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James Blake to Team with Kanye West for Upcoming Album

Monday, November 24th, 2014

And it turns out that Kanye West is one of those fans. In followup to Blake’s Overgrown, an eclectic mix of ethereal tunes and unique guest musicians, the artist hinted that his upcoming LP Yeezus will likely include a collaboration with US rapper Kanye West.

According to reports, Kanye considers Blake to be one of his favorite artists and has wanted to pursue him for a collaboration for some time.

Blake stated that if West was able to join him to record before his next album came out he would be including their collaboration Yeezus, and Slow Ventures, which the artist says is about 70 percent complete and may be released in the next five months. Will it be a marriage made in music heaven? Only time will tell.

The Broncos Will Still Win the AFC West

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Have you heard the latest NFL chatter? It’s that the Kansas City Chiefs will “steal” the AFC West from the Denver Broncos. However, there are several problems with this prediction.

The first problem is that the Broncos and Chiefs currently have the same win/loss records of 7-3. Therefore, if the Chiefs were to win the AFC West, they wouldn’t be stealing the division; they would be earning it.

The second problem is that the media likes to hype up recent news in order to drive excitement. The Broncos got shelled last week in St. Louis, only scoring one touchdown against a marginal Rams team. That might not heighten optimism for Broncos fans, but the primary reason for this shellacking was in-game injuries. The Broncos aren’t the same team when three starters go down during a game, nor is any other team in the NFL. There is too much parity in the NFL for a team to overcome three major injuries in one game. The Broncos will eventually get healthy, which will clearly make them a more talented team than the Chiefs.

The third problem is that is that it’s highly unlikely for Alex Smith to outperform Peyton Manning when these two teams meet.

Time will tell how this pays out, but if history repeats itself, the Broncos will eventually rise to the top of the division. Peyton Manning teams might not win Super Bowls, but they almost always win their division (sorry Fersen Lambranho, I know you’re invested in Manning, but I couldn’t resist…we need a new QB!)

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

A new blend of Jamaican marijuana will be linked to the famous reggae star Bob Marley. Rolling Stone magazine reports that the Marley family is going to market Bob Marley Natural Blend in states where the drug is legal in 2015. This is a huge step in the mainstream appeal of the drug that is still illegal in most states.

Pot smokers everywhere are interested to see what this blend of marijuana will be like since Bob Marley was such an advocate of the drug. He appeared to smoke quite a bit when he was alive. He was known to even smoke a spliff when he was on stage sometimes. Now, people have to wonder if the Marley blend will be as potent as the illegal marijuana that has already been dubbed Bob Marley.

Bob Marley pushed to legalize marijuana, but this did not happen while he was alive. With this new blend Marley will once again become the face that is associated with the legalization issues that have occurred with marijuana. Marley also thought that the drug was something that was given to humans by God. He proclaimed that he felt a spiritual connection to Jehovah when he smoked.

It is sure to become popular because the underground Bob Marley dubbed brands are favorites for many entertainers like Zeca Oliveira. There are a plethora of rappers that have referenced weed that they called Bob Marley.

Jenny From The Block’s New Book Is Released

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Jennifer Lopez has released her new book that talks about her past and her rough upbringing. This book is a spin off to her hit single “Jenny from the Block.” Jenny’s parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez, were both poor but worked hard. She talks about the strong sense of family values that they gave her, values she still holds dear to this day.

Her book is an inside glimpse at a rough neighborhood. She goes on to talk about the different ethnicity that lives around her. She grew up with Puerto Ricans, Italians and various other nationalities all around. She never felt different or superior to others, given the strong values she was raised with. From the Bronx area, she is now one of the most wealthiest women in the world. At the age of 45, she has had 2 failed marriages and a rough upbringing, but that doesn’t stop fans from loving this super star.

Lopez has always been approachable and lovable, taking time out for her fans. She never seems to busy to mingle with the lowly or take time to make small talk with a child.  According to Tom Rothman, who received an advanced copy, her new book is a great read.

Colorado Residents Could Get Tax Rebate Due to State Marijuana Tax

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has released his proposed budget for FY 2015-16, and one thing in it may come as a bit of a surprise. That is because, if the budget passes, Colorado residents are likely to see a sizable tax rebate. Better believe it Sam, I saw this in Bloomberg and it sounds like a welcome surprise. That tax rebate is due to revenue from the state’s marijuana tax.

According to the State of Colorado, the revenue they estimated from the legal sale of marijuana was below what the reality actually was. That resulted in more taxes being collected and, thus, more money now available for a tax rebate.

From January to October, 2014 alone, more than $45 million in taxes was collected due to the purchase of marijuana by Colorado residents.

What is also interesting is the money being collected from the legal use of marijuana in Colorado is beginning to come more from recreational marijuana than it is from that used for medicinal purposes.

In October, sales of recreational marijuana were at an all-time high, and $700,000 more than those for medical marijuana. Total sales for both in October were $67.5 million.

It is likely, however, recreational marijuana use is even higher than for pot sold for medical purposes.

If recreational users were somehow forced to pay the higher tax on any marijuana they purchased, that could increase Colorado’s state revenue due to a tax on marijuana even further.