from the App store on an iPhone or Google Play on Android. The application does connect individuals between platforms, so nobody needs to worry about not being able to connect to iPhone users because they have an Android. Once everything is up and running they are able to enter in some profile information. It is a good idea to provide some profile information, otherwise someone might end up without any kinds of matches. Images is a good way to start out. A person who has a profile picture is far more likely to connect with other users of Skout than those individuals who do not have a profile picture. On top of this, including a small blurb about oneself is a good idea to help break the ice as well. After all, it is all about meeting new people and interacting with others who someone might like and want to spend time with.

This is not necessarily a mobile dating application but instead a mobile people finding application. With the application it is possible to see who is located in the general GPS area. The user can alter their search field based on how far they are willing to meet someone. This way, someone who is a hundred miles away is not going to appear on the Skout application as this might just be good difficult to connect with one another.

One of the best features of Skout is the ability to shake the phone and find someone. By shaking the phone, it automatically brings up a random match. Then the user can decide if they want to talk with the person or if they would rather move onto the next match. There is no right or wrong way to use the application, as long as people are having fun getting out there and meeting people.

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Business Women on the Rise

August 9th, 2015 by admin

Not long ago, the landscape of business was deemed “a man’s world” where men in pressed suits and cordial ties climbed the ranks to success while women worked in the office as secretaries and receptionists. Visions of Don Draper come to mind when we picture the jet set crowd furrowing through stacks of papers in their suitcases, attending meetings, shaking hands and closing deals. Although this was predominantly our world not too many decades ago, women are shaking up the business world like never before.

Susan McGalla is one of those women: a distinguished member of the business elite whose identity extends beyond the boundaries of gender. She is the current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a position that embodies her driven nature and roots as a child. Born into a family whose patriarch is a football coach, McGalla was raised knowing that she was as good as the company she kept. Her two older brothers further instilled the notion that she was a part of a unit and not a feminine piece of a masculine family. This upbringing insured in her the sense of pride and motivation based on her potential as a person and to face individuals no different than she viewed herself.

Her views on success reflect her own perseverance as someone who strives to achieve a level of expertise that is not diminished by identity. She has been able to perform with men and women equally well in her career and attributes her prosperity to confidence and hard work. From her fourteen years at American Eagle Outfitters she has learned that skills and networking are the foundations to not only a successful career but superior production. The ability to parlay her managerial positions to much more prominent ones has led her to excel in various fields of work for numerous companies including the founding of her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

With a plethora of skills and decades of experience, Susan McGalla was able to tackle the workforce that was predominantly male with grace and poise. To her, prejudice and entitlement were attributes that would do nothing to advance her or her fields of industry. Instead of focusing on the male and female issues, she focused on her performance. This is a cue that all women should take when striving to obtain their own goals in this day and age.

The landscape is changing. Women don’t have to wait for doors to open for them, they can reach out and grab them. Opportunities can be created by anyone with the education, motivation, encouragement and drive to do so. The idea of surviving in a man’s world is a fading into nostalgia. Women are rising through the ranks and breaking ceilings, taking the business world by storm.

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Three Basic Tips on Investing in Brazil

August 3rd, 2015 by admin

Brazil has numerous attractive features for investors. The world’s fourth-largest country is a natural choice for infrastructural development by virtue of its size and economic viability. It is a great market for multinationals and an enormous market of more than 200 million inhabitants with an inherent attraction of natural resources.

With the availability of a well-developed infrastructural system, a huge market, and other useful resources, more folks are interested in investing in Brazil. The attractiveness of the country shows that could be the time to invest in the country, but where does one need to start?

Igor Cornelsen, a capital investment professional and retired banker, reveals that the secret to success in the Brazilian economy is starting by connecting with natives, preparing for plenty of regulations, and knowing foreign currency restrictions. The champion investor knows everything about investing in any commodity or any company because of his treasured experience working in the field. His experience includes guiding several investors to making successful long-term investments and advising people away from investing in damaged companies. Cornelsen held many high-ranking positions in many Brazilian’s leading banks before retiring in 2010, and is the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. and focuses on investing as a hobby.

By following these tips, you’ll be ready to start investing in Brazil.

• Connect with Natives

When you are set to invest in Brazil, ensure you first connect with natives because the country’s culture values relationships. Since many Brazilians are entrepreneurs and are a social lot that understand the benefit of foreigners investing in their country, it is easy to find connections with business minded and informed locals.

• Be Ready to Encounter Many Regulations

Investing in Brazil is also quite easy if you are prepared for the red tape. There are many regulations to comply with before entering the market, but the good news is that the payoff for those who get around the obstacles is enormous.

• Identify Foreign Currency Restrictions

You should also identify foreign currency restrictions. There are tight controls on foreign-currency transactions. If your business is non-residential, it is obligatory to look for a financial institution that is authorized to deal in foreign exchange. It is also essential to recognize that the exchange rate for foreign exchange is not fixed as it depends on the nature of the transaction. Certain, it takes some effort to enter the market, but it is worth it given the benefits.

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Self-Making Billionaires With Investment Banking

August 3rd, 2015 by admin

The promise of investment banking is the return of dividends, where an initial investment becomes extrapolated through interest into a much larger sum. The easiest way to get into these sorts of transactions is through becoming a capital investor for a hedge fund. Hedge funds pool monies from several investors and then use that larger sum to finance securities or other economic tools.

Hedge funds are not open to the general public and are only available to well-accredited and, typically, liquid investors. Since these are private funds being pooled, the regulation of hedge funds (as opposed to mutual funds, for example) avoids regulatory oversight, even with the United States and Europe’s new regulations following the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Hedge funds tend to be open, meaning that they can be funded or withdrawn from relatively easily, as opposed to IRA’s and like investments.

Private firms, called hedge fund firms, assist clients in investing in futures, securities, equity, and options through a team of investment bankers that specialize in their individual fields. Working with a hedge fund firm gives an individual access to a greater differential of investment opportunities, allowing for the greatest possible return on their investments. One of the biggest and most profitable hedge fund firms in the world is Citadel, LLC, based in Chicago.

Founded in 1990 by Kenneth C. Griffin with the start-up capital of $4.6 million, Citadel, LLC grew in only eight years to employee 100 people and was responsible for $1 billion in investment capital. Citadel now employs more than 1,250 individuals around the world, Citadel maintaining offices in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, London, Houston, Greenwich, Toronto, and its flagship operation in the Citadel Center, a $355 million office tower located in downtown Chicago.

Kenneth C. Griffin is listed by Forbes as the #4 hedge fund manager, #72 in a list of US billionaires, and is ranked #91 in the 2014 Forbes 400. He has been trading stocks since 1982 and managing hedge funds through his own company, Citadel, LLC, since 1990. For every investor seeking a meteoric rise in wealth, Kenneth C. Griffin, as a self-made billionaire (Forbes accounts his net worth at around $7 billion), is an inspiration and a beacon of what is possible through investment banking.

Whether you’re a novice in the world of investment banking, or a seasoned veteran of the modern economic ebb and flow, it would behoove you to seek out the advice, expertise, and market strategies of a hedge fund firm, who know all the pitfalls, tricks, and traps of the investing world. Of those firms, Citadel, LLC is a steadfast icon of the financial world that has weathered the economic upheavals of the past twenty-five years to maintain its’ position as one of the most profitable hedge fund firms in existence. The financial world is never secure, but with Citadel, LLC, at least their tried-and-true results will make you feel secure in your securities investment.

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