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See Why Ryan Seacrest Is a Man Full of Life and Compassion

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most adored radio personalities globally. He has managed to grow his name into a brand. Many people might think of him as a complicated guy, but he assures everybody that he isn’t so complicated. He kicks off his day with a shower after which he normally shaves and applies moisturizer. Being newly settled in New York means he has to check the weather forecast for the day. He does this before wearing a T-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, sweats, and his Uggs. His next move normally involves having his favorite tea and coffee.

Ryan encourages people to respond more with “yes” or “got it” for a more successful experience. He also advises on keeping your phone on lock and away during a trip. A while back, Dick Clarke gave Ryan Seacrest some great advice on how to approach work. This was back when Dick was still alive, and Ryan worked with him. Dick advised that when one made the job look simple, then he was doing well in it. Ryan is involved in a lot of shows that air on both TV and Radio.

Some of these shows include “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” which is a nationally recognized show. Another show that features on ABC in the morning is “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He has also had the opportunity to host “American Idol” which is a singing competition. Ryan has committed himself to be a fervent producer in a show, which began airing a new season on “ABC” in March 2018. He knows that whatever a person does avidly pays a lot. Ryan also owns a clothing line by the name of “Distinction” which is currently sold by “Macy’s.”

Ryan Seacrest has also partnered with Dr. Harold Lancer in producing a line of skincare products for men. Dr. Lancer is a renowned dermatologist. Ryan also believes in making the world a better place. This triggered him to come up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which he chairs. The foundation has managed to open up “Ryan Studios” which is currently set up in different cities and pediatric centers in the country. This is a true gesture of giving back to the community. Ryan believes this foundation is crucial for a better and healthier humanity.

Jed McCaleb Predicts Big Future for Stellar and Blockchain

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Early in his career, Jed McCaleb made it his mission to utilize and promote new technologies that would not only interest the public but also make life more efficient as a whole. Since the early era, Mr. McCaleb has been heavily involved in doing just that, founding eDonkey, as well as one of the earliest Bitcoin exchanges, Mt. Gox, which he has since sold. In recent years, he has been intimately involved with a number of budding tech organizations, including Ripple, which has since, gone on to create its own lane within the world of cryptocurrency. His latest project, Stellar, for which he is the Chief Technology Officer, is also making waves within the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as it focuses on creating a new network that will allow for quick and easy transactions across nations.

Jed McCaleb recently discussed his budding cross-border payment system with CNBC, as well as the ways in which he expects cryptocurrency and blockchain to gain footing, with a trajectory that will potentially interrupt the banking system as we know it. In his opinion, the future looks bright for blockchain, and he predicts that there will be “a universal payments network” that will allow people to continue utilizing the dollar and the euro. At Stellar, Mr. McCaleb is working to present a product that will diminish many of the issues currently experienced by established cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as their transactions could be completed in a fraction of the time – estimated to be “5 seconds or less.”

Jed McCaleb also offered his opinion regarding the future of stocks around the world, as he believes they will eventually become digitized by utilizing blockchain technology. If he is correct, the sheer number of things to trade may result in “decentralized exchanges.” Despite the fact that Stellar is still in the early stages, computer titan, IBM, has already begun utilizing Mr. McCaleb’s network in conjunction with several large banking institutions “in order to develop a cross-border payments system.”

Why Fortress Investment Group Is an Indisputable Trendsetter

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Any company that becomes a force of innovation and trendsetter is worthy a loud mention. It’s not possible for any company to set the trend for others if it doesn’t embrace innovation and technology. It’s worth noting that the Fortress Investment Group has been on the lead when it comes to innovation and technology matters. The private equity company was founded in 1998, and its presence has spread to most parts of the world. Those looking for an optional asset investment company consider Fortress Group. With over $30 billion assets to manage, the Group has become a global wave today. A thousand investors can approach this company and find opportunities to invest in permanent capital and private equity vehicles.

The Fortress Group has attained such an immense global presence because of the strong foundation its three main founders laid. When you think about how successful the Fortress Investment Group has become, you can’t help being indebted for what Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger did to shape it. These three founders had profound financial experience that pushed the Fortress Investment Group to where it is today. The three men had worked in various companies and financial institutions such as BlackRock Financial Management, UBS, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs, which were the source of their massive experience on financial matters.

The Fortress Group had made several attempts before it became the global food processor it is today. The Fortress Investment Fund I was the first vehicle the company used in its journey. The firm had initially invested in the real estate markets in New York and Toronto. The Fortress Group launched its Initial Public Offering 10 years after it was founded. The company then started Fortress Investment II, III, and IV in 2006. Eight years later, the Fortress Investment Group opted to acquire the general Financial Services in America.The population of the Fortress Group spread speedily when it went public. Nardone, Briger, and Edens remained at the top leadership of the Fortress Investment Group even after the SoftBank Group Corporation bought it. The Fortress Group has divided its current operations into private equity, credit, and permanent capital vehicles. The current value of the Fortress Group is about 20 times the value it had in the beginning.

Alex Pall gives insights on his experience in the Chainsmokers band.

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Taking one step at a time and embracing growth is one of the things that has contributed to the growth and success of the famous music duo, the Chainsmokers. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started off as Djy’s; they have however managed to be on top list of the best musicians.

Alex Pall has always enjoyed music and since a young age has taken music as his hobby, changing his hobby to a career did not seem possible, but Alex stepped out of the box and was able to turn his hobby to a full-time career.

Andrew on the other hand also enjoyed music, while in college his colleagues made fun of his taste in music and despite this managed to stay strong. His style of music and dress code has emerged to be a favorite among many.

