Betsy DeVos Is As Determined As Ever To See American Families Gain Freedom Of Educational Choice

August 2nd, 2018 by admin

Betsy DeVos has always been known as a fighter and reformer in her home-state of Michigan. While she was made to look like she doesn’t know what she is doing in the field of education, the new Secretary of Education simply has a different way of looking at the educational system of the United States. She has long-been a support of educational choice and approves measures that would lead to public funding paying for the tuition of private and charter schools for kids in in the U.S.A. Many have mistakenly believed that her wealthy background means she is “insulated” and not in touch with the American people. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Instead, Betsy DeVos understands the plight of the average American family more than many others do. She has seen it and has been working to help underprivileged kids in the United States to be able to attend a school that their family actually wants them to go to. Betsy DeVos, herself attended a private Christian school when she was younger and also received her Bachelor of Arts in business economics while studying at the private Christian college Calvin College.


Betsy DeVos was appointed as Secretary of Education for the U.S.A under plenty of controversy, but while her proponents attempted to make her look like the fool, she continued to do the work she always has. As soon as she took the position, she contacted the two leaders of the largest teachers’ unions to meet with them. One of them agreed to do so, and DeVos and Randi Weingarten promptly paid a visit to a spread of schools in Florida. Many people, mistakenly, thought that Mrs. DeVos would play a passive role in her position, but those who know her knew she would be the usual steely, tough, and determined woman she has always been.


Betsy DeVos has served the state of Michigan as the chairman for the Republican Party of Michigan and has also been a mega-donor to the GOP party. In Michigan, her opponents learned that she is not one to take a backseat while waiting for others to get things done. She goes out there and gets them done herself. In today’s charged political climate, it is good that the children of the United States and their families have an ally on their side. That ally is Betsy DeVos, and she has pledged to continue to fight for the educational rights of every American child.


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