Alex Hern

February 5th, 2019 by admin

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a virtual reality expert that is trying to teach companies all over the world in ways that it can be used for all types of things and why this technology can improve the company. When Alex Hern starts his pitch most of the time the executives roll their eyes, to begin with, because virtual reality is thought of something in movies or for gaming.

But that isn’t the only application and it has been used for training in the workplace for years. But no one can argue that technology and apps have made the tech world a much faster place where companies are able to be more productive, communicate from anywhere in the world, and so much more. But virtual reality takes this to the next level as people from all over the world are able to have conferences that feel real and look real to them using the headsets that are very similar to what people use to play games.

But by being able to be present for the meeting and truly work together amazing things can happen without airport trips and having to be everywhere all at once. Alex hopes by companies adopting this that not only does it increase productivity but his expert employee happiness.

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