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Andy Wirth – Olympic Valley Champion

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

There are many captivating words that could be used to describe Andy Wirth, but none seems to be as appropriate as “champion.” His career, in fact, his entire life to this point, has been dedicated to the region he serves, the sports he supports, the disabled athletes he identifies with, and the environment he loves and wants to protect.

In 2010, Wirth was officially named CEO of the Squaw Valley ski resort in Olympic Valley, CA. After nearly 70 years under the direction of the Cushing family, he took charge and was immediately responsible for overseeing a $70 million upgrade to the resort. After only one year with Wirth at the helm, Squaw Valley rebuilt its reputation to regain status in the top 20 percent of the skiing industry.

Wirth has worked tirelessly to make the ski area one of the top tourist destinations in the world. He is also a major contributor to environmental and community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area, with a focus on improving the area in general for the present and future.

Wirth was appointed to The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority in 2013; he was named chair of the nine-member board within two years.

According to their news release, his extensive experience in international resort management and partnership with various airlines to develop more flights for resorts in Utah, Colorado and Canada made him a perfect fit for Board.

Episode 11 of Season 4 for UNDERCOVER BOSS on the CBS Television Network was titled “Squaw Valley.” Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, ski resorts located in Lake Tahoe, went undercover as a member of the Ski Patrol team; a Snowboard Instructor; a Lift Mechanic; and as a member of the Terrain Park Crew.

Squaw Valley acquired Alpine Meadows, another mountain located in Tahoe, California in what Wirth considered a significant merger. However, it made his personal “hands-on” approach with both his guests and employees more difficult. He agreed to the TV show in an effort to see if things were running as smoothly as it appeared.

Wirth was also the recipient of the 2014 Citizen of the Year Award presented by Disabled Sports USA-Far West. The award recognizes an individual for outstanding support of Disabled Sports and the organization’s mission.
Andy Wirth is truly an Olympic Valley Champion!

Rise Up And Save The Cats

Monday, October 26th, 2015

We recently covered a story on Jon Urbana last week, and now we’re back with more news: he’s launched a Crowdrise campaign to help a local pet shelter here in Denver. He originally announced his plans on Twitter and went into more detail in a post on Medium.

Crowdrise brings the people who triumph through developing charities to their feet. They then anticipate the success which is in watching something near and dear to their heart succeed. In this particular charity we have a lacrosse professional raising money for cats. He is the type of person who would do anything to help anyone less fortunate. Whether that be kids, animals or humans in general, Jon Urbana is the man for all jobs.

This time around he is championing for a cause that works tirelessly to provide an opportunity for these cats to be passed down to loving homes. The shelter is a no kill shelter but it is a small one so they often need more helping hands and even more so that plentiful donations to publicize and draw attention to the cause. It is ARAS which is completely against cruelty to animals and they often work hard to stop the affects that it has on the felines.

On Facebook, Urbana stated that it is not just the big lioness felines that he feels a pull to help, but the beautiful domestics that do not have homes. He works hard to raise money in order to see to it that they have homes, volunteers, food and generous people to give them whatever they might need no matter what it is. It is not to say that there are not a ton of people in this world just like Jon, there are. They at times need to be inspired to do the work and bring in the money so that they can accomplish great things like Jon. The cats of this world need Jon and all of you to help them get to a point where they too, can feel safe. So stand together with Mr. Professional Lacrosse player Jon Urbana and champion this fabulous cause.

To learn more about Urbana, visit his website at

Slyce – Visual Search Company is Taking Mobile Shopping to Higher Levels

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Slyce Inc. is a visual product search company that is revolutionizing the mobile shopping world. Recently, it publicized its intention to display top-notch visual search tools and variety of services available in beta development at

Embracing the Slyce image recognition technology will assist retailers to source for every detail of the product at the comfort of their smartphones. The e-commerce application allows users to take either 3D or 2D snapshot of a particular product and automatically details about the product are displayed. The technology connects retailers to their customers irrespective of their location. Established global retailer utilizing the Slyce visual search technology includes Tilly’s, Home Depot and JCPenny.

The will display additional trademarked products from the Slyce and beta products that are yet to be launched. These products are developed to act as platform through which retailers can interact with their consumers, enhance mobile revenues and aid in conducting marketing research concerning consumers’ preference. They include:

Universal Scanner

This is an amazing innovation, which allows consumers to take picture or scan a product of preference and get comprehensive background information about it. The Scanner interprets QR, coupons, barcodes and codes.

