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Agera Energy: Expanding Energy Among the Masses

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation is a process that allows customers to choose their own electricity and natural gas suppliers. The process began in the 1980’s when many Northeastern and Midwestern states began to give the option to residents rather than the utility companies. Prior to energy deregulation, utility companies purchased energy from suppliers and negotiated contracts that would best suit the customers of an area. Energy companies, such as Agera Energy, prospered off of deregulation due to their ability to offer a wider array of contracts. Agera Energy now offers numerous contracts that are flexible around the needs of their customers.

Common Wonders

Energy is not completely deregulated and many states still allow utility companies to control the contracts that they offer to customers. However, Agera Energy is one of the largest energy providers in states where energy has become deregulated. Agera Energy’s customer service and competitively-rated plans have allowed for them to supply many satisfied customers.

Despite energy deregulation practices, Agera Energy does not completely replace local utility companies. While Agera Energy takes care of the pricing invoicing of monthly utilities, local utilities monitor energy usage and provide their reports back to Agera Energy. If a customer chooses to switch between energy companies then their local utility company will report to the new energy company that the customer has chosen. The process is made simple for the customer and allows for them to easily choose between the energy plans that work best for their needs.

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Agera Energy Offering Managerialm Job Vacancies

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Agera Energy is one of the leading energy companies which offer energy services in the United States. The company is an upcoming industry in the country, and it mainly retails and supplies natural gas and electricity in fifty states in the country. The principal founding officer of the firm is Mr. Jeremy S. Schupp who currently serves as the chief executive officer and chairperson.

There is a gap in the executive positions including the managerial posts hence the company has employment slots for the jobs. Since it is still a growing company, the applicants ought to have met the required qualifications, and they should be ready to scale the company to greater heights. About Agera energy Company also offers efficiency services to business companies and households within the United States. Under good and professional management the company can leverage its productivity and be one of the highly prolific companies in the country.

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Agera Energy: A Brief History

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Agera Energy is an energy business that was started in 2014, and they have grown to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau. The company has been ranked there since 2016. The CEO is Geoffery Duda, and the office is based out of New York. Agera Energy works in the field of natural gas and electricity. Their goal is to educate consumers about where energy comes from, how to use it wisely, and earthly friendly alternatives.

Agera Energy also helps residential customers by teaching them about rate options for their utilities. It is a report that takes about five minutes to complete, and all one needs is a past utility read out or bill. The information you will receive is almost immediate because it is given back quickly via your private email. If you are in the market for focusing on green power, Algera Energy explains and handles those resources too.

Steve Lesnard’s Tips For Success

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

When it comes to marketing, there seem to be many strategies that can be used to reach success. One approach that companies use is to incorporate a celebrity into their brand. For instance, Kanye West played a key role when it came to Adidas Boost while Puma was able to achieve revitalization through Rihanna’s efforts. Although back in the day marketing was much more straightforward, through the upsurge of celebrity endorsement deals and more individuals learning to exploit the benefits of social media the result is the rising costs of partnerships. Contrarily, while the platform of marketing has become more complex, guides are emerging to help individuals maximize influence strategies. Steve Lesnard who is known as a global brand consultant illustrates the importance of 2 key factors that can play a significant role in marketing strategies.

Primarily, the first element that individuals need to integrate into their marketing strategy according to Steve Lesnard is to make sure that whoever you are jointly working with actually cares about your product or the principals and goals of the brand. By having this authentic interest or connection, you will be able to not only develop your brand but also strengthen the link that you have with your audience. In particular, when Kevin Hart a big name in the comedy world partnered up with Nike, the bond between the two diversified and went from the promotion of a training shoe to the start of a trend. This trend was the foundation of a plan that spanned several years that promoted running and training. Kevin Hart played an active role in this trend through a range of events such a completing a full marathon to commercials.

The second factor according to Steve Lesnard that will help you towards your marketing plan is to focus on the influential individuals who are or will become regular consumers of your product. To illustrate this point, Shaq who is a famous basketball player is a big believer in the product known as Ring a home security product. Shaq saved himself thousands and is an influential individual who promotes this product on the regular.

