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Michel Terpins’ notable Success in Rally Driving

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Michel Terpins is an internationally recognized rally driver who emerges the winner in almost all the races that he is involved. Born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Michel Terpins was attracted to racing and started taking part in the competitions when he was twenty-three years old. His parents love sports which are the likely motivation for his interest in rally driving. Jack Terpins is the father to Michel Terpins, and he was a basketball player as well as representing others in the Jewish Sports sector.

Michel Terpins and his brother co-founded a rally team, “Bull Series Rally” in which they are members. The rally team is made up of editions that involve all the professional rally drivers brought together in different editions and are allowed to display their skills. The competitors began their race at Goiania for a distance of 155 km during the twenty-second edition. On this particular race, Michel Terpins took part in it and together with his navigator they led for the first 62 kilometers before their car broke down due to complications in the suspension making them pull out of the race.

During the twenty-fifth edition of the racing games, the competition took place in a 3,300 km stretch in Autodromo International de Goiania’s three different States. Michel Terpins and his navigator took part in this race as well using the 322 T-Rex models provided by MEM Motorsport racing under the Prototype T1 category. The T-Rex model has improved features for easy navigation including a v8 engine that allows it to maneuver in different terrains. Michel Terpins and Justo, the navigator, then led in their category and secured the fourth position overall in all classes.

Michel Terpins is experienced and has taken part in many competitions that he has been able to win and secure the top ranks in the championships. Michel Terpins and his navigator have been able to win many races including the 2016 Rally Rosta SC where they were the best and their participation in the 24th edition where they were second. Under the division with prototype T1, Michel Terpins is the greatest.


Adam Milstein: Ingenious Businessman with a Sincere Passion for Helping Others

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Adam Milstein is a man who used his childhood experiences that he obtained while growing up in Haifa, Israel to become one of the most influential/philanthropic leaders of the Jewish community. As a child, Milstein’s birthplace in Haifa provided him the privilege of being in one of the largest and most beautiful settings in Israel—a benefit that instilled him with a deep sense of respect and appreciation for his culture. Moreover, in addition to having become culturally impacted by his environment, Milstein was also heavily influenced by the love he received through the rearing by his parents. His mother (a stay-at-home mom) cared for the family and nurtured Milstein with the utmost endearment, while his father (a real estate developer) financially supported the family and taught Milstein the value of hard work. Together, his parents embedded within his subconscious the importance of being compassionate for others—a quality that Milstein inherited that would stick with him for life.

Yet, in addition to being compassionate, bravery was another strong characteristic that Adam Milstein adopted in his youth. At 19, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces out of a personal desire to help protect the nation of Israel against opposing forces who sought to bring harm to the people. After serving in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Milstein earned a degree in Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology in 1978 and then relocated to the United States with his wife shortly thereafter. Nevertheless, after arriving to the U.S. in 1981 and residing in California, Milstein returned to school to obtain his second degree (MBA) in business from the University of Southern California. Utilizing his business degrees, Adam Milstein ultimately became a successful businessman in the real estate industry. As a resident of California, he became a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties (located in Encino, California) where he currently fulfills the responsibility of overseeing all financial matters concerning the real estate company’s billion-dollar property ownership in the U.S.

Nonetheless, being that Adam Milstein was born to be more than just a businessman at heart, he innately took to becoming the philanthropist that his parents’ love had influenced him to be. He wished to enlighten and encourage those of the Jewish community to become leaders to make a positive difference within their lives and the lives of others as well. Therefore, to provide a system of direct aid to the Israeli-American population, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2001. Today, the foundation currently provides a multitude of nonprofit services including that of educational training, leadership counseling, medical support, and defense against anti-Semitism.

Nicolas Krafft: Demonstrating How Ethics Creates A Successful Company

Monday, January 21st, 2019

In today’s business world, many people believe companies must do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means being unethical. While some companies do embrace this approach, Loreal and Nicolas Krafft do not. As the Vice-President of Global Business Development, he and many other executives in the company have taken the lead when it comes to setting a standard of excellence regarding ethics. And as many recent awards have shown, sticking to their principles of success is paying off in many ways.