Slyce Insights

Visual search database contains background information of products viewed by the consumers. It enables retailers to keep track on the progress consumers are making in the online shopping.


With this technology, retailers can convert photos of printed coupons irrespective of its origin to a well-designed mobile version. The optimized version is retained in the app memory and users get redeeming notification when coupon nears expansion or close to retail stores.

The BETA technology is developed to increase sales by providing alternatives to consumers in the event of an ‘out of stock’ items. It utilizes a unique visual similarity and relevance analysis. Various mobile applications such as the Pounce, a mobile shopping app, Craves an app used to locate fashion boutiques and SnipSnap which is a top US mobile coupon app.

Slyce Inc. is a company located in Toronto. It specializes in developing technology that creates a platform for the retailer to engage with his/her customers. With simple snap shot consumers, get detailed information about a product irrespective of the packaging. Retailers can browse through products offered by their competitors.

Lime Crime: A Makeup for Every Girl

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

The great artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.” Showcase that enthusiasm with the makeup that’s shocking the cosmetic world. Being unique is a gift, and Lime Crime believes that the world should embrace individuality.

There’s something for every type of girl at Lime Crime.
1. Happy Hottie
High energy, bubbly personalities will love Lime Crime’s line of Carousel gloss. Whether they’re on the dance floor or at a party, the Happy Hottie knows there’s something powerful about a smile. This glittery gloss echoes the words “Girls just Wanna Have Fun,” and will put the spotlight on any social butterfly. With color names such as “Candy Apple,” “Hollygram,” and “Snowsicle,” these products are sure to bring a smile.
2. Brainy Babe
More than ever before, nerdy is the new cool. Intellectuals are really enjoying a moment right now and for good reason: Smart chicks are hot! Showcase that big brain with Venus eyeshadow. Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus” has nothing on this color palette. It blends nudes, oranges, browns, and reds to reveal a surprising mix of classic and mod. The smart choice is obvious. Create a stir with intelligent creativity.
3. Moody Beauty
Just because they take a more sober approach to life, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look fabulous while showcasing who they are. Enter the Velvetines. This lip color goes on like a liquid but sets like a matte. Make a statement with Witchberry Purple or Black Velvet. No matter how dark the shade, Velvetines are famous for their never fading or transferring. Go out into the darkness armed with Velvetines, and look great doing it.
4. Workaholic Woo-man
This group of girls doesn’t get a lot of love from the beauty industry. They make the stereotypical assumption that girls who kick butt don’t have time to look good. Lime Crime is here to prove them all wrong. Sleep is important. Sometimes just fifteen extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a crappy one. Making a splash around the water cooler doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected nail color. Apply one of Lime Crimes delightfully odd nail polish colors the night before. It doesn’t take long, but the results are fantastic. Play around with Parfait Day, Peaches & Cream, Pastelchio, Crema De Limon, or Once in a Blue Mousse. The working girl can enjoy the extra attention she receives from that hot guy three cubicles over. She’s earned it!

Lime Crime’s variety is as amazing as it is ground-breaking. Every kind of girl is represented through pure, quality cosmetics. Now there’s no need to settle on makeup that’s “so-so” or “good enough”. Insist on the best. Insist on Lime Crime.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp Offers Young People A Special Opportunity

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Lacrosse is a sport that has attracted the attention of many young people, and those who love it should have the opportunity to learn more about it as they attend a camp that is focused solely on it. There are some lacrosse camps out there that offer young people the kind of mentoring that they long for. There are some lacrosse camps that will help to guide young people in the sport and to encourage them to take the next step to become a professional in it.

One camp in particular was started up by a former Villanova lacrosse player. Jon Urbana wanted to start a camp where youth could come to be mentored by former players, and he did that in Colorado. Now many youth have been able to attend the camp and learn more about this special sport. And as a lifelong entrepreneur, Urbana knows what customers are looking for. Many young people have had the chance to become better at how they play the sport, and they’ve had the chance to learn in other ways, as well.

There are so many great things about the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and when a parent checks out the camp while thinking of their teen and the opportunity that this would be for them they will quickly find themselves feeling enthused. There are many special things about this camp, and it is a great place for any young person to learn.

Lacrosse is a sport like no other, and camps offer the opportunity to learn like nothing else does. When someone wants their talents for the sport to mature, and when they are hopeful that they will one day have a career playing it, then they will want to learn everything that they can when they are young. They’ll want to attend a lacrosse camp, so that they can learn from some of the best.

