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Jacob Gottileb; A Successful Entrepreneur In Both the Medical And Business Fields

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Jacob Gottileb was awarded a Chartered Financial analyst from the AIMR (Association of Investment and Management and Research) in 2001. He got his B.A Degree at Brown University in Rhode Island. Additionally, he graduated from the Medical School of the University of New York and received his M.D which was a bridge to his internship at St. Vincent’s, a hospital in New York City. However, he pursued his dream of being a financial pundit in the market and quit his medical interest as a result of his stock market fascination. He served as both the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner at a company he founded in 2005 at Visium Asset Management.

Born in Brooklyn City, Jacob Gottileb grew up with his siblings after his parents’ relocation to the United States from Poland in the 1960s. Due to his parents’ careers, Jacob got an interest in both the medical and business fields. Being a baseball fan, Jacob worked as a trader for baseball cards collecting numerous full team cards particularly the Yankees. During his seventh grade, he won a contest, an unusual case, since the contest was all about picking stocks. His father was stunned and arranged for him to have a personal investment trading account. Jacob further acquired his experience in entrepreneurship by making beverage sales to golfers in a local grocery store where he used to pull a heavy cart, supplying the drinks for the thirsty players.

As a thoughtful person, Jacob Gottileb has unique guiding insights on how to choose the perfect career. He views fund managers and surgeons as having similar characteristics because according to him, both careers involve risk taking and having risk managers. For physicians, they should have perfect planning skills and think about issues practically. They essentially eliminate any patient-related risks before applying further medication. In a similar way, Wall Street trading involves taking and management of finances before the portfolios get out of control.

All in all, Jacob easily blended his trading passion with the field of medicine and he is currently working with the homeless children and various organizations like the New York poverty-fighting charity Robin Hood Robin Hood. Each year, Robin Hood occupies the front line in a bid to stop poverty due to the help of supporters and the community partners at large. 100 percent of the donations to the organization goes into poverty fighting scheme and lifts the struggling citizens to better-living standards. Besides monetary support, Robin Hood offers leadership training, business expertise to grantees and also boosts people’s abilities in community service.


Southridge Capital, one of the key players in the financial industry

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Southridge Capital is one of the best equity companies in the United States that any given business organization would go for in case they need any finance and investment advice. The company was started in the middle 1990’s by one of the best-known entrepreneurs in The United States, Steven Hikes. Southridge Capital has been able to explode into growth rapidly over the few years it has been in operation due to his vast experience and expertise in the sector.


According to PRNewswire, Steven Hike, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, has enormous experience in the area of derivatives, risk arbitrage, financial structuring and investment banking. He has a rich educational background too with a bachelor’s degree from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor in New York in Business Administration as well as a master’s degree from Fordham University in New York.


Southridge Capital has highly experienced staffs that are conversant with the financial sector, and they know the problems and all the challenges that business organisations go through and therefore they can give the best services to their clients. The quality services that they provide are one reason that they have been able to market themselves all over the world because satisfaction of the clients is always the best advertisement and business organisation can use. You can visit their website



Some of the services offered by the company are balance sheet optimisation for their clients. This is to enable them to have the ability to be able to balance between the depts and the equities of the company. This way, they can reduce the probability of bankruptcy. Another service that is offered by Southridge Capital is helping in the financial analysis for their clients. They help them to design the best financial statements for them that are in line with the business operations to assist them in making the right decisions that will enhance achievements f their objectives.


Besides, Southridge also participates in giving back to the community by supporting a significant number f charity groups. The CEO of the company, Steven Hike together with his wife founded the Daystar Foundation that promotes various charity organisations such as Huss Memorial Scholarship and Saves A Child’s Heart Foundation.



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Lacey and Larkin speak about the crimes committed by Joe Arpaio

Monday, June 25th, 2018

After the pardon of the former sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio by President Trump, many human rights activists were disappointed by the decision. Arpaio was a rogue officer who spent years in office executing plans of stopping illegal immigration in his country through illegal means. In implementing his plans. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He tortured hundreds of people who were innocent. Some of the people who were arrested and held in his private concentration camps lost their lives due to lack of medical care, beating, and strangulation. The highest casualty of the activities of Arpaio were women and children. Arpaio together with his officers carried out their role with no regard for the rule of law. All he cared for was that immigrants had no space to live in the country freely.

Maricopa County is located in Arizona. Arizona is at the border of the United States and Mexico. Due to this proximity and the number of opportunities in the United States being higher than in Mexico. A high number of people move to the United States in search of better means of livelihood.

Maricopa County is one of the counties which have the highest number of Latino immigrants. With the high number of immigrants came protestation from the natives who saw the problems they face as being caused by the high number of immigrants in the county.

