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Embrace The Warm Weather With These Amazing EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

As the weather warms up, staying hydrated is more important than ever. Heat depletes our bodies of moisture, making us feel tired and dizzy. Dehydration also affects our looks, leaving our skin dry and dull.


While you double up on water this time of year, don’t forget to also stock up on some skincare products that will leave your complexion looking fresh and healthy. When it comes to keeping the skin hydrated, don’t forget about the lips. While we associate cracked and dry lips with cold winter weather, dehydration can leave your lips feeling less than smooth as well. More here on


Luckily, one brand is killing it when it comes to the lip balm game. EOS Lip Balm has quickly become a cult favorite thanks to its adorable pastel spherical packaging as well as its innovative formula. While most commercial lip balms are full of harsh chemicals, EOS Lip Balm only uses natural ingredients that keep lips soft for hours. Ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter are safe to use on delicate lip skin and sink in deep beneath the skin’s surface.


Plus, EOS Lip Balm comes in some truly delicious flavors that are perfect for warm weather. Here is a list of our favorite warm weather EOS flavors.


  1. Summer Fruit

The name says it all. The combination of blueberry, peach and strawberry will have you thinking of a fruit cobbler as soon as you twist off the lid.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew

If you’re nostalgic for the long days of playing outside in the sun as a kid, this flavor is the one for you. The combination of honeysuckle and honeydew melon is deeply refreshing and brings back those wonderful childhood memories.


  1. Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is perfect for those who dream of spending their days lounging in the sun on an exotic island. This fruity and tropical scent will have you feeling like you’re on vacation all day long.  See related site on


If you haven’t already, go stock up on some EOS Lip Balm and keep your lips feeling kissable and soft all summer long!  Visit


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Tidal Set to Release Exclusive Music in Spring 2017

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Tidal streaming music app, founded by Jay-Z, has been in the shadows for quite some time. Thanks to Desiree Perez, it is now cutting its own path into the multi-million dollar music streaming industry. Recently, Jay-Z has attempted to put the app on the music industry map, but the turn-over in executives and reorganization of management, the company has been held back.

The tracks available on Tidal have been very limited until Perez took center stage. The service has been primarily focused on their pre-existing content and a limited category base. Recently, they have managed to add Tidal Discover, a list of new releases, Tidal Rising, a group of new artists that are rising fast, and Tidal X, which provides amazing exclusive live music. Related story on

Who Is Desiree Perez?

Desiree Perez is an amazing business woman and manager. She works with various companies and music artists to market tours, book locations, and boost album sales.

She is married to Juan Perez, the head of Rock Nation Sports. She is well-known for making smart business deals and rescuing sales in situations that most people find hopeless.

The Part Desiree Perez Plays

Desiree Perez is well-known for her business skill set and her ability to market to a wide audience. Her part in helping Tidal rise to the top is to draw in curiosity, which entices new members to sign up. She also has connections in the music industry, which gives her access to artists that Jay-Z could not get to.   Check Dez page.

Her negotiation skills and business sense allow her to work with people and maintain a strict budget, which is needed to get this app off the ground successfully.

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Tidal’s Uncertain Future

Tidal streaming music app has an uncertain future. Since the app did not take off the way Jay-Z initially anticipated, he has not seen a significant enough return on his investment. Because of this, it is rumored that he would be amenable to selling to a corporation, if an offer is made.

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Anthony Toma’s Inspiring Way Of Working In Business

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Nine9 is a unique company that takes on the world of entertainment. Known for being the agency that doesn’t act like a talent agency, they work differently than most acting agencies in Hollywood, but only because they know how to handle success and turn hard work into real entertainment success. They were tired of hearing about people not being accepted by an agency because they weren’t “ready” or “good enough”. However, this company knows how to help create a successful reliable place so that everybody of every look and skill leave can join in and try to become an actor or musician. They have all the right resources to help get you on the right path. Click Here for Nine9 reviews .

