A Clever Way To Experience Home Away From Home

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It all begins with a destination like London, the largest city in Europe, and the premier London vacation rentals service, WorldEscape.

Personal or business, WorldEscape.com will offer the traveler a unique and personalized way to quality housing arrangements that bypass the conventional hotel stay. A client profile is filled out on the WorldEscape.com website that includes a selection of amenities represented by icons (heater, internet/Wi-Fi, elevator, towels, bath tub/shower, washer/dryer, microwave/oven, TV, non-smoking, etc.). Then, the WorldEscape database takes over. Apartments and Aparthotels (a block of apartments offering 24-hour desk service) will generate according to those necessities and favorites selected, which include prime neighborhoods only (Battersea/Vauxhall, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Hyde Park, Kensington, Mayfair, Soho, Victoria, Westminster, etc.) and area transportation. As with the other WorldEscape group of companies, the WorldEscape database contains only listings placed by owners and landlords.

A deposit is requested at the time of confirming accommodation arrangements online, and the balance of the rental is paid directly to the owner or landlord upon occupancy. The total costs will include daily rate, tax, housekeeping, and unpaid balance, which is paid directly to the owner or landlord. For those hard shoppers return visits to the website are welcomed. Additional choices are offered as the database updates.

WorldEscape offers user friendly websites that provide answers to most questions a client might ask when distance searching for quality accommodations in prime areas. Photo selections of the space and, frequently, a video of the property make it the next best thing to being there. In addition to photos, local and neighborhood maps are available; there also is an online concierge to satisfy any concerns or provide additional information that can enhance the travel experience. There are professionals available 18 hours a day to answer any phone questions, as well as a daily 18-hour Live Chat service. All of the spaces in any of the WorldEscape Group’s databases have been personally visited and placed in each database according to set standards.

WorldEscape.com seems to have figured out everything that a traveler might want to know about booking a more personalized stay in London – or for that matter, almost anywhere in the world. This all began in Amsterdam in 2000, at the time, AmsterdamEscape. The business expanded in 2005, to WorldEscape Group that now operates in over 25 countries. It is obvious the WorldEscape Group thrives on applying its experience and knowhow over the years in a hospitality business that offers uniquely personalized travel experiences.

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Trust Me on This One

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My dog Lucy turned 10 last year and I never thought she would make it to that age. The reasoning behind her healthy success, Beneful. I know it sounds corny to say Beneful saved my dog’s life, but I honestly believe they did. When Lucy turned 8 years old, she started having problems with her heart and digestive track. It got to the point where I almost thought I would have to put her down. Before I even thought about it twice my brother in law gave me the idea of trying a different dog food brand. That brand was Beneful. At first I did not think switching dog foods would do the trick, but it sure did.

Within just a few weeks of switching Lucy’s dog food I started to notice some spectacular changes in her behavior and eating habits as well. But that is not the best part. When I took Lucy to the vets office just one month later they informed me that her digestive problems were resolved and her heart was well on the way to making a full recovery. I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying at first. He had just given me the best news I ever could have asked for. I could now keep my my best friend with me for years to come. If I hadn’t of taken the advice from my brother in law Steve, I am not sure that would have made it this far.

I feel that Beneful could solve a lot of problems for dogs across the world if owners on facebook are willing to take steps towards changing. Compared to other brands, Beneful really isn’t all that expensive and for the benefits it gives your dog, who cares if it is an extra dollar more. What matters is that you will be giving your dog a chance at a healthier life. One that will allow them to stay young for years to come while on a brilliantly healthy diet. Maybe others do not feel the same, but I do. I am not the only advocate either, just ask my family.

Not only did me and my brother in law choose to use Beneful, but so didn’t my father and my cousin Daniel as well. Each and every one of them agreed with me when I said that this brand was able to completely change a dog’s life around. My cousin started using it with his puppies he just got a few months ago and he said they are growing at full speed. The puppy chow offered by Beneful has all the nutrients and minerals needed to grow a beautiful little puppy into a full grown healthy adult and you will not get that with any other brand. Trust me when I say that.

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Micheal Jackson Impersonators “Beat It” When Sergio Cortes Enters A Room

October 5th, 2015 by admin

In 2009, the world lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Micheal Jackson. Even though his demise was a huge tragedy, we are all very lucky to be able to remember him through his music, his entertaining videos and in some cases by Micheal Jackson impersonators. However, unlike his music, a lot of the MJ impersonators do not capture the essence of the King of Pop. Meaning, a lot of them display deficiencies that remind us of how difficult it is to replicate the legacy that Micheal Jackson left behind – until, you meet Sergio Cortes.