What followed is the purge led by Joe Arpaio. Every illegal immigrant in the county was treated like a criminal. In fact, Joe Arpaio used the fight against illegal immigrants as a route to entrench activities that are tantamount to the human and civil rights violation. No immigrant was given a fair hearing. Everything that was happening was done in the manner he wanted.

He would order all immigrants to be placed in concentration camps awaiting deportation. The activities of the sheriff were illegal and against the constitution of the land. According to the law, human rights are universal. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

That means, even though you are not a citizen of the United States, you should never be treated in an inhumane way. This is where Joe Arpaio and his team erred, they took the matter personally and did what they wanted.

Joe Arpaio was a rogue officer who even went to the extent of harming anyone who attempted to stand in his way. When two journalists from Arizona started publishing information on the illegalities he was committing as a sheriff, he responded by intimidating them. First, they were denied access to county documents and then later arrested like thieves in the middle of the night.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the founders of the Phoenix New Times, a paper that highlighted all the crimes he was committing while he was the sheriff. They publicized his stories so much that the issue became known countrywide.

When Arpaio ordered for the arrest of Lacey and Larkin, there was a barrage of condemnation on the step taken. The move was seen a clear violation of the First Amendment and the freedom of expression.

Chris Burch’s venture into Nihi Island

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Christopher Burch or better known as Chris Burch is a veteran retailer, entrepreneur, Philanthropist and well-known hotelier. He has a career that spans for over four decades which began in the year 1976 as an undergraduate student at Ithaca College, see also  Together with his brother Bob, they founded Eagles Eye Apparel which grew to a multimillion dollar company worth 165 million dollars before they sold it. During his tenure, he ventured into fifty companies with success attributed to his one of a kind entrepreneurial skills. His ventures have seen him spearhead investments in big brands such as Voss Water, Faena Hotel just to mention but a few.

Among the many investments he has made over time, one of the biggest was Nihi Sumba Island resort. Since its inception in the year 2012, the resort has exponentially grown in an Indonesian Island called Sumba Island, step over to The resort initially was small hotel owned by Claude and Petra Graves as an accommodation for surfers. This was back in the year 1988. After years of struggles, the couple needed financial aid and that’s when Christopher Burch came to the rescue. He went on to purchase the then small hotel and invested a whopping 30 million dollars so as to revive the place, hop over to ( Together with his partner James McBride, they managed to renovate and reopen the resort in the year 2015.

The resort itself is located in a quiet and serene island with a cool private atmosphere. The natural essence of the island exhumes tranquility with breathtaking sceneries. Legend has it that the beach houses at Nihi were isolated when the first inhabitants discovered it ages ago. It is believed that the Marapu Spirit safeguarded the island and that its presence can still be felt through the vibrant ambiance and energy that is all around the island.


Swine Day Guest List: David McDonald

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Swine day is a function that was prepared by Iowa State University. It is an education event that is helping the swine producers. The function was prepared to take place on Thursday, June 28. The venue of the event is Iowa State University in Scheman Building whose location is at 1805 Center Drive, Ames.

This is an opportunity for swine producers located within that area as the program is fully packed with well known successful speakers. The aim of the speakers is to focus on the issues that pork producers in the United States are facing.

In last year’s conference, it was about 450 people who attended that event.

In the morning program session, Ray and Dave Prince will be featured. They are from Canada, and they come from Sunterra Farms. In their speech, they will describe the strategies made when they transitioned their traditional farrow-to-finish farm in the 1970s and it is now a multinational food producer, retailer, processor, and pork exporter. It was started as a family farm. The recent innovation they have done is plant construction of an Italian dry and cure for meat in Canada. They have done as a partnership with Simoni family from Italy.

David McDonald, coming from OSI Group will also be in the function. David McDonald topic will focus on the global future that food industry is waiting. David McDonald also serves on North American Meat Institute as the board of directors. This has afforded David McDonald to have a unique perspective on global protein consumption influence trending.

Jeff Ansell & Associates president Jeff Ansell will be there to entertain the guest. It will be an intrusive and practical presentation talking about when the headline is about you. Jeff has been teaching classes at both Harvard and Duke Universities, sharing techniques, tips and strategies helping the clients to become better communicators.

Following the lunchtime, 16 presentations will also be part of the 4 concurrent sessions. Those attendees can select from the wide topic varieties such as updates on cybersecurity, use of sexed semen. Mycoplasma mitigation pneumonia, best siting new barns practices and negotiating/pricing hog prices for development of the new customized program.

The check-in and online registration will be open at 7:30 a.m on June 28, and sessions will start at 8:30 a.m. Program adjournment will be at 4:30 p.m and conference barbecue will follow. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Conference registration charges are $50and it will include lunch, refreshments, and barbecue. Early registration will end on June 15. onsite or late registration is $75. student registration is free until the deadline. After deadline students fees will increase to $45.