Sergio Cortes Shows That One’s Art Can Outlive The Man

Friday, October 16th, 2015

It’s a rare person who hasn’t, at some time, given some thought as to what constitutes the measure of a man. By what should one judge himself, others, or the output of a human life. Many people will spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to measure their life. For others it’s a bit easier and at the same time more complex. Artists in general have an advantage in critiquing their own life. An artist will usually view the measure of his life in the legacy of his art. But at the same time there’s an important question of interaction.

Many artists feel that interaction is vital to art. And that’s why it might well be said that only a few performers have gained true immortality through their creative output. Ask a man named Sergio Cortes about the subject and one might find some easy answers. Because in speaking to him it’s obvious that a man’s legacy can continue, in full interactivity, far past the point where he himself has passed away. The reason is that he has another title, MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator who not only excels at his craft, but who also shows the nature of artistic legacy. One of the biggest reasons for this is that there’s a lot of people working to impersonate Jackson as a performer. But one of the biggest mistakes people make when considering an artistic legacy has to do with confusion between art and artist. It’s true that art needs to stand apart from the person who created it. But at the same time, to emulate the nature of a particular artist in performance one can never forget the actual man or woman. An artist creates art, but they’re still a human being who brings any number of different cultural and personal aspects to a performance. Cortes is one of only a very few, or even arguably the only, Jackson impersonators who really grasps this fact of life.

Cortes isn’t content to simply bring Jackson’s performances back to life. He recognizes that the totality of one’s art needs to involve spontaneity and personal contributions. As such he’s learned everything about Jackson’s life. He can speak like Jackson, dress like him, and most importantly he can live like Jackson as well. And this is what has most grasped public interest with Cortes. Because Cortes isn’t content to simply bring Jackson’s art to life for people, he brings Jackson’s spirit to them as well.

Andy Wirth’s Plan For Clean Power

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Andrew Wirth has been working tirelessly towards clean energy, and all this work is finally beginning to pay off. Not long ago, the Reno City Council cast a vote in support of the Clean Power Plan, which hopefully will take the country from coal power to a new, cleaner and renewable energy. That vote made the council another significant member that gives support to the Clean Power Plan. Times have already changed a lot, and a better economy is rising, and bringing us cleaner energy. Our region has unacceptably poor air quality, along with the drought and increase in forest fires.

Andrew Wirth was born on the twenty-fifth of July and makes a living in the mountain resort and hotel industry. At the moment, he is the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has worked in this industry for more than twenty-five years now. Wirth’s career started with the Steamboat Springs Resort back in 1986, and he served in quite a few different leadership and marketing positions there, and at its parent companies. Wirth has also received a few professional and community service awards, not limited to the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, and the Community Five Award, along with many others. He strives to make the ski area a great tourist destination, and to give truly clean energy to the area as a replacement for coal.

After having his arm ripped off in a skydiving accident where he missed the designated landing area, instead landing on a fence of metal posts and wire, his arm was surgically reconnected, and Andy Wirth helped to co-found an Ironman team, “Wounded Warrior Support.” Which honors the men of the Navy SEALs, and supports them and their families after they return to their homes. Andy Wirth has contributed a lot to the Lake Tahoe community service and environmental organizations, which focus on improving the area for the general population.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.

Advantages Of Short-Term London Apartments

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
Hotel fees have sky rocketed over the years, causing some people to even give up on the idea of traveling. If you are trying to plan out a trip to London and are having issues affording it just because of the expensive hotel rates, you may want to look into going with a short-term apartment. Short-term apartments are specific to people who are only going to be visiting the area for a short time. You can make use of one of these apartments if you’ll be traveling to the area for a long weekend or even a couple of months.

You may be wondering how or why London Vacation Rentals are actually more affordable than a smaller and potentially older hotel. The reason for this is due to the fact that all you are paying for is the apartment that you will be staying in. Hotels will often charge their guests for amenities that the guest may not even make use of, such as hot tubs, swimming pools, breakfast bars and the like. When you rent an apartment short-term, you are truly only paying for the actual apartment and the items that you will be making use of while staying there.

Knowing that renting a short-term apartment is the way to go, you may now want to check out LondonEscape. LondonEscape is a wonderful website that can match travelers to the London area with gorgeous short-term apartments that they can rent. You can search for available apartments specific to the time and date that you are looking to arrive in the city. You will also be able to check out the apartment’s policies if you will be bringing your beloved family pet or will be traveling with a larger crowd. LondonEscape makes it easy to find these apartments specific to your own unique needs and requirements.