A Leader in the Stock Based Loans Industry is Equities First Holdings

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

The word loan makes some people cringe. They have either gone through the loan process themselves or have heard about the tiring process from someone else. Banks are getting more and more strict on what it takes to qualify for a loan with them. Many people are tired of hearing no over and over again from banks. One strategy they can use to get a loan is by going through Equities First Holdings.

They are a stock-based loan company that has been very successful in helping thousands of people to obtain the funds they need. Bank loans can take a long time before they are approved. At Equities First Holdings, consumers do not have to wait a long duration because they understand that people need their money as soon as possible when they are applying for a loan. When someone has stock they are able to get a loan from Equities First Holdings.

Alex Hern Brings Virtual Reality to Center Stage

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Alex Hern

The technology industry is consistently changing. Every new company believes that their product will be the best thing on the market. About Alex Hern company just may have the best thing to ever come to the market in a while. Alex Hern has been in the technology industry for over twenty-five years and he is still going strong.

So he definitely knows optimal technological advances when he sees them. He has been a part of start up companies and companies that people already know. He is currently the President of Tsunami XR. This is a company that is virtual reality-based. Many people are hearing more and more about virtual reality.

Alex Hern says that it is the only amount of time before these gaming systems are in the workplace. Tsunami XR is working diligently to enhance their product and make it even better customer service. They are finding new ways to use the software.


12 ways to get unmatched work ethic with Ryan Seacrest

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Among the busiest people in the United States, Ryan Seacrest tops the list. He holds various jobs including co-hosting iHeartMedia radio show, Lives with Kelley and Ryan as well as hosting Live from the Oscars among other events.

Annually, Ryan Seacrest also hosts the New Year’s Eve show often held at the Times Square. He works as an executive producer on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Additionally, he runs a charity organization and operates a clothing brand. Being efficient in all these duties does not come easy. According to Ryan Seacrest, it requires a work ethic. Here are tips that he uses to manage his work duties:

  1. Wake up early

Ryan Seacrest is a morning person. His day begins at 5 am where he works out, has his coffee and prepares for work.

  1. Makes everything counts

He is the kind of person who does everything for a reason. For Ryan Seacrest, every moment counts. Therefore, he never pouts effort in something that does not matter.

  1. Insecurities aside

Growing up, he faced challenges as a child because he was overweight. He worried about everything which contributed to low self-esteem. Over time he began to gained confidence and had since become an icon whom everyone looks up to.

  1. Consistency

Being busy comes with one being consistent and organized. Ryan Seacrest has proved too consistent yet open to change. He has a well laid out schedule that starts from dawn to dusk.

  1. Open to opportunities

According to Ryan Seacrest, it is not prudent to turn down a job. Before becoming a media veteran, he worked various jobs including hosting contests. Being open has made him the renowned TV personality he has become.

  1. Give to charity

Amidst his busy schedules, he finds time to give to charity through The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He supports a broad range of causes particularly those involving children.

  1. Work hard

Ryan Seacrest concurs that one does not become a legend without work ethic. He is a firm believer that work pays off eventually.

  1. Have a social media presence

Ryan Seacrest has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In an era where social media is essential, it is advisable to stay connected.

  1. Appreciate being busy

Ryan Seacrest thinks that one becomes successful when they love their job. It is fitting that people like the idea of being busy.

  1. Don’t forget your roots

It is fitting that one does not forget where they have been despite their current success. Ryan Seacrest started small and is currently worth $410 million. His previous followers from his time in radio have not forgotten him.

  1. Get mentored

One of the ways to achieve a work ethic is through mentorship. This professional owes his mentor Merv Griffin his success.

  1. Accept praise moderately

Accepting laurels and seeking comfort for them limits one’s growth.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Lifetime’s Journey

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Ryan Seacrest is no doubt one of America’s most well-known figures, from his work on various broadcasting platforms to his recent business ventures, Ryan Seacrest can do it all. We first got introduced to Ryan when he landed his breakout role as the co-host of the highly successful singing competition show American Idol. Ryan’s skills and likeability would resonate across the country and open up a plethora of opportunities for him.

After his time with American Idol, Ryan, in 2006 would go on to build Ryan Seacrest Productions and launch some of the most successful television shows of the time including “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “E! Live from the Red Carpet”. His production company would go on to be a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and capture numerous awards.