The two Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met in an art gallery, at the time they both shared a manager, and the manager saw the potential they had as a group, and he introduced them. Weeks after their meeting. Alex and Andrew would meet up for coffee, and before they settled on becoming partners, they developed their friendship.

During the meeting, Alex and Drew discovered they had a lot in common, and this was a sign that working together would turn out a success. Alex Pall recently opened up on his journey in the music industry and gave insights on how they have managed to shine.

Both Alex and Drew have a background in Djying, this, therefore, makes the good producers, but they have identified their strengths and in the past few projects have worked closely with songwriters who would help them express how they felt.

Understanding what you can do, is very important in any business as it ensures one attains the very best and the chainsmokers have understood that expressing their feelings and allowing people to relate with their experience gives their music a personal touch.

The chainsmokers have become a global success and have recently been on tours to ensure they interact closely with their fans, and this has helped reach new listeners.

David McDonald Speaks At Iowa Swine Day

Friday, July 6th, 2018

Iowa Swine Day celebrated their seventh year with speakers discussing the critical issues faced by the producers of pork. The event was held on the campus of the Iowa State University on June 28th. The hosts for the event were the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at ISU, the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the Iowa Pork Industry Center. The professor of animal science and co-organizer was John Patience. He stated the planners relied on the input from the producer to ensure a relevant and strong program for the industry.

As the President of the OSI Group, David McDonald has an important role in the food industry and is contributing to the event. The speakers are sharing their personal experiences in how their businesses were developed, teaching communication skills and sharing their understanding of the international food industry. The speakers for the morning session were from Sunterra Farms of Canada. Dave and Ray Price spoke of the strategic decisions that were necessary to transform a traditional farm into a multinational processor, producer, exporter and retailer of pork. The newest innovation involved building a dry cured, Italian meat plant in Canada. This was accomplished with a partnership with Modena, Italy’s Simonini family.

David McDonald from the OSI Group also appeared during the morning session to discuss the international future of the food industry. David McDonald is not only instrumental to the OSI Group, he is also on the North American Meat Institute’s Board of Directors. This provides him with a unique look at the protein trends influencing the global community. The President of Jeff Ansell & Associates is Jeff Ansel. He followed David McDonald with a practical, instructive and entertaining presentation. He has taught classes at Harvard and Duke Universities and shared his tips, techniques and strategies for help his clients achieve better communication.

There were four sessions featuring sixteen presentations after lunch. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food. This covered negotiating the prices for purchasing hogs, pricing, cyber security and sexed semen. Additional topics for the day included the best way for siting new hog barns and mitigating mycoplasma pneumonia. The day concluded with a barbeque in the courtyard at Iowa State.

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Netpicks’ Forex Trading Solutions

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

According to NetPicks, an online trading strategy institution, currency pairs in FX trading allows traders to capitalize on the currencies’ price movements. Forex traders always rely on assumption whether the prices of the currency pair will go up or down. Forex trading is also known as currency trading, foreign exchange trading or FX trading. Forex trading gives opportunities to traders to transact currency pairs in a devolved market. People use electronic over-the-counter monetary exchanges located in big worldwide cities such as London, Paris, Sydney, New York, and Tokyo. NetPicks has been in the market since 1996 giving supervision to forex traders, according to (

Traders use charts to help them in trading. Moreover, live signals provided by NetPicks also help traders in their forex trading. The forex market is always open for 24 hours hence the ability to trade in several cities. For instance, if the New York market closes, traders are free to buy and sell in their currency pairs in Tokyo as well as the rest of other cities. Most traders prefer spot trading or transacting currencies on the spot. However, traders are also able to trade in future markets as well as forward markets. Traders who wish to windbreak their risks always prefer to transact in the future or forward markets. Importantly, the bid price, a term commonly used in forex trading is the price that buyers are ready to pay for every pair.

The forex market has its characteristics. For instance, the market is extremely liquid. The forex market provides significant liquidity according to NetPicks. The trading volume of the forex market at any day relies on the trades amounting to almost $5.2 trillion. Moreover, the forex market is characterized with few trading opportunities. The market does not have many investment opportunities as compared to the stock market. The common currency used in this trading is the United States dollar against the yen, the yen against the euro, and sterling pound against the US dollar. Additionally, traders can transact between US dollar and Australian dollar. There are some other currencies involved in the forex market, however; traders prefer the trade using the most established currencies. Traders value the high liquidity forex markets based on unpredictable movements price because a quick change in the price offers many commercial opportunities, as posted on

Beware The Bite Of Cassio Audi

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

He may be an extremely successful businessman these days but in his youth, he was a wild rock-and-roller! That’s right, in case you did not know, Cassio Audi played drums for Brazilian heavy metal legends Viper back in their early days. In fact, recordings of his music are widely available for those who are interested.

Audi was the drummer during the formation of the band in Sao Paulo. His playing is featured on two of the band’s demo cassettes, entitled “The Killera Sword” and “Projeto SP Metal”. His playing helped the band sound so good that they were signed to Rock Brigade Records. This label released their official debut album “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This record achieved a good amount of press coverage from both the worldwide heavy metal press and fans alike. It has also been recognized through the eyes of time as one of the formative albums in the early history of Brazilian heavy metal.

Cassio Audi left the band in 1989 but his influence on the Brazilian metal scene and on the global metal scene, in general, cannot be understated. It may be that becoming a heavy metal drummer at such a young age and experiencing a modicum of success instilled the drive that has led to Cassio Audi to become successful in other avenues of life. It is a testimony that Cassio Audi has made such a mark on such widely divergent paths in life. For this, Brazil should be grateful.

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