During an interview with the site creator and the owner behind Nine9 Talent Agency, you will come to find that the creator loves working with the company itself. They built this brand to give people who didn’t fit the look of traditional people in Hollywood a place to find solace and ways to still get into this industry. It’s incredible what Nine9 is capable of providing you, and you will love the beauty of how the President of the company really loves working with everybody. His philosophy in life is very much something actors can believe in as well. He talks a lot about going through failure and how important it is to have such experiences. They help you grow and you learn along the way. Actors go through incredible hard failures before they reach that special big role that makes them intensely popular. Nine9 at Instagram .

Nine9’s creator loves listening to clients, actors in the system, and the people who work behind the site to bring auditions and opportunities to the forefront. Nine9 is the one company that can provide you a wide variety of ways to get into more entertainment. Watch Video . for more .

Susan McGalla; Advice to Women Hunting for Success

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Susan is a brave business figure who is passionate about inspiring women. There are times that debates have been tabled over women participation in executive positions. As Susan notes, even though there are increasingly many positions for women, they tend to feel incapacitated. As it was originally reported on PR Newswire, Susan McGalla has so far addressed women in several audiences. There are three strategies she provides as tactics to help women to scale up the ladder;

Higher Education Attracts Great Opportunities

Susan appreciates that women form a considerable percentage of the professionals in the American work industries. She challenges the women to pursue higher education despite the high cost. According to her, you should apply for scholarships and exploit all means. Either way, women must wake up to the war of talent. However, Susan is also careful to appreciate that there are several women pursuing higher education already,  follow Susan on her

Higher Education Equals Greater Opportunities

Cultivating on Continued Confidence

Susan is aware that most women tend to get intimidated by management tasks. Even when they are educated, their aspirations keep dropping due to the administration influence. However, Susan McGalla challenges the women to wake to the reality. They should always have the burning desire to pursue greater managerial roles.

Overlooking the Glass Ceiling

According to Susan, what counts is your work ethic. She confesses that the approach made her attain the success she boasts of today. She never allowed room for prejudice. Being a woman, you tend to be given particular roles. That was not Susan! Focus on “breaking the glass ceiling.” It is a personal decision you make not to get bound by the status quo that tends to discriminate against women.  Important link here.


The highlighted Susan’s efforts to inspire women growth. She is passionate about realizing more women rise above the status quo. In her forums, she addresses the challenges facing women, and ways through which they can free themselves.

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Tidal Streaming Music App is Making an Upward Turn

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

If you have been waiting to see what happens with the Tidal streaming music app before you signed up, there is great news. Even though this app started out on rocky terrain, things are finally looking up financially, and by way of exclusive content!

Shawn Carter, known to the rap world by Jay-Z, founded this company himself after leaving the rap scene. He had some trouble getting the app off the ground and building enough of a fan base to keep it afloat, especially since he had trouble holding on to executives.

Desiree Perez, the wife of Juan Perez, head of Roc Nation Sports has taken the lead with the Tidal streaming music app. Since Roc Nation Sports has stake in the Tidal streaming music app, Desiree knew she had to jump in and taken an executive approach before the company landed in serious debt.  Check this on

Perez owns her own successful business, and is well-known for her managerial skills, negotiation skills, and state-of-the-art accounting capabilities. She has worked with a lot of big names, including Beyonce, to book her stadium tours, and Rhianna, to land her deal with Samsung. She definitely has connections in the music industry and Tidal is the perfect place to take advantage of those connections.

Thanks to Perez, Tidal has landed some seriously strong contracts for album exclusives. The exclusives being released for the spring of 2017 include Beyonce, T.I., Rihanna, and Kanye West. For more updates from Perez, click on

Not only have they landed some multi-million dollar contracts, they have also brought in more than one million people to sign up as trial users since February. Of course these trial users will convert to long-term customers. At $9.99 per month, this will translate in to serious cash flow for the Tidal company.

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The Future of Tidal

The future of Tidal is not certain, especially given the rumors that have been flying around. According to the multiple rumors, Jay-Z has been noted as saying that he would sell to a corporation if they brought enough money to the table.

Since Perez is quoted as saying “the company will be around for a long time to come,” the future seems to be a little up in the air right now. Check also


Andrea McWilliams – A Lobbyist With a Purpose

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Andrea Mc William, a lead fundraiser, lobbyist and political strategist was born in 1956 in the border city of El Paso, TX. She attended Apopka, FL for high school and fortunately proceeded on to the Brown University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. It was while in campus that Andrea developed a zeal for social justice issues; immigrant advocacy. Her dedication to empower marginalized communities followed suit.

