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Dentistry, Taste, and Fashion: Created by Doctor Akhil Reddy

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

It is no brainer that Dr. Akhil Reddy is the best dental practitioner ever. However, it takes courage for a man like Dr. Akhil, to deviate from his regular practice and become that extraordinary fashion adviser and wine connoisseur. Talk of hobbies turned into careers! On a typical day, Akhil is a dentist at MB2 Dental trying everything in his power to offer quality products and services to all his clients at an affordable price.

However, when time allows, Dr. Akhil Reddy turns into fashion and wine ‘zombie.’ While starting out as a dental practitioner, Dr. Akhil Reddy frequently found it hard to get a balance between his usual dressing code and the white lab coat that is a must wear in his place of work. However, the good news is that trial and error has made Dr. Akhil Reddy discover newer and better ways of looking presentable while at work, without doing away with the much-dreaded lab coat. The approaches below are a ‘secret dressing recipe’ that happen to be sound to all medical practitioners irrespective of their field of expertise. They include:

Wearing a dress shirt and tie combo
Putting on a dress shirt, a blazer, sports jacket/sweater, and trousers
Dressing in Khakis/chinos, dress shirt
Wearing a pair of dark jeans, collared shirt, a pair of casual designer shoes
Dark khakis, turtlenecks
All the combos outlined above blend comfortably well with your white dust coat, giving you all the confidence you need in your workplace. While some are ideal for long working hours, others help you shine for only a short duration of time.

Another unique hobby of Dr. Akhil Reddy is that of being a wine connoisseur. Ever since Dr. Akhil Reddy knew how to pronounce the ‘word wine,’ he fell in love with the beverage, particularly the French type of wine. Although French wine gets mostly overlooked, Dr. Akhil has discovered that the beverage not only has a delicious scent but also tastes way better than ordinary wines. On top of it all, French wine remains highly affordable, with there being many varieties to choose from in the under $30 category. Some of the prominent brands that make Akhil’s taste buds ecstatic include the Chateau d’Aighuilhe Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon, the Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit, and La Vielle Ferme Rouge just to mention but a few. From the preceding, there is a boat load of things we can learn from Dr. Akhil Reddy, the one and only dental practitioner at MB2 Dental.

Kate Hudson And Fabletics Continue On Their Path To Stunning Growth

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

In the modern world, the crowd plays an integral part in the purchases of consumers. A large part of this are online reviews, personal recommendations, and marketing strategies and this is the reason for Fabletics phenomenal growth since 2013. Their customers are loyal, trust the brand, and their retention rate is high. Traditional marketing is no longer trusted by most consumers because it has become all about the reviews and the reputation of the company has become critical to consumers. Online purchases continue to soar due to genuine reviews regardless of pricing. This is causing companies to continue improving their search rankings in order to attract more consumers and improve their profits. Studies have confirmed the search ranking of a brand is now dependent on their reviews.


Fabletics take exceptional care of their customers and respond to all the online reviews left by their customers. They continuously raise the number of repeat customers which are predominately based on excellent reviews and referrals. Modern customers no longer believe what a brand says about themselves but in the opinions of customers who have purchased the brand and their experience. Fabletics actually places themselves in their customers shoes, understands exactly what they want, and provides the products to match their needs. This has given them an edge on their competition. Fabletics even offer a Lifestyle quiz designed to match the best gear for each customer and taking this quiz is definitely worthwhile.


Kate Hudson is the perfect representative for Fabletics athleisure brand. Her excellent taste and style in clothing combined with her empowerment as a woman made her the perfect choice for Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg to add to the Fabletics team. Her involvement in the inner workings of the company combined with her authenticity has improved Fabletics public communication, quality, and customer satisfaction. Just last year Fabletics saw an almost unheard-of growth of 644 percent. Kate Hudson has a lot of experience in online fashions, numerous resources, and appeals to the public.


