A Brief History of Michael Hagele

August 18th, 2018 by admin

When it comes to legal experts in the high-tech, aerospace, and defense industries, the name of Michael Hagele will be at the top of anyone’s list. This is for good reason as nobody knows their business quite as much as Hagele.

Michael Hagele serves as general counsel to a handful of companies who operate in the aforementioned industries, as well as a few in the biotechnology industry. He has also taken some of his personal wealth and invested in early developmental technology companies, ones that he sees as being on the cutting-edge of their specific industries. Read more about Michael Hagele at ideamensch.com

He has become a renowned expert when it comes to closing both domestic and international technology agreements. He is also a self-professed expert in intellectual property issues and related marketing issues.

When asked about what drives him, he says it is his tendency to never give up and to adhere to his tenacious spirit. He states that he is always willing to take the new information he has gleaned and incorporate it into fresh new ideas. He is very willing to let the ideas morph themselves into natural and organic situations, which can then lend themselves to advanced business opportunities.

He is a big believer in engaging in physical activity as he states that it helps him to recharge and re-focus his mind. He is a huge fan of mountain biking and hiking but also says that even a casual walk around the block will help him to get back on track with his energy levels. It is this uncompromising attitude to both his career and his personal life that ensures he is always at the top of his game, especially in comparison with others who are in the same field as he is. There is no stopping Michael Hagele. For more information about Michael Hagele: https://angel.co/michael-hagele


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  1. Dallas Cohen says:

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