At the company’s recent Ethics Day, which happens annually, Nicolas Krafft and others took the day to speak of how the principles of integrity, courage, transparency, and respect come together to form a bond between people within a company that simply cannot be broken. In giving employees a forum in which they can express concerns in a safe manner without fear of retaliation, Loreal has been able to reach the pinnacle of industry success.

Demonstrating the true commitment employees of Loreal have to high ethics, the company’s annual Ethics Day was participated in by employees located in 70 countries around the world. As a day that is devoted to in-depth discussions about ethics, values, and how to solve complex problems without compromising one’s principles, Nicolas Krafft and Loreal have been able to create an environment where employees feel empowered to be themselves while helping the company gain even more success.

As a show of just how much respect Loreal has attained around the world, the company recently received major awards from the United Nations and the esteemed Ethisphere Institute. Given the Global Compact Lead Company award by the United Nations, Loreal is viewed as a world leader in ethics and innovation. And by being recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, Loreal has been able to show other business executives around the world that principles do not have to be compromised in the name of profits.

Continuing on its high ethical path, Loreal and Nicolas Krafft show each day that corporate success can be accomplished while still maintaining one’s values.

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A Profile of Executive Michael Nierenberg

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Michael Nierenberg is the Board Chairman, chief executive officer and President of the real estate investment trust firm known as New Residential Investment Corp. In May of 2016, he was appointed to be the Chairman of the Board. Three years prior in 2013, Michael was named the chief executive officer and President. Prior to becoming the top executive of New Residential, Nierenberg was the top executive and head of global mortgages at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Michael joined Bank of America in 2008 after leading the global securities division at JP Morgan. He has also been the managing director of an investment bank. During his career, Michael has also held a number of senior leadership positions at firms such as Bear Stearns.

Throughout his career, Michael Nierenberg has held a number of top positions in the mortgage and finance industry. One of the most common positions he held was when he managed the department in charge of global mortgages and financial securities. At this position, he was responsible for managing and overseeing mortgages and other debt financing arrangements. He would work with clients and offices all over the world. While serving at this position, he was able to provide sound leadership as well as direction on how to manage this particular department. With this experience, he was able to move on to other key leadership positions.

Another position that Michael Nierenberg has held was overseeing the department that managed interest rate and foreign exchange trading. This position consisted of managing and overseeing operations pertaining to revenues received through interest payments. It also included overseeing transactions pertaining to trading of foreign currencies. The position would allow Michael to get more experience in key financial operations at investment banks and financial services firms.

One of the most notable positions that Michael Nierenberg has held during his career is as part of the director board. He served at this position when he was still working at Bear Stearns. While he was a part of this group, he would provide leadership and strategy for the firm to reach its various goals. He was also a member of Lehman Brothers and was responsible for helping the firm build its business of providing adjustable rate mortgages.

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Cassio Audi of Brazil

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

He may be an extremely successful businessman these days but in his youth, he was a wild rock-and-roller! That’s right, in case you did not know, Cassio Audi played drums for Brazilian heavy metal legends Viper back in their early days. In fact, recordings of his music are widely available for those who are interested.

Cassio Audi

Audi was the drummer during the formation of the band in Sao Paulo. His playing is featured on two of the band’s demo cassettes, entitled “The Killera Sword” and “Projeto SP Metal”. His playing helped the band sound so good that they were signed to Rock Brigade Records. This label released their official debut album “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This record achieved a good amount of press coverage from both the worldwide heavy metal press and fans alike. It has also been recognized through the eyes of time as one of the formative albums in the early history of Brazilian heavy metal.


