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Adam Milstein’s Career Outline in the Circles of Real Estate and Philanthropy

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Adam Milstein is an Israeli real estate investor and philanthropist. Milstein’s real estate career was successful due to his principles on self-awareness and management. He attended the Technion Institute of Technology back in 1978 and acquired a degree in economics and finance. Then he undertook an MBA at the prominent University of Southern California. He commenced his professional real estate career as an agent working in Southern California. He is also the founder of Hager Pacific Properties, which is a private commercial firm that invests in real estate properties.


Besides serving as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific, Milstein serves as an executive in several institutions. He is co-founder and head Israeli-American Council (IAC). He is also the director of the IAC’s national expansion department. Adam Milstein served on the governing boards of Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, and AISH Los Angeles. Based on his enthusiasm for ancient Jewish culture, he founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America in collaboration with his wife, Gila. Sifriyat Pijama B’America is an institution that enlightens people on Jewish teachings. The organization also donates books themed on Jewish history to over 15,000 families of Israeli and Jewish decent living in the U.S.


The Inception of Hager Pacific Properties


Milstein recently spoke with about how he came up with Hager Pacific Properties. He said that Hager Pacific’s reputation steps from its unending commitment to unparalleled client services. He also mentioned how his career as a commercial real estate broker enabled him to grow professionally. Milstein founded Hager Pacific Properties after working as an agent for three years.


Milstein’s Insights on Productivity at Workplaces


According to Milstein, managing a new business can be tricky. Several assets and activities are required to keep a business in profitable shape. He prefers combining his work with philanthropy for the sake of the community. He advises entrepreneurs to focus on understanding the challenges they face before they begin to develop strategies for solving them. Milstein encourages managers to make follow-ups on their businesses on a daily basis. This factor helps one to take note of any challenges that arise in a business and adopt effective ways of addressing them.

Fundamental Information Regarding Julie Zuckerberg’s Professional Profile

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Julie is a well-known recruitment lead with an experience of over fifteen years. As at now, she is the Deutsche Bank’s executive talent acquisition manager. The bank was launched in 1870 and it endeavors in investment finance services. The young professional currently residing in Manhattan, New York City attended school at City University of New York Brooklyn College where she pursued a degree in Philosophy. Later on she proceeded to undertake JD from the New York Law School. She then joined the market in 2002, and worked for five years under Hudson staffing and recruiting. She had a lot in her hands considering that she was also getting involved in the duties of attorneys and helping case managers from a variety of firms. Some of the duties were performed on short term basis, while others were long term. Given that she played a critical role of linking clients and employees, Julie had to get involved in conflict resolution from time to time. This was prior to joining City Global Functions, where she was made the vice president as well as one in charge of recruitment. Again in 2013, Julie moved to New York Life Insurance Company and amazingly, even after changing her employer, she was mandated to help with staffing and also be the Vice President.



Julie’s Added Skills and Hobbies



Since 2002 when Julie joined the work industry, she has been accumulating skills. As such, she has proved to be a highly proficientexpert. From her past work experience, Julie possessesremarkable skills in areas such as; training employees, recruitment, performing interviews, strategy, conflict resolution, quality leadership, coaching, managing applicant tracking systems as well as succession planning. For every team that she is made in charge, Julie wholeheartedly ensures premeditated guidance and training.While Julie is not undertaking her duties at the office, you will find her in benevolent works. She also exercises the leadership qualities she has gained to counsel and train employees within the company. Spending her leisure time exploring to attain knowledge on technology, arts, photography as well as running are things that she enjoys. At the same time, you would not separate Julie from her passion for animal welfare, economic empowerment and culture. The wonderful way of blending her activities make her life evenbrighter.






In her entire career life, Julie has exhibited quality skills. Every responsibility she was ever given she handled professionally. Probably it is for this reason that even after leaving Citi, she still got another opportunity to get back there before assuming her current position at Deutsche Bank. She addresses a wide scope of issues and for each, she knows the right lens through which to observe and give the timely directives. Undoubtedly, Julie Zuckerberg is an icon who has proved to handle matters in exceptionally great way especially in the top leadership of various organizations. Her talent acquisition skills are equally pronounced, hence her current position. You can sign up to follow her on twitter and on Instagram. From social media she appears to be greatly attached to her pet.