Andrea McWilliams joined the political scene in Texas at a tender age where at 21 she was already working as the Chief of Staff. Her expertise on everything she indulges to do and her natural ability to be both persuasive and influential h as made her rise to be the esteemed philanthropist ND VOLUNTEER SHE IS TODAY. Andrea McWilliams currently lives in Old Enfield and is involved in lobby and advocacy. She is a co-founder of Mc Williams along with her husband, a distinguished firm for government affairs consultancy. On the side she serves on the PAC Board of Ryan, a global tax service firm.

Her input in campaign fundraiser has been heavily felt and leaves a lot to be desired. Andrea has led successful fundraisers, drafting and enforcing policies in legislative and regulatory arena on behalf of communities or needy citizens. She has been a board member in several non-profit organizations such as Texas Lyceum, Arthouse, HeartGift, and Austin Children in Crisis among others. Andrea McWilliams has also worked in a Breast cancer Foundation, committed to cancer prevention and management. McWilliams tenacity goes beyond just the political involvement, she is a force to reckon in all organizations she has worked for and with, evidence of her lobby skills and strategies have been felt.

Transforming the lives of others through advocacy, sourcing of fund, airing their views and mentorship.

Andrea McWilliams has received prestigious awards among them: the honorary chair for the Mamma Jamma Ride for raising million dollars for breast cancer, in Austin Business Journal she was recognized as “Profile in Power Award”, Girls scouts of Central Texas bestowed her” Woman of Distinction” title, and Austin under 40 award as a recognition of her dedication to support nonprofit organizations.


James Dondero Supports Highland Capital Management with Intense Insight

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

James Dondero is co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, and investment company offering alternative investment opportunities to a variety of clients. Jim’s initial focus was on collateralized loan obligations and other credit issues. In 1993, Jim and his business partner, Mark Okada, turned their small investment into $15 billion, investment firm Highland Capital. The company is headquartered in Dallas.


Jim has since had some major successes in other areas of the market, aside from credit. Highland offers access to their Highland Global Allocation Fund, worth nearly $894 million. Over the past 12 months the fund has returned 29.6 %. The fund does have its ups and downs. The fund is fairly concentrated. They may invest 40 percent of their assets in a small number of investment scenarios. This is very unlike most mutual funds. James Dondero claims that you can’t expect much from a fund that has little volatility. Most mutual funds try to severely reduce volatility; however, they reduce upside performance at the same time.


Dondero invests about 50 percent of the assets in his mutual fund, in a diversified portfolio of stocks, however, the other 50 percent is concentrated in specific areas he believes will outperform the markets. One area the company focused on was Argentina. The country had been having financial problems and they felt that a bottom was nearing. In 2014, the company invested heavily in Argentina. Towards the end of 2015, the country had a new leader and the debt Dondero purchased for 70 cents on the dollar, was approaching $1.20.


Jim is not your typical fund manager. He is fairly reserved, somewhat introverted and more of a thinking man. He claims to base his success on the fact that he is a good problem solver. He thinks through each situation and looks for the most likely outcome.


Jim graduated from the University of Virginia, in accounting and finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Five years after finishing college he was handling a $1 billion fixed income portfolio for American Express. He also worked with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He and Mark Okada started Highland Capital Management in 1993



Chris Burch: An Entrepreneur, Investor, And A Renowned Builder

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Investment philosophy of Creative Capital is an expression of Chris for entrepreneurial values and vision of fresh market opportunities, creativity, incubation, applying imagination, scale, and support, leading to disruptive businesses and brands that have a positive, direct and lasting impact on the lives of the consumer. In his four decades of professional life as an entrepreneur and investor, Burch has participated in the growth of more than fifty companies. By merging an intuitive understanding, the behavior of consumer with directs sourcing and international experience and he has built a track record of connecting invention to impact.