Cassio Audi left the band in 1989 but his influence on the Brazilian metal scene and on the global metal scene, in general, cannot be understated. It may be that becoming a heavy metal drummer at such a young age and experiencing a modicum of success instilled the drive that has led to Cassio Audi to become successful in other avenues of life. It is a testimony that Cassio Audi has made such a mark on such widely divergent paths in life. For this, Brazil should be grateful.


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Edwin Miranda – A Great Businessman

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Edwin Miranda is a businessman that has long history and career behind him before his current position as the CEO of a huge marketing firm. Before this Miranda started out at MIT where he got his degree in biologics. After this degree he went to work for companies that made drugs for all kinds of mammals including humans. For most of his career he worked in quality assurance. This means he got quite used to working with the makers of the drug and the FDA as he knows the entire process of what it takes to get a drug on the market.

His job during all this was to make sure nothing bad was happening and the drug that he approved goes on to be safe for people to use. In his career he saw countless drugs go to the FDA and eventually go to market for people to use. Unlike many drugs out there none of the drugs that he ever put on the market has been recalled, have stopped usage, or been deemed unsafe. This led him to getting vice president positions in drug companies all over the country.

But now Edwin has made a change in his career as he now is the CEO of a marketing firm where he is using all of the experience and skills he has of quality assurance to make sure every company that hires him gets only the best marketing products from his company. His company does all the marketing someone would need and is willing to work with large or small companies alike. The pricing that he charges greatly depends on the type of marketing that the owner wants and the size of the company as a larger company needs more due to the fact it is in more locations.

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New Residential Investment Corp: A Company Investors Should Keep Their Eye On

Friday, January 18th, 2019

New Residential Investment Corp is a company that focuses on investing and managing real estate properties. Their main goal is to find lucrative properties that would allow its investors to reap the rewards of beneficial dividends through the process that they implement. New Residential Investment Corp was once a subsidiary of New Castle Investment Corp until May 15, 2013 when they became a separate publicly-traded entity. Since then, the company has grown over the years by taking advantage of the economics of a struggling mortgage market that had soon managed to rise back up over time.

New Residential Investment Corp has taken notice to the pressure that is being put on banks as of late. 74 percent of MSRs(mortgage servicing rights)are owned by banks but due to capital reserve requirements under Basil lll. As the banks sell more MSRs, New Residential Investment Corp sees a great business opportunity to participate through co-investments in the excess MSRs. Another service they provide is for Servicer Advances. Servicer Advances are loans extended by servicers that cover the missed payments of the homeowner. The purpose of the advances is to provide liquidity instead of credit enhancement.

The investment company also plans on investing in residential mortgage loans. They believe there are opportunities by investing in portfolios of both non-performing, performing, re-performing,and reverse mortgage loans. Their goal is to acquire these loans at a discount price and resolve the loans at a higher valuation. The company also deals with consumer loan portfolios. On April 1, 2013 the company acquired HSBC Finance Corporation. They invest alongside Springleaf Finance Inc. along with another third party. The total purchase price for the portfolio was 3.0 billion dollars including closing costs, fees and adjustments. To this day, New Residential Investment Corp still owns shares in the company after several deals were made to create profit.

Talos Energy Changing Mexico’s Oil Market

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Mexico has opened up their oil fields and significantly boosted production. As well as increased the efficiency of the oil market. Both private foreign and domestic exploration and production companies have increased the barrels of oil equivalent. Talos Energy won two of the 14 blocks being offered in Mexico’s lease sale. Talos Energy also made Mexico history by being one of the first private companies to drill in an offshore well. They offer a good study when looking at how the Mexico energy reform has impacted the country.

The Founder and President of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, was born into the oil industry. He worked many years in reservoir engineering and portfolio evaluations. His understanding of engineering has lead to success in oil industry. As an entrepreneur he believes there is no room for error. Success is dependent on the ability to be analytical in a approach and also decisive. Talos Energy moving South was not a quick or impulsive decision. By overlooking their inability to reach some short term gains company was able to go international. Had they not bid in the first round, the company would not had made it.

