Zayn Malik Is Coming Out With A Solo Album

July 2nd, 2015 by admin

Naughty Boy is a producer that used to have a working relationship with One Direction, but it seems to have gone sour ever since Zayn Malik left the group. Zayn Malik’s New Album. Once Zayn left One Direction, Naughty Boy decided to tweet a video that puts songs from himself and Zayn together. Naught made it seem as if they were working together exclusively. Many fans were upset, and some were even tweeting that Naughty Boy and needed to be suspended. Since One Direction has some loyal followers, it definitely made many of them upset to see that Naughty Boy was coming between the group.

It looks as if Zayn Malik is not going to be out of the spotlight because he is working on a solo album says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. It’s been rumored for months now that Zayn really left One Direction so he could create his own album, and it looks as if this is proving to be true. Naughty boy is working with Zayn, and Zayn claims that he will be making a soulful record that many will want to hear.

Naughty claims he had nothing to do with Zayn leaving One Direction, but that may be left up to people’s interpretation. Many have blamed Zayn’s girlfriend for him leaving the group, but now it seems as if Zayn really just wanted to be a solo artist. Zayn is working tirelessly to put out an album that he can be proud of.

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Fluoride Use in Water May Not Prevent Tooth Decay

July 2nd, 2015 by admin

About 66% of Americans drink tap water that has fluoride added to it to help preserve dental health and prevent cavities from forming. However, a new study suggests that the benefits of fluoride might not be as clear as once thought. Water fluoridation began in 1945 in Michigan and since then has expanded across the US, but it has always been met with criticism from those who believe that there are health risks that outweigh dental health associated with its use. The CDC’s Division of Oral Health responded by stating that it is a safe and effective way to combat teeth decay.

However, a new study has found that while fluoridated toothpaste will help prevent cavities, there is not that much evidence that fluoridated water will help prevent tooth decay. The Cochrane Collaboration took a look at every study every conducted on fluoride use in the water and then analyzed the studies.

They found that the papers that took a look at fluoridation on tooth decay did not actually point to any benefit from the fluoride use. They did not see any measurable statistical impact from the use of fluoride in the public water. Therefore, said that they concluded that there is no strong or compelling research in existence that proves water fluoridation will help prevent cavities.

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Karrueche Wants Chris To Take His Puppy Back

June 27th, 2015 by admin

Chris Brown may have finally done something to make Karrueche leave him for good. After almost 4 years of rollercoaster breakups, makeups and rebounding, it looks like Karrueche is finally hopping off of Chris Browns crazy bus. While it is still too soon to know for sure, Karrueche says she’s too done with Chris Brown and all of his drama. Not only has she put up with his cheating in the past, but now she is expected to forgive his cheating the fact that he is now fathering a child that he made behind her back. Karrueche is standing her ground, she is not letting Chris beg his way back into life this time and things are getting messy.

Recently while on the iHeartradio show The Melting Pot promoting her show Vanity, Karrueche spoke about what it’s like still owning the dog that Chris gave to her for Christmas. While complaining that the dog has been at a trainers for 3 months now due to behavior issues, she also added that she isn’t sure that she wants the dog back because it reminds her of Chris. Ricardo Tosto thought this was a crazy turn of events.

Of course Chris heard the interview, and is not at all happy about what Karrueche is saying. Meanwhile supporters of Chris are chiming in to tell Karreuche that is keeping things Chris gave her is an issue, she should also return the jewelry, bags designer clothes and everything else that he gifted her over the course of their relationship.

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Lady Gaga’s Mother Distracted By Star’s Cleavage

June 27th, 2015 by admin

Lady Gaga recently took a stroll with her mother throughout New York City, and paparazzi photographers took several pictures of the moment. However, it seems that Lady Gaga’s mother was more worried about her daughter’s outfit than watching her surroundings. For those of you that missed it, Lady Gaga wore a suit jacket with nothing underneath it. Gaga must be joining in on the new trend in New York City.