The brand portfolio of Burch’s Creative Capital includes the introductions of ED, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Poppin and TRADEMARK to a list of recognized brands previously embraced by Christ including the Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, and Jawbone. Entrepreneurial success of Burs began in 1976 when he was studying his undergraduate program at Ithaca College. He invested $2,000 with his brother to start a business and due to their commitment and hard work they grew that to $165 million, and afterward sold it to Swire Group. Chris relied on his talent to find the nexus between implementation and innovation and continued to realize strange success, based in part on his intuitive comprehension of consumer behavior and his experience using direct-to-consumer channels and superior sourcing infrastructure.



After cofounding and founding several globally reclaimed retail brands, and investing in numerous others, Chris Burch took his innovative eye to a brand new industry: hospitality. In 2012, Chris, along with a proprietor named James McBride, bought a beach hostel at Sumba, an Indonesian island. The duo spent approximately $30 million for the renovation of this hostel and then reopened it as a 5-star resort known as Nihiwatu, and in 2016 it voted as the best hotel in the world.



In 2015, Burch said to media, “I bought it for my kids by thinking of it as a piece of something that we will preserve and return it back to the community. When you are in a place where the view is so beautiful, you can do marvelous things that you cannot do to other places: go to places where no others have been, build a spa under a waterfall and also have a butler in each room.” He also added that this beach hostel has turned into more than he has expected, that is rare because sometimes things don’t turn out to be as expected.”

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Retirement Planning Is Essential For Secured Financial Future

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

There are many funds in the market that continue to outperform the speculation, but it cannot be denied there are many expensive funds out there too that shortchange the investors. As per the suggestion of Warren Buffet, one of the most respected and successful investors in the world, one should always stay invested for long and do a careful analysis of all the factors to make the right decision.

The funds that are based on small expenses and have high manager ownership are the ones that give out good returns. It is important to stay focused on investment and be able to make good returns during sluggish market as it is what helps with long-term wealth creation. It should be considered as an opportunity that would assist in the long run and also create capital for the future. Warren also said that it is a good time for the Americans to start believing in savings and do retirement planning. It is because many in the country are out of savings and do not consider it a priority.

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Tim Armour, CEO, and Chairman of one of the most successful finance companies, Capital Group, also feels that people need to start investing at the right time for long-term wealth creation. He has done his studies in Economics from the Middlebury College and is based in Los Angeles.

Tim Armour believes that the growth of the economy in the country is visible after Trump came to power, even as the country goes through a major political crisis. The economy is showing signs of reconciliation, which is good, especially due to the increase in Fed rates.

Dr. Jennifer Walden the Expert of Aesthetic Surgery

Friday, April 7th, 2017


Jennifer Walden is an expert in the field of the aesthetic as well as plastic surgery. She is so good at what she does such that Harper’s Bazaar named her one of the top 24 surgeons in the United States. She trained in the field of the cosmetic surgery in New York City. She founded her own cosmetic surgery in Manhattan prior to making a decision of returning to Austin, Texas, her hometown. She is among the few women who have been on the board of director of the American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Those who have interacted with Dr. Jennifer Walden, for example, she previous customer says that she is a friendly and warm person, they note that she put her patients as well as her friends at ease due to her relaxed manner. She has busy schedules with her Austin practice and her two young sons. She is in the place where she is today due to the dedication and commitment that she has put her life.

She has a strong family that has supported her throughout her work efforts. Her father was a dentist, while her mother worked as a surgical nurse. It is crystal clear to note where she got her inspiration from. Dr. Walden joined the University of Texas at Austin for her bachelor’s degree and later attended medical school. She was a Salutatorian of her class upon graduation. Later on, she was invited to join a surgery program at the University of Texas-Galveston. It was in the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital that she did a fellowship program.

Since the time she returned to Austin, Dr. Walden has founded a successful as well as growing business that is located at Westlake Medical Center, at her clinic that where she does most of her surgeries. She is propelled by her philosophy of making things happen. Throughout her work, Dr. Walden always aims at obtaining the desired results for her clients that enable them to achieve realistic expectations and well as their wishes. She has an amazing qualified team that is made up of nurses, surgical technician as well as aestheticians who support her in her work on daily basis.

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