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Nexbank Capital Inc. is a major banking institution based out of Dallas, Texas. The financial firm is known for providing decades of commercial as well as mortgage banking services to institutional clients. They specialize in formulating unique financial strategies for companies and even provide top-of-the-class financial advisory services to big organizations. Currently, the bank has over $8.1 billion assets under management. The leadership comprises of experienced and highly talented individuals bringing in expertise from diverse domains. The employees go through rigorous training and background checks before they are inducted in the firm. They work in alignment with the vision and the principles of the company to meet the required targets at all times. Nexbank has gained loyal clients and made long-lasting relationships due to its top-quality customer service that provides quick remedies to any issue while being very professional and maintaining high standards of excellence every time.

Nexbank History

In the year 2015, the subsidiary of Nexbank Capital Inc. that goes by the name Nexbank SSB made a public statement regarding the purchase of the College Saving Bank of Princeton in New Jersey. The statement also included the fact that the bank in New Jersey offered a whopping 529 college saving plans for students who required financial support to pursue higher education. It was also mentioned that the bank will resume its activities without any hindrance from the Nexbank SSB and they also get to keep the name. The cost of acquisition and stakeholder details were not disclosed by Nexbank Capital Inc. Chairman John Holt. The college savings bank has helped countless students achieve their dreams since its inception in 1987.

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In 2016, Nexbank Capital Inc. raised capital of $24 million that was channeled to corporate requirements and demands. This was a crucial time for the company as the acquired funding helped them increase their growth rate over the years and also expand their network across the globe. The first quarter of the year went on extremely well with an average return on equity stood at 37.6% equivalent to a net income of $38.1 million, a record-breaking achievement for the banking firm.

Nexbank SSB is based out of Dallas and announced gross loans of $2.5 billion from the bank which is a major chunk of the $8.1 billion-valued company. Nexbank maintained an impressive status of a 9.44% leverage ratio. The high income and exponential growth of the banking firm in a short span of time earned them an upgrade on the ratings as disclosed by the reliable Kroll Bond Rating Agency. The new rating jumped to BBB from BBB- for Nexbank Capital Inc. and BBB+ from BBB for the Dallas based regional bank, Nexbank.

Last year, Nexbank took part in the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation as a sponsor. The event is dedicated to women empowerment and their financial independence in this patriarchal society. Nexbank gifted $100,000 to the event as a sign of good gesture and complete faith in the cause. The invitees consist of over 1,000 civic leaders from different businesses, organizations, and communities.

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