Most people who are traveling will automatically think of renting a hotel. Renting a hotel is just something that comes naturally when you are going to be traveling to another area. Unfortunately, you may be spending more than you would like by going the traditional route. Instead, you should consider renting a short-term apartment to see if it helps you to save money while also offering the location that you need while in London. Renting an apartment in the heart of the city will allow you to make the most of your trip and really have something to remember.

Andy Wirth Applauds Reno City Council For Voting In Favor Of The Clean Power Plan

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
Andy Wirth clearly chimed in with his support of the Reno city council as they voted in favor of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Wirth’s opinion was short and potent in an Op-Ed recently printed in the Reno Gazette-Journal. The Reno city council is not the only entity to vote for the Clean Power Plan in the region. Other private sector companies have already chosen to support the EPA’s plan. Wirth points out that change is not just happening but has happened. He applauds the voices in the region who have embraced clean energy over dirty outdated energy sources. Moving towards clean energy not only contributes to the air we breathe but to the economy we operate in. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Tesla are all about clean energy. These companies also bring great jobs with them too. Wirth also makes the point that the region has great access to solar and geothermal energy yet coal is still being burned at the Valmy coal plant. The time to evolve is here, now.

Born in Neubrucke, Germany in 1963, Andy Wirth brings quite a bit of life experience with his opinion. Wirth has attended Edinburgh University in Scotland and also Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Wirth has been a wilderness ranger, hot shot fire crew member, has held various higher level marketing positions in the ski resort industry and has even appeared on a 2013 episode of Undercover Boss. Apparently, Wirth is willing to risk life and limb, quite literally, to be a doer rather than just a talker. In 2013, Wirth had a near fatal skydiving accident in which his right arm was torn off. After 50 days in the hospital and over 23 surgeries Wirth returned to work. This skydiving accident prompted Wirth to found a team called “Wounded Warrior Support”. This team raises support for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports Spec-Ops team members and families after they return from deployment.

Andy Wirth is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has also been appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth works to improve the Lake Tahoe area for people of all ages. Apparently, Wirth is passionate about not only improving the attractiveness of the area as a ski resort but also the environment that future generations will live in.

The Successful Career Path of Kenneth Griffin

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Ken Griffin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. Armed with only a personal computer, a fax machine and a telephone, Griffin started trading right from his dorm in Harvard. From this uncertain but ambitious start, Griffin was able to attract the attention of Frank Meyer who was the hedge-fund pioneer and the co-founder of the Glenwood Partners based in Chicago. The great performance of Griffin was able to earn him an opportunity to come up with what would one day be known as Citadel.

In 1990, Griffin founded Citadel and currently acts as its CEO. This diverse financial institution, Citadel Group includes Citadel securities, which ranks among the leading providers of liquidity in the America’s capital markets; Citadel, a leading alternative asset manager in the industry; and the Citadel Technology, which provides solutions for the investment management technology. Worldwide, Citadel has more than 1,200 team members today.

Citadel LLC continues to perform immensely. In the first 8 months of 2015, the main hedge funds of the firm posted returns in its 13% range net. This saw it sail through the market mayhem that had dented returns of various other hedge funds in the month of August. Griffin has been able to experience good times and he has moved to purchase a condominium complex in a tower in Manhattan worth $200 million. The firm currently manages assets worth about $26 billion and Griffin seems to be contemplating about taking the firm public in 2016 IPO.

In the previous world ranking of the richest people, Griffin ranked 103rd as he boasts of a net worth of more than $5.5 billion. He is also an active political donor and he has been known to financially help politicians during previous campaigns.

In a bid to recognize his historic gift to the Harvard College, the college officially renamed the Financial Aid Office in the honor of Ken Griffin ’89. During this past February, Griffin gave the University a gift of $150 million to principally support need-based financial help for undergraduates. Alumni, University leaders, friends and students congregated at 86 Brattle St. to thank him and make aware the impact his gift will have on the coming generations.

In addition to the over 200 scholarships that Griffin’s gift will support, his Leadership Challenge for Financial Help will contribute to about 25% of costs of more than 600 extra undergraduate scholarships. This leadership challenge is aimed at supporting financial aid and stabilize long-term fiscal needs of the leading financial aid program of Harvard. The director of the financial aid, Sally Donahue, welcomed this gift by explaining of how remarkable the Admissions Committee is capable to consider student based exclusively on merits and achievements, without looking at their financial ability to pay for college fees.

Griffin has also undertaken various other philanthropic activities donating hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2006, he merged with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to fund and support the opening of a charter school in Chicago. He and his wife founded Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation that has supported Children’s Memorial Hospital, early childhood center in University of Chicago, among others.