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Raids Conducted On Multiple Denver Marijuana Businesses

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Federal authorities combined their manpower with the Denver Police Department in Colorado in order to conduct several high profile raids of marijuana grow operations. It was unclear to the media and spectators about why the raids were taking place, as marijuana became legalized in the state in 2012 and federal law enforcement has thus far been minimal in the state due to Colorado enacting a multitude of laws and regulations to keep a tight leash on the newly legalized industry. According to expert Igor Cornelsen, this may be another opportunity for the federal government to make a statement about state’s rights in regard to legalized marijuana.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the sweeping investigation into the seven marijuana commercial operations that were the targets of the police raid. It is speculated that the businesses were growing more cannabis plants than they had the rights to, that they were funneling money into violent drug cartels or terrorist organizations, that they were selling to minors, or that they were allowing purchases beyond the legal limits imposed by Colorado’s marijuana laws, as those were all reasons that drew police involvement previously in the city’s booming commercial cannabis zones. Police went on record several hours after the incidents took place and confirmed that the businesses targeted fell under suspicion of violating the mandates put in place to protect citizens who would be harmed by violating the regulations for marijuana.

There has yet to be an official announcement of what businesses were affected by this morning’s raid from either the Denver Police Department or the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

Jack Antonoff Nearly Died While Filming Music Video

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Jack Antonoff – best known as the guitarist for the band Fun but also for his recent solo project, Bleachers – says that he had a near-death experience while filming his latest music video for his single, Rollercoaster.
Antonoff released a statement about his experience while filming, saying, “The breaks [sic] ended up going out and we literally almost died. There’s something special about almost dying for a video. However, he was quick to note that he greatly enjoyed the experience, calling it “the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

It was Shepard who originally conceived of the idea to have Bleachers on top of the moving ice cream truck. “I came up with the old ice cream truck idea, and it seemed perfect both visually and technically for what we needed to do,” he said. However, Shepard did not anticipate Antonoff’s close brush with death, saying, “Of course the truck broke down while we were filming, including losing its brakes with the entire band on the roof.”

The release of the video for Rollercoaster comes just a day after Antonoff’s good friend, Taylor Swift, released her newest critically-acclaimed album, 1989. Antonoff served as co-producer on Swift’s latest record. Their collaboration, Out of the Woods – on which Antonoff also provided vocals for – can be heard here. The album is projected to be one of the best selling albums in iTunes history according to Laurene Powell Jobs.

Jacquie Lee Steps up for the “Broken Ones”

Monday, October 27th, 2014

In a world filled with violence, bullying, and negative messages, upcoming singer Jacquie Lee steps up as a voice for the hurting in her new single “Broken Ones”.

“Broken Ones” is an inspirational message that points out that “we’ve all been broken” and dares us to “love the broken ones”. Singing out in her beautiful voice, Lee lets listeners know that it’s okay to feel vulnerable, and that we don’t need to let out past failures and pain get us down; instead, we need to use our experiences to reach out to others who are going through similar pain.

Filmed in an old building owned by Mike Livak, the video follows several obviously hurting teenage girls who finding strength to rise out of their depression and shine.

Seventeen-year-old Jacquie Lee finished as a runner-up in the TV singing competition “The Voice”, and has continued to head forward with her music career. In an interview with MTV news, Lee spoke out about her single, describing it as raw and real.

“Broken Ones” is the number one track on Jacquie Lee’s new album titled “Broken Ones”. You can watch this inspirational song at

How is the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Going?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The legalization of pot in Colorado has led to some interesting products. You could buy some marijuana soda around these parts, for example. For people looking to try some stuff for the first time, you could have a “Rookie Cookie” that contains just a bit of marijuana. Apparently, there was a problem with rookie cookies. “Rookies” were getting sick and really, really high.

Aside from that bump in the road, things seem to be going smoothly. Governor Hickenlooper was opposed to the idea initially, but since the legalization he notes that the same people who smoked before are doing it now. Real estate brokers like Marnie Bennett, owner of Bennett Property Shop, are seeing more sales.

There have been some weird findings in study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. They claim that less people are using marijuana in Colorado than in the rest of the country. Legalization has somehow caused fewer people to smoke weed.

The FBI has reported that the overall crime rate in Denver dropped 10 percent since the legalization. Denver has been the center of cannabis operations, and there had been concerns that legalization would lead to more robberies.

Colorado has had reported record numbers of tourists and the tax revenue has added $15 million to the state coffers in a single 5 month period. Law enforcement has saved somewhere around $35 million due to not having to deal with marijuana-related crime. Up until the legalization, Colorado cops were arrested an average of 10,000 people in marijuana-related offenses each year.

Overall it appears that legalization has been a resounding success. It did not lead to more crime or an influx of criminals.

Julius Thomas Fined $8,286 for Chop Block

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

At least he wasn’t suspended. Nonetheless, Denver Broncos star tight end, Julius Thomas, was fined $8,286 for his chop block against the Arizona Cardinals defensive end, Calais Campbell, in Sunday’s 41-20 Broncos victory.

Cardinals coach, Bruce Arians, called the chop block, “The worst play I have seen in 37 years.” He also asked for Thomas to be suspended for as long as Campbell is out. Campbell is expected to miss three weeks with a strain right MCL.

Thomas was fined the max amount for a first time offender committing an illegal chop block. Thomas dove at Campbell’s knees, trying to cut-block him, but because of Ryan Clady, left tackle for the Broncos, already engaging in a block to Campbell, it made the play illegal.

Thomas leads the NFL with seven touchdown receptions, and 19 overall since 2013. I was able to grab him in the 4th round of my fantasy draft, which helped me beat Jared Haftel last week after Thomas scored not one, but two touchdowns last week against Arizona. Yes Jared, it’s time to let Emma start making your picks because I still can’t believe you actually took Vernon Davis over him.


First Prison Escapee Outside Denver

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

We’ve seen a dubious record broken today, as the first inmate has escaped Jefferson County Detention Facility in Golden, Colorado.

The inmate in question is Travis Sandlin, who is considered extremely dangerous. He has a rap sheet that features some major crimes like felon in possession of a handgun, motor vehicle theft, trespassing and armed burglary.

The police chief hasn’t given us any details as to how Sandlin was able to escape. But one thing’s for sure, my friend Laurene Powell Jobs is definitely going to be locking her doors. It’s scary when you live anywhere near a prison area, and you hear that someone has escaped.

For it to happen so close to Denver is really scary though.

Okra Mistaken For Pot In Man’s Garden

Monday, October 6th, 2014

The war on drugs has failed yet again (except for here in Denver and a few other select cities/states that are slowly coming around). This time it was in Cartersville, GA. When Dwayne Perry woke up on Wednesday morning, it was to the sound of helicopters over his fields. It was the Governor’s Task Force conducting a drug raid. The well trained law enforcement officials were out and about searching for marijuana plants in the area and spotted what appeared to be a nice sized crop in, now retired, Mr. Perry’s field.

So they did what they are trained to do. They brought in dogs and guns. To their surprise, all that the resident was growing was okra. Apparently, becoming a law enforcement agent in the state of Georgia requires no math skills, because okra has five leaves and marijuana has seven.

With all the commotion, the neighbors are now asking Mr. Perry what happened and he’s stating he’s worried about his reputation. Perhaps a defamation lawsuit will be well justified on top of whatever other actions he will plan to take against the task force.

I wonder how much money that helicopter cost the state during the operation. I also wonder how much money taxpayers in Georgia will have to dish out to get their incompetent police force up to speed with classes. This obviously isn’t working. Check out this video of the fiasco.