Fabletics uses a data approach to their business so they know what their customers are saying on social media. This allows them to produce the right quantities and designs of their products. They have become experts at using modern technology as a force behind their business. The time frame behind their designs and actual production is only eight weeks. They use the personalized information they have retrieved to ensure their clothing meets the needs of their customers. The number of their retail locations continues to increase, their membership base continues to grow, and their celebrity partnerships have been excellent choices. Kate Hudson is proud of the work she has done with Fabletics and the reputation she has built as a savvy businesswoman. She does admit she is also an actress to her bones yet is looking forward to watching Fabletics continue to grow. This growth has a high appeal to the artist in her. Fabletics has a future that looks incredibly bright in a world where many companies have failed due to their strategies, intelligence, and Kate Hudson.

Igor Cornelsen’s Strategies on Making the Most Out of Investments

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Igor Cornelsen is one of the biggest names in Brazil as far as investment advice is concerned. He is a retired investor and an expert investment advisor who has developed his skills working in demanding positions. Igor has held quite a number of positions in some of the leading Brazilian banks. After retiring from banking, he moved to Florida where he has adopted investment activities as a hobby now. Many investors credit him with their success due to his expert advice.

Igor somehow influenced a significant portion of the Brazilian gross economy given his positions in leading banks. He rose to prominence in the investment sector by thriving in all these demanding positions that he served. Despite his retirement status, Igor is a proprietor at Bambridge Group. He has also invested in Bambridge. At the group, he is tasked with supervising foreign exchange and stock market investment.

Igor Cornelsen is aware of how influential he is. It is for this reason that he even uses the social media platform to share important information. He shares links on issues ranging from investment, health, and society to economics and politics. His expertise has seen him offer invaluable insight into the current industry trends. Igor pieces of advice on investing in bad stocks rather than in broken companies. By doing this, long term returns will be a surety.

A company’s productivity is the cornerstone of Igor’s business model. This is why it should always come first rather than a company’s history. Most of Igor’s clients can attest to the effectiveness of this strategy given the success in their investment decisions. Igor also says it is important for investors themselves strive to understand the dynamics of investing in stocks and should not entirely rely on brokers.

He goes on to state the importance of scrutinizing the credibility of an investment agent before taking any deal with them. This is paramount because it is the investor’s money at stake all through. Any gain or lose will solely be felt by the investor. Lastly, diversification is vital given the market fluctuations thus increasing the chances of gaining.

Robert Ivy’s Dedication On Enlightening People On The Architects Role

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Robert Ivy is not only a registered architect but is the current chief executive officer and the vice president of American Institute of Architects popularly known as AIA.

He has been the chief executive of the dynamic company since the year 2011. The institute has a membership of 90,000. The members include architects and professional designers who have dedicated their career to building a better environment. AIA has a total of 250 chapters. Robert Ivy plays a crucial role in strengthening AIA which he achieves through public outreach, education initiatives as well as advocacy.

Since Robert Ivy got into office in 2011, AIA has transformed to offer architectural services that are in line with the 21st century. He has dedicated his career to repositioning AIA from the long time legacy it has had, to make it a responsive, energetic as well as an organization of active influence. The primary goal of Robert Ivy is to see to it that more people get to know the importance of architects given that a greater number of individuals are not aware of their significance. He, therefore, organizes for public awareness forums.

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For the time that he has been at AIA, Robert Ivy has not only developed his career, but he has made the governance more efficient in making up decisions and coming up with new digital technology infrastructure. Several awards winning public awareness campaigns have also been launched under his able leadership. Recently, Robert Ivy has focused on adjusting the resources owned by the American Institute of Architects to readying the architects for the important part they will be playing in addressing issues such as sustainability, climate change and effect of design on public health.

Before he started working for AIA, Robert Ivy was the editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction. He also serves as the Chief Editor of the Architectural Record Magazine. Robert was able to garner numerous honors as an editor including the coveted American Society of Magazine Editors Nation Magazine Award for General Excellence as well as the premier magazine journalism. He has authored Fay Jones: Architecture, a biography that is currently in the third edition that addresses the meaning and role of architects to the lay audience’s lives.