People say that we all have a non-biological twin somewhere in the world. This theory may seem far fetched until you see with your own eyes, possibly the greatest impersonator of all time, Mr. Cortes. Simply put, his talents as an impersonator is nothing short of amazing. Visually, all of Cortes’ physical features resemble Micheal Jackson: from his facial and bone structure, to his body type, to his smile, to his body language, to his hands and even his lips are all a near perfect match of Micheal Jackson. When you see Cortes on film or in pictures, it is hard to discern whether or not you are looking at the real thing. In addition, Cortes’ voice is truly remarkable because if you close your eyes and hear him sing, you would think that Micheal Jackson was in the room with you. Cortes also has all of the right moves and captures the spirit that Micheal Jackson resonated when he moon walked and danced across a stage.

Cortes’ talents are embraced by Micheal Jackson fans all over the world, for he is constantly booked for shows in different countries and regions like Italy, Brazil, France, North America and South America. He has become a global icon for impersonators, and part of his fan base actually includes other Micheal Jackson impersonators.

Cortes deserves the attention and critical acclaim that he receives because his live shows are really exciting and hypnotic. When Micheal Jackson fans see Cortes perform live or when he makes a special appearance at an event, they feel like they are interfacing with Micheal Jackson’s clone.

Cortes is a native of Barcelona, Spain and he demonstrated a natural gift for singing and dancing at an early age. He was always a fan of Micheal Jackson, and when he was a teenager he knew that he wanted to be a Micheal Jackson impersonator. Cortes is extremely adored because he has a natural tenderness and charisma that mirrors the persona of Micheal Jackson. Sergio Cortes also has a passion for spreading peace and love throughout the globe. Some people say that Cortes represents the return of Micheal Jackson and others say that he is simply, Prince Sergio.

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Brad Reifler’s New Investment Approach

September 30th, 2015 by admin

Brad Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, has embarked on a new frontier by focusing on non-accredited investors.

To give perspective, an accredited investor is an investor that consistently makes 200,000 dollars a year or has a net worth of at least a million dollars.

About his company’s change in approach, Reifler had this to say:

“I’m now shifting everything to the non-accredited investor.” He says this will include 99 percent of the population that is classified as being non-accredited.

After much research, Reifler created Forefront Income Trust to give legitimate investment opportunities to the middle class investors that would like to start with smaller investment amounts. The lowest rate of investment allowed is 2,500 dollars.

It seems as though in recent times investment chances are given to the one percent wealthy, as the gap between the very well off and the middle class widens.

Reifler says his nuance programs will give clients liquidity. A preferred 8 percent return will be given to investors. Forefront will not make any money until the 8 percent is earned by clients.

Reifler’s past experiences have had an impact on his recent decisions. He invested in 529 college savings plan. But by the time his daughters were ready to attend college the fund was down by 40 percent and he lost money on the investment.

In 2005, student debt was at 400 million dollars. Now it’s over a trillion dollars. And 44% of people have less than six thousand dollars in savings.

Keifler also had another experience with his father-in-law. At 80, he gave Reifler his lifetime investment capital to invest. But there were limited opportunities because his father-in-law was not an accredited investor.

Finally, Reifler wants his company to be known as a safe place for the average investor. He said: “I’d like to bring this entire investment complexity to everybody so that they can save for their futures.”

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Feel Great About One’s Look All The Time With Trending Men’s Shoes

September 30th, 2015 by admin

There isn’t any better way for someone to make a big statement with the clothes that they have on than by wearing a pair of leather shoes that are trendy and unique. Anyone who is purchasing a new pair of shoes for themselves is going to want to think about what they can do to be different than everyone else. What can they do to make their outfit stand out, and what pair of shoes can they buy to have a little bit more fun with their outfits than normal?

Well, there is one brand that they will want to keep in mind when considering shoes that are a bit different than the average shoes. That brand is Paul Evans, and the shoes that are made by it will make someone look extra special. They are trending men’s shoes that will make everyone stop and stare because they will look that good on the one who is wearing them. When paired with any kind of outfit, the shoes from Paul Evans will be the star. No longer will the one wearing them have to worry about how he is looking. When he has a pair of these shoes on, he will be able to look great every day.

Trending men’s shoes are what the one looking for a new pair of shoes is going to want to buy. He is going to want to put them on his feet, so that he can know that he is looking great. With this kind of shoes on he’ll be able to do anything that he wants to. He’ll be able to wear any kind of outfit, and he’ll be able to look great no matter what. Shoes are important, and when someone has a good pair of shoes to wear they will feel great about their look all of the time.

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Sergio Cortes: The Best MJ Impersonator Alive

September 28th, 2015 by admin

Everyone that was around in 2009 remembers the sadness that engulfed the world on learning about his untimely demise. The fact that he died a few weeks just before his major comeback tour started left his true fans with an unrequited longing for his performances. Then, there were the controversies that followed his death. The fact that some people claimed it was a suicide while others came up with conspiracy theories about him being killed by his enemies in the industries. It wasn’t until 2011 that some sort of light was shed on the issue of MJ’s death when his then physician was sentenced to 4 years in jail for manslaughter.