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Ryan “One of a Kind” Seacrest is Phenomenon

Monday, June 18th, 2018

During an era when political and social rights were beginning to expand, a multi-media phenom was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Ryan Seacrest, better known for his hosting of American Idol, was that phenom and his resume’ consists of being a television host, producer, and radio personality. While residing in Atlanta, Mr. Seacrest attended the University of Georgia; where he landed his first on air gig as he interned at a local radio station. Ryan Seacrest never looked back after his internship as he went on to master his radio personality. This mastering resulted in him moving to Los Angeles where he became a known radio personality. Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home was the name of his broadcast and it lasted over ten years.

Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host, might have started out in Atanta, Georgia, but after a couple of moves he ended up in New York where he hosts “Live” with Kelly Ripa. On top of hosting “Live” with Kelly Ripa, he also hosts a worldwide, conglomerate radio show, a television shown, and partakes in television production for series such as the popular ““Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. If Mr. Seacrest is not busy being in the eyes of the media, he is making sure his clothing line and skin care businesses are fully functioning.

Ryan Seacrest, the creator of the fashion line Distinction, might seem like a big superstar but once you get to know him you see he is your ordinary guy. He has a routine he does daily which starts at 6:00 am. He has certain outfits that he wears during the week and after he gets dress he goes to work, but during his work day he usually finds time to go to the gym and workout. There is also a certain consumption of news by Ryan in the morning before his 7 minute commute to the office. Mr. Seacrest understands that routine is the key so as long as he keeps it up he will be ahead and not behind.

Even though Ryan Seacrest has a busy life, he has not forgotten about the community. Mr. Seacrest has a foundation that is dedicated to helping youth through educational and media driven devices. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) goes throughout the nation to hospitals that are in need of avenues that can take the patients minds away from whatever is going on so they can enjoy life a little and be encouraged. Ryan seems to be the exact start he portrays to be in the media.

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Jeunesse Global Product Best Brands

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Jeunesse is an American company that sells skin care cosmetics and supplements with the aim of improving the lives of their clients. It was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The objective of the founders was to create products that would thrive as household best brands. The pair specialized in coming up with products that would enhance youth. With the products from Jeunesse, you are able to achieve your goals despite your age.

Jeunesse provides a series of product lines that will help you lead a healthy, youthful life, as is the desire of many people. Some of the skin care products and supplements include:

– NV BB Misting Foundation

This line comes with a variety of skincare products with varying benefits. You can get a warm beige, warm ivory, cool ivory, cool sand, warm sand, cool buff, warm honey, cool toffee, or cool cocoa foundation. Each package goes for $139.95, and it comprises of a bottle of Luminence daily moisturizing complex, NV primer, NV BB perfecting mist, and the foundation of your choice.

– Instantly Ageless


This is the ultimate skincare cosmetic by Jeunesse. It features a number of products that will rejuvenate your aging skin to create a beautiful, smooth appearance. Each package will get you a Youth Restoring Cleanser, Ultimate Lifting Masque, Flawless Skin Brightener, Essential Body Renewal, Daily Moisturizing Complex, Cellular Rejuvenation Serum, and Advanced Night Repair. You will choose the product to buy depending on your needs as per the benefits obtained from using each.


– AM PM Essentials

– NEVO Energy Drink

– ZEN Project 8

– M1ND Dietary Supplement


– Vidacell

Each of these products contributes one way or another to your ability to stay youthful physically. You can go for cosmetics whose ingredients will work on your skin cells and tissues. You may also opt for supplements and energy drinks that will boost your workout ability for physical fitness among other benefits.

It is worth noting, however, that Jeunesse products cannot cure any disease. Although the manufacturer claims the above products are beneficial to your health and desire to stay young, you should review other clients’ testimonials to know what to expect.

Gregory Aziz and his success in National Steel Car

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Gregory Aziz is also known as James Aziz. He seats as the chairman, president and the CEO of National Steel Car. This is the leading railroad freight car manufacturing company globally. It is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. The company has earned a credible reputation due to its excellence in engineering and manufacturing of quality tank cars and railroad freight. As a result, Greg Aziz is among the most prominent and recognized businessmen in North America. Greg was born in London and studied at Ridley College, he later joined University of Western Ontario where he pursued economics.


Gregory James Aziz started his career journey by working at his family business that dealt with the importation of fresh food before joining investment banking where he served in different positions. Due to his hard work in the finance industry, James Aziz managed to organize himself and saved enough money to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. He worked hard to achieve his dream of restoring the glory and status of the company as the national leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.