The Achievements of Eric Pulier

Friday, August 25th, 2017

By merely looking at him and considering his youthful look, one cannot think much of Eric Pulier. His diligence and an ultimate focus on the price has seen him have greater titles other than a Harvard University graduate. Among other incredible titles he is a published author, a public speaker, a technologist, an entrepreneur and above all, he is a generous philanthropist. Under his care and management, many startups have grown to become very successful.

Eric Pulier was born and brought up in New Jersey. At a young age, it became apparent that he had natural intelligence and education only served to sharpen it. At his fourth grade, he began programming computers. Eric had started his own database computer company by the time he cleared high school. He joined Harvard University. Just after graduating, Eric Pulier had the opportunity to become the editor of the school’s daily paper known as The Harvard Crimson. At this very time, he used to write for the paper on issues ranging from dangers of terrorism.

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, Eric Pulier has had much success. He came up with one of the most revolutionary startups known as XPrize. The program encompassed variety of competition and a range of prices for the individuals who would push themselves into discovering their full potential. The program aimed at helping the young people to achieve their dreams and yet get paid for it. SOA a software program that was later sold to Rogue Wave was also his invention.

Eric Pulier believes in giving back to the community. His benevolence has been evident in the Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic diseases. He gladly donates both his money and time, in the attempt of ensuring that the children get to enjoy their lives. Together with President Bill Clinton, Eric Pulier able to come up with a low-cost solution for cloud computing in communities’ considered needy. Besides that, he pioneered the development of the educational platforms usable in homes.

There are evident foot prints that Eric Pulier has put in the world. His greatest desire is to continue impacting on people’s lives.

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Highland Capital

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Highland Capital is a registered movement under SEC. It is an investment advisor that work with other affiliates. Highland Capital assets are estimated to be worth $13.6 billion. It is among the largest and very experienced credit managers. The firm specializes in long-only funds, credit hedge funds, and separate accounts. It also deals with private equities and long obligation that have collateral. Highland Capital also provides alternative investments such as natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets.

James “Jim” Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The headquarters of Highland Capital is in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul. Highland Capital has diversified customer base including foundations, corporations, public pension plans, government, funds of funds, endowments, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, and endowment.

Highland Capital also invests in community matters. The employees of Highland Capital are committed to volunteer services and advisory board involvement. They also offers financial donations to both organizations and the local community. The company donates money to non-profit organizations. Highland Capital and its partners have donated $10 million to charitable organizations across the world since 2005. Highland Capital Management recently partnered with Dallas organizations to help Texas communities in the north.

Highland Capital made a huge profit in 2016. The profit was made because of the investments in pipeline partnership. The total investment in the oil industry was half the funds of the total returns that were accrued last year. None of the pipeline partnerships cut the dividends during the purchase of shares. Highland Capital Management strives to maintain profit and to size up the company to where it is appropriate.

Highland Capital has also invested in the healthcare industry. They invest in Collegium Pharmaceutical and Pacira Pharmaceutical. The two industries deal with pain relieving services. The first company deals with medication that is designed to reduce high chances of people getting addiction or abuse. The second company offers injection that is administered before surgery to reduce pain during the operation. Highland Capital has strived to maintain its reputation since 1993.

Honey Birdette Takes a Stand on Marriage Equality

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

While taking a stance on issues such as marriage equality will stir emotion and divide opinion, lingerie brand Honey Birdette has never been afraid to. That’s why more than 60 employees of the brand walked the streets of Sydney’s Central Business Street on Monday. The workers and models took part in the event carrying placards with messages such as “make love not plebiscite” and “Free the nipple”. The organization also used other campaign tactics, such as Facebook live streaming and putting up posters in stores to voice the brand’s support for marriage equality.