E! recently posted pictures of Lady gaga and her mother, and the phots are very funny. Lady Gaga’s mother seems to be in awe of her daughter’s breasts. The entire incident is very strange, but it’s actually quite normal for the popstar. Lady Gaga is a very controversial and weird entertainer. However, Lady Gaga’s mother looks as normal as can be. Seeing the two of them walk down the street together is mind-bending.

Some people can’t believe that Lady Gaga would wear such a scandalous outfit while hanging out with her own mother. Those at Qnet and Indian Express has been talking about it for a few days now. However, Lady Gaga’s appearance did not surprise most people, but she should’ve wore something different while spending time with her mother. Nonetheless, Lady gaga is worth millions of dollars, and I’m sure that her mother has grown to accept her daughter’s strange behavior.

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Colorado Announces Plague Death

June 23rd, 2015 by admin

Government officials have announced that a Colorado teen died on June 8th from the plague. According to medical experts, Taylor Geas, 16, died from the plague, most likely the bubonic plague. He was treated in an area hospital, but it was not evident that he was suffering from the rare illness initially.

According to local reports the teen appeared to have the flu, and complained of a high fever and muscle aches when he was seen by local doctors. Because he did not present with classic plague symptoms the illness went untreated, likely leading to his death.

Experts believe that Geas contracted the illness from a flea bite he received in the weeks leading up to his death. The team at the Amen Clinic suggest he was likely bitten in his own backyard.
The Center for Disease Control is currently in contact with individuals who visited Geas during his illness, and who were present at his memorial ceremony. According to experts, there is a slim chance of others being infected if they came in contact with affected fleas and ticks.

Each year seven people are diagnosed with the plague. Because the disease is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics it is rarely fatal. Geas’ death is largely blamed on slowed diagnosis of the disease due to atypical symptoms. All those who were on the property are being asked to monitor their temperature and call the CDC if they spike a high fever.

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Apple vs. Taylor Swift: The Royalties Debate

June 22nd, 2015 by admin

Apple has not received a lot of good press regarding the tech giant’s new music streaming service. Complaints noting the company was bullying the music industry flew far and wide. The government has even threatened to get involved due to Apple’s practices. Now, more bad publicity is emerging as star Taylor Swift has chimed in on issues over royalties.

Basically, Apple was not going to pay any royalties to artists streamed on their service during an initial three-month trial period. Swift criticized this decision online and, within 24 hours, Apple reversed course and announced royalties will be paid reports Dr. Jennifer Walden. Apple probably was worried at how awful the company’s image would appear. Refusing to pay the artists the company intended to make money from is not easy to defend. Apple is a mega-billion dollar company. Denying miniscule payments to artists makes the company look greedy. Bad publicity of that nature turns off customers. Apple definitely does not want to chase away potential customers during the launch period of the service.

Why was there an initial decision not to pay royalties?

Apple, like any other company, looks at the bottom line. Profits drive up the stock price and keep the company solvent. Cash also allows the company to engage in research and development, which is extremely costly. So, Apple is going to look to cut costs and expenses wherever it can.

Not paying royalties to artists being used on a pay streaming service, however, is more than unfair. Apple did the right thing changing course even if the tech company had to be nudged publicly to do so.

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Chris Brown’s Tour Bus Rules For Royalty

June 18th, 2015 by admin

Chris Brown has been proving himself as a father ever since baby Royalty became the apple of his eye. If feels like Royalty was just 9 months old yesterday when the new hit that Chris Brown was a father. While his life was changed forever from the moment he met Royalty, his life is not the only one that swung out of control. His long time girlfriend Karrueche Tran was just as shocked by the news that Chris was a father and that his daughter was already 9 months old. At the time of Royalty big reveal Chris and Karrueche were just starting to work through one of their public breakups, but as soon as we heard around Royalty, Karrueche seemed to vanish into thin air.

Now that Royalty has just celebrated her 1st birthday and is better acquainted with her father, Chris has been doing everything in his power to get Karrueche back reports business executive Shaygan Kheradpir. At the moment Karrueche refuses to take Chris back again, and she is feeling very strongly about Chris’s treatment leading up to the breakup. Karrueche is enjoying her time as a single woman and is not planning to start over with Chris anytime soon.