His success with Ryan Seacrest Productions allowed Seacrest to venture off into other areas of passion including hosting his very own radio show called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. The radio show airs on iHeart Media’s 102.7 KIIS-FM as is constantly ranked the #1 radio show in the Los Angeles Area.

Other interests areas for Ryan include his numerous business ventures, one being his Macy’s exclusive Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a men’s clothing line that has seen incredible success since its launch across Macy’s stores. In addition, Ryan partnered up with his long-time skin doctor Dr.Lancer to formulate and distribute their skin product “Polish”.

Even with all this to keep him occupied, Ryan never forgets about giving back to society. Through his charitable organization, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation provides various medical centers the ability to build what he calls “Medica centers” for patients to enjoy and local students to obtain first-hand experience of the broadcasting industry.

Today, we can find Ryan in his newest gig as the co-host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. Although the show is based out in New York City and his radio show in L.A, the fact that Ryan has been able to handle both and exceed his critic’s expectations is no doubt a true testimony to his passion and determination.

Steve Lesnard’s 2 Key Principles In Digital Marketing

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

The entertainment and tech world is now dominated by the rise of digital goods. With the rise of digital goods comes the rise of digital marketing. In order to successfully market a product, it is common knowledge to always think about the needs of the customers and how the product adds value in customer’s lives. Steve Lesnard has two principles that he follows on digital marketing success.

  1. “Keep it simple and make it memorable”

Keeping things simple is the reason why Apple managed to bring huge success to its iPod product line. How could a campaign that says “10k songs in your pocket” appealed in the demographics of young people back then? Apple’s strategy is simple yet effective. It let its target market to know what real value can their product add in real life. They let their target market know right away that their product can let them carry music in their pocket so they can listen to it on the go.

This simple strategy let them simplify their products and highlight the best innovative and relevant features. Years after, Apple is still using this classic strategy to its full potential while giving a reason for their customers to upgrade. This time, it is used on their Apple Watch products. The Apple Watch appeals to people who want to stay connected even if they’re away from work. In the latest iteration of the product, the added ECG feature is expected to attract older audiences because of its health benefits. Steve Lesnard also highlights how giving the consumers a sense of unique experience is a beneficial thing for a product.

  1. “Bring it to life to make it real”

Effectively marketing the benefits of your product would be useless if the product cannot make these claims possible. Questions like “will this product look good on me?”, “is it easy to use?” , and “will it make my life easier?” are good questions to start with.

The consumers must know that your product can work well with their lifestyle, and you need to show them that it would. Using video advertising is one of the most effective ways to show this. Steve Lesnard believes that showing the right context in a video is an opportunity to highlight the best feature of the product. Consumer testimonies are also good boosters to show how your product will affect the consumer’s life positively. For more information, visit:

Victoria Doramus’s Passion For Helping Others Reaches Far Beyond What You Might Imagine

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Victoria Doramus, a recovery expert and philanthropist in Brooklyn, New York, is focusing her time on four charities she is passionate about: the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and the Women’s Prison Association. All of these charities help to build strong communities through preventive education for those most at risk, including; women, children and even pets.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation was created in memory of Amy Winehouse who died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning. The foundation prioritizes teaching young people about the dire consequences of abusing alcohol and drugs. They aim to care for those who are most likely to develop an alcohol or drug problem, and use music to positively influence at risk children. Several famed names in the music industry such as Mark Ronson and record exec Monte Lipman are now helping back the foundation. The foundation has also created the Resilience Programme for schools in the UK. This program educates children in the secondary schools about drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues.

Room to Read is a non-profit that was created to work with local communities to help improve literacy rates and teach young women life skills. They have built over 12,000 libraries in countries where there is great poverty and need. These countries include Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Victoria Doramus is also an advocate for animal rights. She has focused her passion on the Best Friends Animal Society. This non-profit’s intention is to end animal euthanasia in shelters, and to find sanctuary for homeless pets. Since 1984, when it was created, it has reduced animal shelter deaths from 17 million a year to 2 million a year, and runs the largest refuge for pets in the United States.

Victoria Doramus is also heavily involved as a community volunteer with the Women’s Prison Association. The WPA advocates for women who are, have been or will be incarcerated. They provide mentoring, education, and legal help, for these women as well as supporting women who are transitioning from prison back into the community.

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