How people responded to the campaign

As expected, the campaign received both support and condemnation. Although some though that the company’s actions were a marketing gimmick designed to generate publicity for the organization and its products, others were of the opinion that it is important for every company to talk about issues that matter to society.

Many customers took to social media to praise the company for its bold actions. Marketing professionals also had a lot to say about it. Marketing Angel’s director, Michelle gamble, told SmartCompany that she believed that it is okay for companies to take a stance on marriage equality and that doing so would increase brand loyalty.

Why Birdette organized the campaign

Honey Birdette organized the flash mob in response to aggressive complaints about a poster that the company had put up to promote its lingerie. Not only were there multiple complaints about the revealing poster, the store that put it up was also vandalized. Consequently, Birdette organized the match to empower its employees and support marriage equality.


This is a timely campaign because it was organized just before the federal government’s plebiscite on marriage equality. The federal government will send forms beginning of September to allow residents to share their opinions on marriage equality. Birdette’s messages will hopefully influence public opinion on gay marriage.

The Most Sought Out Financial Advisor at the AXA Group

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Vincent Parascandola is a professional financial advisor at the AXA Advisors Company, an organization that works with high net-worth individuals. Vincent Parascandola operates from his office in Ney York City, 1290 Ave of the Americas Divisional Office. The firm provides security to clients and their families through expert financial advisory services.

Parascandola has also specialized as a broker-dealer with AXA. He works with 5, 350 registered representatives across the United States. Vincent has an experience of over 17 years in the insurance and securities registration, which runs under the oversight of FINRA.

AXA for the individual and family

The AXA group helps you in creating the vision of the life you would like to lead and that for your family. They assist in the process of planning your vision to make it a success, through the services of advisors like Vincent Parascandola. They do this through the information and tools they have to help guide their clients to achieve their visions.

The history of AXA in finance and insurance

The firm has been doing this since 1859, helping to provide stability and reliability to their clients. The advice given is intended to create confidence, peace of mind and help people realize their dreams. The families and their loved ones end up living better lives, a legacy that AXA is proud to be part of over the years. Visit Rocket Reach for more info.

Many business owners have benefited from the services of AXA and have in the process been able to protect their businesses. Vincent Parascandola believes in preserving and pursuing monetary values in the different investments made by their customers. The advice on tax is efficient.

Be a part of the future created by our services

The clients to the AXA Financial Advisors have continual access to crucial information to assist their business to grow. The information, communication and the tools are resources enough to have the business transform and carry on from one level to another. The AXA life insurance policies are similarly beneficial to the clients seeking these services.

Cassio Audi – Result Oriented Investment Manager based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

The field of investment management has witnessed tremendous growth in the past couple of decades. It is particularly due to the awareness among the people as well as the companies that to reap long-term benefits; it is crucial to make right investments at the right time. The companies these days have the target for making investments and savings, and same is the case with the individuals. Investment management is a field that deals with finances and its administration professionally, and there are certified professionals who help people as well as enterprises to make decisions about investments and wealth creation.

Cassio Audi is among the most trusted and reputed investment managers in Brazil and over the years has helped numerous enterprises achieve their investment goals. With years of experience in the financial industry, Cassio Audi has a sound knowledge of how the financial market works and what are the tricks of the trade that needs to be dealt with to achieve the investment goals in the long-term. Hiring the right investment manager is important as it is what would ensure that you can get the results you are looking for. Cassio Audi is passionate about the financial sector and offers result oriented strategies to his clients. Few of his areas of expertise include resources management, growth strategy development, accounting and financial management, fund raising, controllership and decision support, investor relations, and more.

Cassio Audi started his career as a musician and been a part of a band as well as a drummer. He has also written lyrics for some of the most popular numbers in the genre of Metal for the Brazilian audience. Some of the songsa Cssio Audi wrote lyrics for include Sunrise, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Nightmare. As finance professional today, he doesn’t get much time to pursue his passion for music, but he takes out time for his hobby whenever he can.