The Lung Institute – Helping COPD Patients Breathe Free Again Through Stem Cell Treatment

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Due to smoking, drinking, vaping, pollution, and a range of other factors, there is a definitive damage done to lungs every day even if we don’t realize it. And the danger today is much higher than it was ever before because the modernization and rapid industrialization have negatively impacted the environment and our lifestyle. This evolution, along with its benefits has also brought many health hazards with itself.

Cigarette smoking, as well as air pollutants, can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and in the US alone over 24 million people have it. The airflow in and out of our body during the breathing process is restricted in this disease, and in the advanced stages, it can even cause a fatality. In matters of lungs, the bad part is that once the damage is done, it can be controlled or managed, but can never be reversed completely. And, this is why smoking cigarette is one of the most self-inflicting harmful practices.

According to, the medical standards and treatment for COPD have remained largely unchanged for many years, which adds to the agony of the patients suffering from it. This is why; many people are shifting their focus on alternative treatment methods, one of the most effective being the stem cell therapy and treatment. The leader in providing stem cell therapy treatments for chronic lung diseases is The Lung Institute, based in Tampa, which is a medical research institution that aims to provide treatment for chronic diseases through stem cells. The institute uses the stem cells that are found in patient’s bone marrow or blood for the treatment and so far has treated over three thousand patients since its inception in 2013.

Currently, The Lung Institute has five clinics across the country and encourages people with chronic lung diseases to visit the center for extensive consultation with its stem cell treatment experts. The difference between the standard COPD treatment and stem cell treatment is that stem cell helps the lungs to heal from within itself. The Lung Institute aims to improve the lifestyle of the people with COPD through its stem cell therapy treatment, which is effective and result-oriented.

Stay up-to-date on therapies by visiting The Lung Institute Twitter account.
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Tidal and the Desiree Perez Effect

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

When people search for Desiree Perez online they will see that Tidal is not her first shot at making negotiations and turning companies around. Most people will recognize that her efforts go back as far as Roc Nation Sports and her time with helping athletes get the best possible deals. This is something that she has been known to do over her lifetime because has had a hard life. She has always had the spirit of a hustler, and she knows everything there is to know about making deals. That is what has allowed Perez to just keep taking Tidal to new levels.

A typical CEO that may not know about the music industry and the changes that are occurring so they may have no ability to truly change Tidal. It took someone that was actually paying attention to the industry and the way that music streaming was changing to make things different for Tidal. This is like the company that just keeps on moving towards higher ground because Desiree Perez is in place to provide insight on getting the right visual art on the Tidal website in order to make this company stand out.

Everyone is trying to get into the music streaming business. This is what Pandora did for years. This is what Apple is doing now to compete with Spotify. What Desiree Perez has done is put Spotify in a league that is different from what the competition is doing. Some might say that Perez has come in and created her own lane. She has become this super force at Tidal that is ready to let people know that there is a new sheriff in town. What people used to think about Tidal is not relevant anymore. Dez Perez has changed the outlook for the company, and people that are listening to music through streaming apps are taking interest in what she is saying. There is a lot of buzz about what this company does to incorporate so many more elements of entertainment than other companies. There are exclusive behind-the-scene documentaries on some albums. There are live concert streams. Tidal has become the app that seems to have it all. There are people that love this app because it is about more than audio streaming. This is what the other companies have failed to do, and now Tidal is becoming the leader that other companies must follow.

Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Their Services Through A Merge With Las Vegas Air And Paradise Air

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Goettl Air Conditioning is a service company that concentrates on providing air conditioning services in homes and commercial property and also looks into their heating. In a recent news report by PR news, Goettl Air Conditioning announced their current merge with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. These two companies have been in operation for many years, providing heating and air conditioning services in homes. Through the merge, the companies have added twenty employees in the merge and also fifteen trucks to aid with the operations.



The president and chief executive officer of Goettl Air Conditioning, Mr Ken Goodrich describes the merge as a stepping stone for the company for greater success and more market in the Southwest. Through the merge, the company is assured of tapping more markets and also with the resources shared among the companies, they are certain that customers will continue receiving quality service.



Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air are also certain that the merge was the right decision for the companies. Stephen Gamst adds that through the merger, he would be able to give his clients and the employees’ better terms. Through the merge, both companies who share in the same values and mission will continue providing excellent services to their clients.



Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 as a family business that dealt on giving homes a comfortable time as they took care of heating the houses and ensuring that the attics didn’t hold so much heat that would make the living uncomfortable. With more than seventy seven years in the business they have learned a great deal on customer service and treatment. The company has qualified staff that ensure thorough work is provided to the homes which gives the clients an aura of comfort and a homely experience in their houses.



The company has offices in Phoenix Las Vegas and South California and continues to expand in several other areas. With the merge, the company will be able to provide their high quality services to more clients. Moreover, the company has diversified their services and operations so that they are able to reach out more customers. Their partnership with the Sunny Plumber enables the company to provide plumbing services to their clients. The company has mastered the art of air conditioning and plumbing so that they are able to match homes with the right service which lasts for several years. Under the leadership of Mr Goodrich, the company continues to grow and expand nationwide.

How Did Bruce Levenson Manage Hiring As He Built The Atlanta Hawks?

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Bruce Levenson is one of the most-progressive owners in NBA history, and he overcame quite a lot of things as he built the team Atlanta Spirit LLC was the ownership collection for the team. He ensured the team was built to be a success, and he wanted to help the team become more than an afterthought in the NBA. This article explains how the Atlanta Hawks became a better team under Bruce, how they grew their fan base and how he used local leadership to keep the team going.

#1: Bruce Understands Who To Hire

Everyone hired to work in the Hawks front office was pulled from the local leadership pool, and Bruce ensured anyone managing the team was local. The city of Atlanta does not respond to its sports teams well, and Bruce believes every fan must come to games with an eye on success. According to PR News, being a part of the community ensures the Hawks are more than a basketball team that struggles to remain relevant.

#2: The Team Is Competitive

Local leadership teaches the fan base how competitive the team is, and they reach out to the public through radio and ESPN TV interviews. It is quite important that everyone living in the city hears from the leaders Bruce hired, and they are the voice of the team that speaks to those wish to be fans.

It is quite important that everyone in the city of Atlanta sees the local leadership put in place by Bruce Levenson, and the leadership remains after the sale of the team. Bruce set up the team in a manner that ensured its future success after the sale of the team, Tony Ressler takes over a team that is built properly, and Bruce is the man who created a winner in the city of Atlanta.


George Soros Prepares to Fight Back Against Trump

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

An article on the Politico website details how billionaire investor George Soros, who made significant financial contributions to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, met recently with powerful Democratic politicians and other wealthy liberal donors in Washington to discuss what went wrong in the 2016 presidential and congressional elections and how to fight back against Trump over the next four years. The attendees of the conference included Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.

Soros, who is originally from Hungary and made a fortune from running a hedge fund and orchestrating high-finance deals of various types, has long been a contributor to liberal causes and campaigns. He was, naturally, horrified by the election of Trump. Soros is part of the Democratic Alliance on, a select group of Democratic donors, and will probably be important in the efforts of the left to get someone other than Trump elected president in 2020.

At the conference, attendees re-assessed their approach to supporting Democratic candidates, with an emphasis on preparing for the next round of Congressional elections. It was generally agreed that in the 2016 elections, the Clinton campaign failed to win over white working class voters, and the idea came up that perhaps this demographic should be targeted more in future elections. Others at the conference simply felt that Democratic campaigners had not done enough to raise excitement among the females and minorities who are generally supportive of Clinton but did not turn up to vote for her. Attendees consoled themselves with the fact that Clinton won the popular vote by a large amount.

While Soros declined to talk with Politico for article, during the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, he spoke up strongly against both Trump and Republican Ted Cruz and went so far as to say that their inflammatory xenophobic rhetoric actually helps ISIS recruit new terrorists. Because he escaped Nazi-occupied Hungary as a child, has traveled widely, and is highly successful, the views of Soros on virtually any topic related to finance and world affairs are well worth taking note of. He will doubtless remain an influential figure in the future.