Chris is agreeing to leave Karrueche alone, but he also has decided that while on tour her needs to set in play somebus rules for baby Royalty . There is to be no smoking,drinking, profanity and no groupies allowed. Apparently Chris wants the very best environment for his daughter, and who could blame him? A father has to do what a father has to do.

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Why Did Rita Ora And Calvin Harris Break Up?

June 18th, 2015 by admin

Rita Ora is pretty popular these days, but she was virtually unknown about a year ago. She was dating Calvin Harris, but they broke up after she put out a single. Rita released a single called “I Will Never Let You Down,” and Calvin had helped her to write the single. Rita Ora & Calvin Harris. Rita claims that when she went to release the single, he started acting weird, and he told her he didn’t want her to release the song the way it was. He basically wanted to take back any of his writing credits or the music that he had placed on the song, and she couldn’t understand why.

Calvin and Rita ended up breaking up, and Calvin claims that it’s because Rita cheated on him. The rumors online on read by Jim Dondero seem to confirm that. It’s funny that some people can’t understand what cheating does to a relationship, and they may even blame the other person when they finally get fed up and they leave. Rita claims she doesn’t know the reason why they really broke up, but more than likely she knows exactly what she did. Calvin has moved on, and he’s now dating Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift and Calvin have been seen all over the place, and they are now officially a couple.

Rita has not been linked to anyone recently, but Calvin has definitely moved to the top of the mountain with Taylor Swift. Although Taylor’s friends question Calvin’s motives, Taylor seems very happy to be with her new boyfriend.

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Resurrecting Old Tupac Footage

June 18th, 2015 by admin

It is almost amazing to fans to see the amount of footage from deceased artists that still exists. As people celebrate the birthday of Tupac many radio and music channels has brought back old footage of the rapper in various ways. MTV unveiled some interesting photos on the website that provided a glimpse back into the “Live and Die in L.A.” video.

Tupac did a lot of things in a short time frame. There are lots of videos on YouTube. There are a plethora of photos that fans may have taken with the artist. The video shoots, however, provide a lot of content because the footage shows Tupac in place doing what he loves best. When Tupac became a member of Death Row he seemed happier. This is reflected in photos from the “All Eyes on Me” and “Machiavelli” albums.

Fans that see Shakur in these photos still have a hard time believing that the rapper is gone. A large number of rappers has paid tribute to him. Countless stars like Eminem, Jhene Aiko, Drake and Lil’ Wayne have all been influenced by him. On the recent “To Pimp a Butterfly” album Kendrick Lamar even pulled an interview that had never been released before. It is an interesting piece where it sounds as if Kendrick is interviewing Tupac at the end of the album. All of this shows just how great Shakur’s influence was, and the Wall Street Journal did something special for him as well. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can certainly remember him fondly.

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Foo Fighters Cancel UK Tour Dates, Dave Grohl Pens Apology

June 17th, 2015 by admin

Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl is a man dedicated to his trade. Boraie Development LLC suggested that the rocker not only continued to perform a concert after breaking his leg, but penned a lengthy and entertaining letter explaining the event.

Grohl took a tumble just two songs into the group’s June 12 performance in Gothenberg, Sweden. Grohl managed to keep calm and sought treatment for an injury, which turned out to be a broken leg. Paramedics on scene transported the rocker to a nearby emergency room where he was treated. The former Nirvana drummer then returned to the stage, with assistance, to complete the concert.

The doctor who treated Grohl for his broken leg was far less impressed than the Foo Fighter fans. The physician ordered Grohl to remain off of his feet. The move forced the band to cancel the remainder of their European tour, including their headline appearance at Glastonbury.

“It kills me, but we have to cancel the shows,” Grohl wrote. “I hate to do it, but I have doctor’s orders. This is just not possible for me right now.”

Grohl went on to assure fans that resting up was for the best and would help ensure that the band could continue performing in the future.

“You’ve always stood by us,” he wrote. “We’ll be back here for you as soon as possible.”

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