Most people who were fans of the king of pop were left with a harrowing need to see the star perform again, and all they had to remember him by were his albums. However, there is a new breakout star who is taking the world by storm. This young man performs all MJ’s moves to perfection and what is even more; his resemblance to the star is very uncanny. His name is Sergio Cortes, and he has been working as an MJ impersonator for close to four years now.


Cortes’ first language is Spanish, to have mastered all the lyrics of all the great MJ songs as perfectly as he has is a fete that is quite extraordinary. What is even more amazing is his dedication to his act. Sergio says that his main reason to get into the performance wasn’t the money; he does it because he knows there are millions of people from around the world that would give anything to watch the legend perform live. Sergio has hired a complete band with dancers and performers. He spends his time studying MJ. When he is not learning about his moves, he is on stage practicing with his team.


The extraordinary performer has already been featured in several magazines for being the most entertaining and realistic impersonation act of Michael Jackson. His popularity has been surging through the years; this can be seen through the fact that whenever he organizes a concert, he is able to sell out all his tickets before the shows. His main ideology behind impersonating MJ is that he wants the Legend to live on, and not only to live on, but for all the things that MJ was passionate about to continue to matter to the world.

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The Main Benefits of Embracing Online Dating

September 27th, 2015 by admin

Getting in touch with different people has been made easier by the introduction of software in the online arena. Many sites have been developed thereby offering platforms where people can interact and exchange ideas. This has been clearly manifested in the changes that have occurred in the dating world. Many dating sites have been developed and more people are using these platforms to find love. This is one of the best places where users can connect with potential partners. There are many benefits that one gets by embracing online dating. It is a safe way of getting in touch with people who match the right qualities and ones that are qualified for the relationship.

The convenience and speed that is offered by online dating sites makes it a better way of connecting with partners for a relationship. Setting up an account is an easy process and does not involve much struggle to get in touch with different users on the website. Once the profile is set, identifying the right person becomes easy as all people in the site have offered a description of their lives and what they expect from a relationship. There are also sorting features that allow users to search for people who fall within a certain category based on age.

For people who are shy and cannot express themselves in front of others, dating online makes it simpler to find love. There are no physical interactions, something that sheds away some fear and allows one to express himself/herself in a free manner. Conversing with different users online also boosts one’s confidence and it becomes easier talking to the other partner about how you feel. Dating online has made it possible for people who found it challenging to express themselves and many have found partners, who joined them into marriage.

Online applications and websites offer a wide array of choices. Applications like Skout offer a platform that houses hundreds of users, something that allows one to choose the best that fits the right description. Skout is a platform on prnewswire.com that allows for easy sharing of photos among users and connects people for dating. One can also get into a conversation with others, something that makes the platform an ideal choice for those who are searching for love. It is also secure and allows users to browse through profiles to read about others.

Most websites that offer room for dating allow users to connect at a deeper level and helps to establish an understanding among users. This is attributed to the fact that apart from the information that is provided on the profiles, one can connect with other members to learn more about them and to get some information that can help to shine some light to deeper issues. Before making a decision to allow someone for a relationship, it is advisable to first get to understand each other fairly well before everything can be formalized. Essentially, dating applications and websites offer one a better experience when it comes to dating.

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Yeonmi Park; A Woman Of Steel

September 27th, 2015 by admin

Not many women have courage like Yeonmi Park. The phenomenal twenty-one-year-old Yeonmi Park of Youtube.com has in the last few months become a celebrity owing to her strong and admirable character. In the last couple of years, she has become a pillar when all matters related to fighting for the human rights of her people are concerned. Not only is she a celebrity and an idol for all young people around the world, she has also made a debut in all history books as being among the youngest women to stand up to fight for their rights when circumstances were only favorable for the contrary.

She is currently living in South Korea and is a Junior at Dongkuk University where she majors in Criminal Justice. Being an international public figure, she has been published in different magazines and newspapers including the Washington Post. Park has also been featured in different media and television stations including the Voice of America as a featured guest, BBC2, Radio Free Asia and SBS Insight. She is also a regular guest on a South Korean Television Variety Show called Now On My Way To Meet You which tries to bridge a gap between North and South Koreans.

Her celebrity status has not been achieved by her living in South Korea as a Korean defector but rather by her hard work and sacrifice. She is also a Freedom Factory Co. Ltd Media Fellow and also co-hosts the Cassey Lartigue English podcast. She also volunteers with Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights group and for Teach North Korean Refugees program as an Ambassador.

Park was born in Hyesan, North Korea and belonged to a privileged family until her father was arrested for allegedly being involved in metal smuggling activities in China. He was arrested and immediately sent to labor camp leaving the family to rely on her mother. She vividly remembers her mother’s best friend being executed because of watching and selling Bond Seven movies. The regime was very much against people expressing themselves or even looking for information that might help them become emancipated from the its doctrines.