Looking at the underground information led to several historical findings. The company found reserves much larger than anticipated. Zama-1 is one of the top 20 largest shallow sites in international field discoveries. The company was able to find it using 3D seismic data of the region. A common analysis of the area that is also used in the United States when gathering data to decide on oil sites. The risk of moving their company to the South paid off with this discovery in 2017. A one-thousand foot thick layer of sandstone was discovered soaked in oil. After spudding the area a remarkable subsea formation was discovered. It is probable that over two billion barrels of oil can be found in the location and it is able to produce an average of 100 thousand per day.

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A Look at Jeunesse Global Products

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Jeunesse Global is a direct sales marketing company that specializes in youth enhancement products, fitness supplements and skincare formulas. It is a private enterprise that is led by visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global has become a leader in the beauty and fitness direct selling industry. Their product lines are sold through their global partners who are located all over the world.

Nevo is Jeunesse Global’s energy drink. It comes in a range of flavors including Acai Grape, Lemon Ginger, Peach Mango and Mixed Berry. Featuring only 50 calories per can, Nevo is free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. The key ingredients are green tea, guarana and yerba mate. Guarana is a Brazilian herb that contains natural amounts of caffeine, which gives Nevo its energy booster. Each can contains a plethora of vitamins including C, B3, B5, B6 and B12, which ensure a healthy experience.

Reserve is another health drink from Jeunesse Global. It is a heart-healthy supplement that features a blend of five super-fruits including pomegranate, blueberry, dark cherry, acai and grape. Reserve also contains resveratrol, aloe vera, green tea and grape seed extracts that provide antioxidant support for the body. Like Nevo, Reserve contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Intended to be used one to two times daily, Reserve is part of the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System.

Another product in the Y.E.S. system is Zen Bodi. It is a weight management system that offers several different packages to fit the goals of its users. Zen Bodi features Detox, Ignite and Thrive phases that span eight weeks of weight management. The Transform package contains each of the phases as well as a shaker bottle, pill box, tape measure and guides to each of the phases. Other Zen products include Zen Fuse, which is a protein shake that contains five strains of probiotics and Zen Fit, a fruit punch containing vital amino acids.

MB2 Dental Approach to Leadership, Mentorship, and Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Each organization in the medical world has some set goals. For MB2 Dental, for example, their primary goal over the years has been first to make doctors the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, then mentors and finally leaders in different fields. According to the organization officials, these goals have been possible due to the organization’s approach to different operational challenges such as geography. In the years, the company has been in operation; it has been on a consistent journey to simplify operations for their members across the states in the USA and currently across the world. This approach according to management is the future of the company.

In line with challenging some operation challenges dentists have experienced before, the company has invented one of the best structures. For example, MB2 Dental understands that operations in the medical world are money-centered and the more an entity has financial muscles, the better it is in operation. For this reason, the organization has been keen on helping their members in relishing their autonomies and enjoying the operational benefits that come from being part of big companies. According to the management of this organization, this approach has been successful as more members in the private practice can compete with major entities in purchases and innovations in the medical world.

One of the most significant interests in the MB2 Dental plans is to bring more professionals together in the future. In order to keep these members enlightened and energized to innovate and come up with new ways to treat different conditions, the organization has organized different meet-ups in the past. These professional meetings have been instrumental in making innovations and better practices in the world of dentistry a reality. Currently MB2 Dental is home to both experienced dentists as well as fresh graduates willing to make private practice their home.

Apart from being active in the world of corporates and corporate deals, MB2 Dental has been one of the most vibrant organizations in the world of social media. The organization was one of the first organization to adapt to the new way of sharing information. The organizational handle on Twitter, for example, has the best interactions in the world of corporate social media. MB2 has used social media platforms, especially Twitter to educate the world about their mandate in medical investment. It is also through this platform that the organization posts details of different events. Occasionally, the organization shares medical videos with its followers, and this is one of the best ways to educate and engage with the public.

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