Gregory Aziz’s dream came true when he increased the production capabilities and was able to produce 12,000 freight cars. Initially, the company built 3,500 cars and hence it was a great achievement by James Gregory. He also created employment by hiring more workers from 600 to 3,000. The company has continued to thrive by producing quality and innovative railroad freight, and as a result, it is now recognized as the leader in innovation.


National steel car has maintained an outstanding commitment and integrity to all stakeholder including the suppliers and clients hence performing with a relentless vision of quality and excellence. National steel car is the only railcar manufacturer in North America that is certified by ISO 9001:2015. This is due to Greg’s pursuit of excellence and quality production. The company has therefore been awarded and honored with the annual TTX SECO for over ten years consecutively.


James Gregory Aziz and his company continue to challenge themselves and raising the bar for creative, innovative railroad cars. They remain most trusted manufacturers of the highest quality as well as timely delivery.


James Aziz is also known to be a kind man and a philanthropist. He remains largely involved in charity endeavors by giving back to the community and supporting various charitable projects. Some of the projects he has continued to support include; Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army and the most significant agricultural fair in Canada.  Visit This Page for additional information.

Mina Ebrahim’s success at Saint Germain’s

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Mina Ebrahim might have been caught up in one of the worst times of her country’s history but she did not let that define her destiny. This Iron lady was born in Iran and at the age of seven, Iran’s revolution got worse.

This forced her family to move to the United States as Immigrants. On arrival in the United States, her parents purchased a little bakery in Seven Corners called Tiffany’s bakery.

She started helping out her parents with the business at the age of 11, enabling her to acquire business operations skills along the way. Mina went ahead to manage the family’s business in Tyson’s Galleria.

At the age of 26, Mina had become highly skilled in business with a profound experience in customer service. She also wanted to be unique in her delivery of services to satisfy her clients. In 1999, she introduced corporate catering at Saint Germain’s.

Corporate catering turned out to be a clever way of operating her business. In just a short while, she changed Saint Germain to a full-service corporation that delivered in company luncheons, privately organized parties and weddings.

Her hard work, dedication, and passion have enabled Saint Germain’s to become one of the most productive food units in the U.S. Mina Ebrahim is an open-minded person with the thirst for knowledge.

She regularly attends seminars on design, cuisine, and technique. She attends most of these meetings not only to talk but also to learn from other people. She is also a great philanthropist, Mina is renowned for her start of the Jack-Ebrahim Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

It is actually the only radiology veterinarian operation in the states. She is interested in animals and majorly channels her charity work to organizations supporting them. In the past, Mina Ebrahim has donated to many foundations and organizations including the Penn Vet Working Dog Centre.

She is also a member of Operation Homefront, an organization that helps injured and disabled soldiers from battles. She has also won herself many awards including the Smart CEO Brava Award Winner in 2012 and Top 40 Under 40 Award in 2010.

Gregory Aziz, CEO National Steel Car

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Gregory is renowned as one of the most famous leaders and businessman in North America. As the chairman and the CEO of National Steel Car, a global car manufacturing company based in Ontario Canada, Gregory James Aziz has created a track record of success in the motor industry. The company, founded by James Aziz in 1912, holds the track record of manufacturing rolling stock. It was ranked among the top 3 leading manufacturers of rolling stock in Canada. Currently, the railroad manufacturer is a subsidiary of the National Industries Inc.



Born in London in 1949, Gregory James Aziz joined the Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario to pursue his economic studies. Upon graduation, he contributed to the food processing business owned by his family (Affiliated Foods) before moving to New York where he worked with a variety of firms in the banking and investment industries. His contributions at Affiliated Foods enabled the company to be ranked among the leaders in the importation of fresh items from South America and Central Europe.



Gregory J Aziz’s career in investment banking and finance during the 80s propelled him towards the ownership of National Steel Car in1994 from Dofasco. This was with the primary objective of restoring the status of the company then gradually growing and expanding it to top position in North America. He began the process of acquiring the company in1994 during which the sales of the company had significantly deteriorated. To restore the previous status of the company, he had to put in his management and leadership skills. Some of the notable achievements that were observed during this time include increasing the number of employees from 500 to 3000. The CEO is still committed to the success and the welfare of National Steel Car and has initiated several initiatives that focus on enhancing efficiency, excellence, engineering and the manufacturing processes. See Related Link for more information.


Greg Aziz’s dedication and commitment to the company enabled National Steel Car to maintain the leading position in the manufacture of premium rail cars. The efforts of the CEO have fostered the recognition of the firm over the years.


Currently, Greg James Aziz lives with his wife and daughters in Toronto where they are famous for supporting the equestrian community. Gregory’s family also actively participates in the sport and has sponsored a wide range of classes at the Horse shows over the years.



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