When she first came to the West, she was surprised to find parents encouraging their children to express themselves. In her native country, freedom of expression was not allowed even to children and many parents discouraged theirs from doing the same. All around the globe, there are not many countries as oppressive and secretive as North Korea. More than twenty-four million people live in enforced poverty conditions. The sad thing is the fact that the dictatorship extends to every facet in their lives even encroaching into the education syllabus.

At the tender age of three years, together with her mother, she fled North Korea to China through a family friend’s help. During the escape, she endured a lot and at one time, she had to witness her mother being raped by a man who threatened to rape her instead. She also had to be married off as a mistress so as to secure her family’s refuge in China.

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Brian Mulligan: Manual Therapy Master

September 24th, 2015 by admin

Manual therapy, otherwise known as manipulative therapy, is a form of physical therapy used by many massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and osteopaths in order to help treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries. It entails the manipulating and kneading of muscles in order to help the patient with improved and pain-free mobility.

Brian Mulligan, a registered Physical Therapist with an established private practice in Wellington, New Zealand, is most known for favoring this specific form of therapy and applying it on his patients. He is also a famous lecturer in his field, and has been traveling the world to share his extensive knowledge of this form of therapy. To date, he has visited approximately 78 different cities worldwide, in countries including, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands and Australia.

He was first acquainted with manual therapy in the early 1960’s. He credits Stanley Paris, Freddy Kaltenborn, Robin McKenzie and many others for contributing to the expansion of his knowledge in physical therapy.

Brian Mulligan is also an author. He wrote a textbook describing his personal techniques on manual therapy which was republished as a fourth edition in 1999. He has also produced video’s in which he demonstrates the techniques which have helped him gain notoriety in this field. Watching a few clips, you gain insight into why he is so successful in his practice, as he displays a sense of humor as he teaches. He is also quite charismatic and knowledgeable, which shows, as he performs live demonstrations on people who suffer from some form of pain or injury. Hearing the audience laugh lightly and seeing the patient’s smile on stage, show not only that he enjoys what he does, but that his techniques are also effective.

In 1995, due to an overwhelming demand from therapists around the globe to gain more insight into his techniques, he formed an international organization called the Mulligan Concept Teacher Association or MCTA, which accredits teachers who can master and share his techniques to others in the field looking to master the therapy. There are currently 34 MCTA members who have met the criteria, but that number is growing.

In 1996, Brian Mulligan was awarded Honorary Fellow of The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, for his contribution to the physical therapy field. In 1999, was made a life-time member of the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy.

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Brian Mulligan Continues To Move And Impress Audiences With His Rich Baritone Voice And Commanding Stage Presence

September 24th, 2015 by admin

Brian Mulligan keeps impressing audiences in San Francisco with his talent and gorgeous baritone voice. Brian Mulligan currently has the star role in San Francisco Opera’s debut performance of Sweeney Todd. He has been in several other San Francisco Opera productions including Les Troyens and Renato, and received much critical acclaim for his role as Richard Nixon in Nixon in China that he performed in at its San Francisco Opera debut in 2012. In addition to his performances at the San Francisco Opera, he has performed at many of the other greatest opera houses in the world including Opernhaus Zurich, Oper Frankfurt, the Canadian Opera Compay, Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Houston Grand Opera. Brian Mulligan has also performed at many fine orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Baltimore Symphony, and in 2012 he performed for Mahler’s 8th Symphony conducted by Gustavo Dudamel that was released on DVD with the recording by Deutsche Grammophon. Opera News has hailed Brian Mulligan for “a wonderful, rich voice and a fine stage presence.”

Brian Mulligan was born in Endicott, New York and attended Yale University and the Julliard school for his advanced education and voice training. He had his debut in Die Frau ohne Schatten in 2003 at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC while he was still studying at Julliard. His main voice instructor is W. Stephen Smith, whom he still studies with today. He went on to impress audiences and garner great reviews. For his performance of Faust at the Metropolitan Opera, he received the impressive review from MusicalAmerica.com: “A third newcomer to the production was Baritone Brian Mulligan as Marguerite’s unforgiving brother, Valentin. He brought burnished tone and deep feeling to his famous aria, ‘Avant de quitter ces lieux’; then came close to stealing the entire show with a death scene that was riveting in its raw intensity.”

Brian Mulligan’s upcoming schedule of performances include Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico, and a performance again at the San Francisco Opera starring as Roderick Usher in the anticipated double-bill of Gordon Getty’s Usher House and Debussy’s La Chute de la Maison Usher. He will also be returning to the Metropolitan Opera for the role of Paolo in Simon Boccanegra, starring with Placido Domingo under the direction of James Levine.

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