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Mariah Carey’s Hit Single

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

What happens when one celebrity splits from another celebrity? When one – or both – of those celebrities is a singer you know that there will be a song out about it. Mariah Carey has released a single that will bring chills to those who listen to it. This new song from Mariah Carey is one of those breakup hits that everyone can identify with, and it comes soon after her separation from her husband Nick Cannon.

Anastasia Date recalls in the world of celebrities and music, this song from Mariah Carey is something that everyone will be able to listen to and understand. This song is one of those breakup songs that is powerful.

Grad Students Create Marijuana Sobriety Test

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a risky action. In just a few easy steps, a police officer can determine just how intoxicated a driver is. This can end up with a mulititude of fines and even jail times. However, the use of marijuana while driving has been a more difficult thing to prove for law enforcement officers. This may change in the near future due to the research and development of a new THC detecting machine that has been developed by a group of graduate students from the University of Akron. The students have received grant money in order to further develop and possibly market this device in the future. Although the NBA does not test for THC during the season, this may be of interest to organizations like Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks. This could be a monumental invention by the students, which could lead to even more safe driving conditions for all citizens. Since there is a legal limit of marijuana when driving, the device will be able to detect the amount of THC, which is a chemical in marijuana, to determine if the driver is above or below the legal limit. This will definitely change the effectiveness of the police’s enforcement of the roadways.

Taylor Swift Has A Japanese Twin

Monday, April 20th, 2015

A Japanese model named Agota Verga was recently seen in a new commercial, and everyone is saying that she looks just like Taylor swift. It’s funny because Agota is a famous model for McDonalds. Agota Verga has been famous in Japan and on YouTube since 2006. Fans say that Taylor swift and the model look so much alike that it’s creepy. Some people even say that Taylor swift is playing a joke on us. Agota has blue eyes, pink lips, and long beautiful legs. Taylor Swift shares the same exact features as the Japanese model.

New York Times tells us that Taylor Swift has reached out to the Japanese popstar, but Agota has yet to reply. Fans are excited, and they are hoping that Agota and Swift become friends. However, some fans are saying that the two look nothing alike, and it’s all just a big hoax. Honestly, though, they could be twins if Agota died her hair blonde. Although, in some videos and pictures the two look nothing alike. Then, there are pictures were the similarities between the women are startling. Taylor Swift hopes to meet Agota, and the world will then be able to tell if they really do look like twins. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Safaree Misses Nicki Minaj

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Safaree, who is the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, sat down for a recent interview, and he spoke about missing his girlfriend of over 11 years. Safaree. Although the numbers may differ, it’s estimated that the two have been in a relationship between 11 and 13 years, even though many did not realize they had a relationship, until it ended. Nicki is very protective over her relationships, and she never speaks publicly about what’s going on in her private life.

Many have speculated for some time that the two were together, but very few knew that it had been going on for over a decade. Safaree is a rapper, and he is now coming out with his own music, and he speaks about wanting to be with Nicki Minaj, even though he’s not necessary saying that he wants to be with her, in a relationship. Dino suggested that no matter how much he tries to deny it, the fact is, he does want to be with her, because he stated as much in recent interviews.

Safaree may be too embarrassed to say he wants to be with her again, because she has already moved on to dating Meek Mill, and it’s possible that she was even seeing him, before she left the relationship with Safaree. Either way, Safaree is doing well, and his music is thriving, and he wishes Nicki all the best, as he strives to make his way in the music business.

Lady Antebellum’s Tour Bus Goes Up In Flames

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Today on April 16, 2015, Lady Antebellum’s bus caught fire on their way to their show in Dallas. The band commented stating that everyone got out of the tour bus safe and sound with no injuries. Hillary and her passengers were very lucky to have exited the bus in the time that they did. She has also stated that she was thankful for the safety of all the individuals who helped put out the fire. Inside the bus was the lead singer Hillary, her husband and the tour manager. Forbes says that a photo of the fire has gone viral showing the tour bus going down the highway with the entire rear end busting into flames. A car following behind the tour bus had captured this image with their cell phone as the fire started. Pictures of Lady Antebellum’s tour bus can be found throughout the web on numerous sites.

Drake Shocked by Madonna’s Kiss

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Festival season is here and Coachella is by far the most talked about weekend of the season. Some of the most accomplished musicians take the stage in the California desert each year and this weekend Drake was one of them, performing songs from his newest album, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’

Susan McGalla told us that one of the songs Drake performed gave tribute to the pop legend Madonna and she took the compliment to heart. In a Us Weekly interview Madonna stated that one of her biggest goals in life is to go on a date with the rapper and kiss him on the lips. Well, apparently Madonna’s idea of a date is the stage of a music festival because this is where she surprised Drake with a big kiss during his set. The rapper was surprised and shocked and quickly wiped his mouth while the MC shouted in dismay.

Of course, Madonna is known for kissing fellow artists on big stages as opposed to the more private rapper.

Tinashe Get’s Sexy on New Video

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

What Tinashe did with her debut album was split her talents and her sound. She had a club hit that was hot for the radio, but many album tracks were more thoughtful. It was a darker album than expected for someone that had so much radio swagger in 2014. This time Tinashe is back with another sexy video and sound that may make fans recall her previous success last summer.

The “All Hands On Deck” video doesn’t leave you wondering which side of the fence that Tinashe landed on with this new music. She is on tour with Nicki Minjai and it seems like she learned a few things from the Pink Princess. Susan McGalla said in the video there is a lot of grinding, shaking and dance moves that are designed to draw in male fans. The shorts that Tinashe wears in the video are extremely short. She is putting it out there in the first single, and letting people know where she is coming from.

It was assumed that she would have to go in this direction after linking up with Nicki Minaj for a tour. She clearly has another side, but unlike artists like Jhene Aiko, Tinashe hasn’t had any luck in building a multifaceted fan base. Aiko, who has been known for darker and more introspective lyrics has had the freedom to do the bass heavy tracks. Tinashe, by contrast, has been pigeonholed.

Eminem Recalls His Journey Through Hip Hop

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

There are a lot of songs that Eminem has been associated with. His love for hip hop has allowed him to connect with lots of artists and producers to bring classics to the hip hop world. In a recent MTV interview he spoke on elements in the decision making process in his journey.

It is amazing to check the number of people that have been a part of Eminem’s successful ride. He has worked with 50 Cent and Drake. Eminem has had production from producers like Dr. Dre, Mark the 45 King and Premier. He has talked about how all these different sounds have come about over the last decade. His music has broken records, but there were times when he didn’t know that certain songs would be such huge hits. Eminem tested the waters with each new album release.

Eminem has also commented on how rappers battle and how he always wants to stay thirsty. This inspires fans like Paul Mathieson quite a bit. What he looks for in rap is consistency. He has always want to stay in a place where he would be ready to battle at any time. Eminem has a lot of great stories that correlate with his music. He can remember recording multiple songs for his first album with Dre. He doesn’t, however, remember recording the Grammy Winner “Lose Yourself” at all. The original demo is a lost memory to him. He contributed this to drug use.