Arthur Becker’s Venture In Real Estate

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Arthur Becker is a tech investor who has made a foray into real estate. He initially served as CEO of Zinio LLC. He is well recognized to be one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors, LLC. According to NY Mag, he served as president of Navisie inc. from 2003 to 2010. Becker was a senior advisor at the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years and has since become a private investor in real estate and technology. Arthur Becker has an excellent ability to find profitable investment opportunities. Although regarded as the tech mogul, it is in his real estate involvement that has put him among the top investors in New York.

In a report by, Arthur Becker recently acquired a worthwhile investment at the Suvillan Street in New York City. He now owns three elegant and strategically placed townhouses. He traded his stake in the 16 story boat shaped condo development for these town homes. They are 30,40 and 50 block of the same building, and Becker is very much pleased with his acquisition as he may use them as he pleases. Although the townhouses were not complete at the time of purchase, Becker said that he would even take one for himself upon completion. As for the other two, he plans on leasing or even selling them.

These town homes acquired by Becker are among the four homes that Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group developed. Arthur Becker seemed to have landed the better part of the deal when he completed the ownership of these properties in exchange for his state in the new development that these two companies are involved in. It is estimated that the value of these assets will hugely increase once they are completed mostly due to their strategic positions.

In addition to the 10 Sullivan Street investment, Arthur Becker also invested alongside JDS Development Group, AmBase Corp. at 111 West 57th Street and Property Markets Group. This venture at the Suvillan street feels more stable for Becker and is aggressively making a move into the real estate as it is widely perceived to have more stability in the business world.

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