Adopting healthy traits that lead to a happy life

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Jeffry Schneider is a New-York native who graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is the sole Founder and CEO of an up and coming boutique investment firm that is based in Austin, Texas. The firm applies a rather special perspective to private equity while entirely working with grown organizations that gloat a low level of debt and spawn high income. Jeffry Schneider has taken part in several social causes and humanitarian organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, God’s Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries and Gazelle Foundation.

Wellness programs have really gained popularity through the years. Gone are the days when these programs were simply just employee perks referred to as corporate fitness programs and only offered in large corporations. Wellness programs are currently customary in all corporate settings irrespective of the size of business. In Fact these Wellness programs are now included in most company benefits package. There are several advantages to including wellness programs in corporate settings as these programs are known to provide staff members with incentives, social support, tools, privacy along with the necessary procedures to embrace and keep up healthy traits. Adopting a healthy behavior gradually leads to lower health risks, which in turn reduce the chance of suffering from a Long term disease.

With the risk of suffering from a long term disease out the window staff members are said to have fewer health care costs. Wellness programs are mostly applied in worksites. Most worksites go out of their way to assist in the advancement of their employees’ health. These worksites both public and private stress on wellness programs so much so that they can be referred to as long-term disease prevention centers.

Most medical facilities are good when it comes to treating illnesses as well as early detection of these illnesses; however they don’t contribute much when it comes to preventing these particular illnesses. The total influence and effect of wellness programs in worksites alone definitely overshadows any attempt to ameliorate the health of adults. Most worksites understand the perks of having a physically healthy group of staff and are therefore enacting these wellness programs in a much more consistent and effective manner because they enjoy the benefits that come with wellness.

Wellness programs have received a lot of attention for decades as compared to any other benefits offered in worksites. There are several meticulous scientific analysis concerned with the effect wellness programs has on people. Wellness programs are said to have more research concerning the effect as compared to any other research ever done. However there’s no certainty in the research as no research can be considered perfect. After a series of evaluating programs performed by scientist, there is a substantial amount of solid data that to show the benefits of having a wellness program.

Jeffery Schneider expresses his views on wellness in his blog post –‘Not your typical wellness blog’. In this blog he starts off by explaining that for a trend to transform into a habit and gradually become a lifestyle, it must be viable, versatile and above all something that one can enjoy. He continues to say that the act of giving up something is rather simple as compared to keeping it up. Jeffery believes that self-restraint can be considered maintainable and even more challenging than the constant switching between abstinence and satisfaction.

He adds that science shows that a semi-vegetarian diet, a highly social lifestyle and vigorous muscle workouts are all we need to lead a much happier and healthier life. When it comes to deciding on a wellness program, Jeff says that he’d rather hand-pick the most suitable regime from the list of wellness programs that are mostly compatible with his hasty, travel-oriented lifestyle.

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