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Jonathan Veitch Has Become A True Leader in Education

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

For years, Occidental College, located in Los Angeles, struggled with maintaining a strong student body and a strong connection with the local community. In fact, between 2005 and 2009, the school went through five different presidents. The job either released the individuals or they went on to seek employment somewhere else. This makes it difficult to have any sort of continuity with the staff and what is going on in the college, as it really needs a stable and strong minded individual in order to guide the school through to bigger and better things. That is exactly how Jonathan Veitch has improved the school and, since he came over from Harvard University after receiving his doctorate.

When Jonathan arrived at the school around 2009, it really was in a mess. Nobody looked favorably on the school in the community due it being seen as a party college, while students had dropped off and attendance was at one of the lowest levels it had been in for some time. Jonathan has managed to turn all of this around. First of all, regarding attendance, after it was released that Jonathan Veitch points out that President Obama spent two years at Occidental College, enrollment has drastically increased. It has actually grown every single year since he took over, and while the schools suffered setbacks during the downturn economy, Occidental has actually increased and added students, which gives the school not only more money through tuition to improve courses and services, but it also increases the amount of money the school is able to receive through the state government as well. Due to this, it is at a point of financial prosperity the school has not been in possible in the history of the school.

Now, beyond this, the local community did not have a favorable eye on the school before Jonathan took over as president. Many of the locals living in the community did not like the loud parties that would take place with some of the housing complexes that were located inside of the community and away from the school itself. Jonathan changed this by reducing the presence the school had on the exterior of campus, and in order to assist students who did want to live out of the school grounds, it improved public transportation. Along with different pledges made to the community, the relationship between the school and the community has never been better with them.

Rising Star Jared Haftel Offers His Analysis of the Road to Success

Monday, January 26th, 2015

The investment banking world has gained a new rising star. MBA student Jared Haftel has been landing top jobs and impressing employers ever since graduating college. He writes articles advising those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Haftel spent five years at Duke University majoring in three different fields. He played an active role in his school, writing for the Chronicle. He began his internship at Credit Suisse, where he learned about his craft until 2008. Haftel left Duke with a Bachelor’s degree each in Science, Mathematics, and Economics a year later. The skills and knowledge he acquired landed him his first job at Merill Lynch, the corporate banking division of Bank of America.

Merill Lynch hired Jared Haftel as an analyst. He started in their Global Industries Group division, but he quickly rose through the ranks. Haftel handled high profile clients like CONSOLE Energy, Huntsman Corporation, and GeoEye. Most of his duties were involved in tracking the investment opportunities in the chemicals, mining, metals, defense industries, aerospace industries, and tracking commodities. The analysis provided by such a young employee surprised his superiors. Bank of America is one of the top banks in America, and Haftel established himself as one of their top players. When he left Merrill Lynch it was as a professional in his field, taking advantage of a great career opportunity.

Haftel began working for his current employer, Vector Capital, in 2011. Vector capital has been an authority in technology investments since 1997. Haftel has an insight into financial statistical data that Vector Capital has used to determine the securities and risks of the different investment opportunities proposed to them. He holds a prudent outlook on banking models that have saved them time and again.

Instead of keeping his success to himself, Haftel chooses to write articles and participate in interviews that provide valuable advice to others interested in joining the world of banking. Every great job begins with a resume; Haftel says that a resume should be 50% work experience. His article on the topic says that employers care most about a candidate’s actual experience versus what he learned in school. They want to see achievements and promotions, things that will show them they are getting a good employee. Resumes are processed quickly. One glance should brag about a candidate without exaggerating.

Following Haftel’s resume advice often leads to an interview, a pressure filled event that Haftel has been to and survived many times. He says that interviews are brutal. There are three things that can get anyone through them: research, appearance, and personality. Before

going, a candidate should look into the company she is applying to. That way she knows its expectations, stances on important issues, and what questions to ask. Knowing what a company wants means a candidate can fulfill that want. Appearance and personality determine whether an interviewer will appreciate a candidate on a personal level. A positive attitude and a professional look goes a long way.

An internship can make or break a person’s career. Haftel learned a lot while interning for Credit Suisse. The contacts he made there were paramount to securing him his first job, and the knowledge he gained are the rungs of the career ladder he is still climbing. Jared Haftel made sure he established himself as being valuable to the permanent team. He advices others to exhibit the same confidence if they want the same opportunities for success that he has utilized.

Colorado 1 Year after Legalization of Marijuana

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


If you were hoping Colorado would be in flames 1 year after the legalization of marijuana, you will have to brace yourself for disappointment. The only significant change between now and 1 year ago is increased freedom for local businesses, increased tourism (as noted by elite traveler), and increased state revenue. This increased revenue has bloster the coiffers of business people, like Christopher Cowdray and improved economic activities within the state.

60 Million Dollars in Tax Revenue

You heard that right, since legalization, the state of a population of only 650,000 has increased their state tax revenue by 60 million dollars. According the Denver police department’s statistics: total crime has dropped by 14%.

The only question right now people are asking, what is taking other states so long, and why is there still the federal ban on Marijuana? In a country that is the most proud of its freedom and liberty, lets hope we take the small step towards a more free society.

Denver Broncos Join in the Search of a New Head Coach

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

I’m looking forward to the change of Broncos leadership. It should be and exciting time to be a fan of football here. In other news, I’m writing this today from a new coffee shop here in Denver I found on a website my friend Bernardo Chua sent me. Any how here’s some more info about John Fox’s departure and what that means for our team.



John Fox came to the Denver Broncos and took a mediocre team and made them a playoff quality organization in the amount of time it took Jimmy Johnson to turn around the Cowboys and win two Super Bowls. The major difference though, is the Broncos did win their division four years in a row, they did make it to the Super Bowl, but failed to meet the expectations of winning a Championship. Making the decision to put Tim Tebow in and win the next 7 of 11 games and get his team in the playoffs put his coaching abilities on display for the league to see. Only the very next off season, the team acquired future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning after a neck injury was supposed to end his career.

Now three years later the team that has spent millions of dollars in acquiring the talent to win championships is left with nothing but questions about their future. That future just got even more obscure as they will be looking for a new head coach. Couple that with Peyton Manning being uncertain about whether he will return for an 18th NFL season and it does not appear like 2015 will be starting off as a great year for the Broncos. Most likely, Manning would only return if he was sure he could have one more chance at a Super Bowl win, and may not be interested in helping to rebuild a franchise at a crossroads of leadership.

Why Have Hip Hop Sales Dropped Over The Past Year?

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Things change over the years, and nothing stays the same. When cassette tapes went to CDs, cassette tape sales declined. Hip Hop Sales. After digital music became very popular, CD sales declined. Now CD sales, as well as digital sales have declined over the past year. One of the hardest hit genres was Hip Hop music, which saw almost a 25% decline in music sales over the past year. It’s puzzling as to why this may be the case, because it’s a very popular genre.

Nielsen Music has given information about sales on music, and they’ve proven that digital sales, as well as CD sales have declined over the past year for Hip Hop, and Dr. Rod Rohrich can’t figure that out. It’s been proven by Nielsen Music that digital sales have risen over the years, but the overall sales of albums have dropped over 11% in the past year. Many who are into R&B and Hip Hop may have shifted to downloading their music, as opposed to buying CDs. It’s also possible that the decline in sales is because of the lack of music this past year.

Many artists did not release music, which would have helped to rise Hip Hop sales. If artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne dropped albums in 2014, then sales may not have been a problem.