Brad Reifler’s Big 5 Investment Tips for the Average Joe

February 24th, 2016 by admin

Bradley Reifler told in a Reuters press release , “Unlike Wall Street, we want to be a firm for the people.” Mr. Reifler is referring to the fact that the investment world ignores 99% of potential investors. He personally founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, which focused on global derivatives and was sold in 2000. A few family experiences in his life crystalized the fact just how short-sighted his industry was in only focusing on the wealthy 1%.

The accredited investor

Wikipedia shows that over 30 years ago the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), developed the accredited investor standards to protect investors from risky purchases. Point one stated that an accredited investor is either a corporation, or an individual that had a net worth of one million dollars, or a married couple with a combined net worth of one million excluding the value of their home. Point two stated that a person with an annual income of over $200,000 for two consecutive years or a married couple with a combined income of over $300,000 for two consecutive years. Plus they must have a logical reason for expecting the same level of income in the third year.

The Big Five investing tips

However, interest in and knowledge of the stock market has increased in the average joe over the last generation. In June of 2009, Reifler founded the Forefront Group, an investment firm that caters to the 99%. He advises to be careful how you invest. Make sure to understand your assets and be aware of the risks of each investment. Always have an attainable goal in mind. Here are some more suggestions:

2. Don’t invest everything in the market.
3. Get to know your investment manager and develop trust.
4. Keep in mind the safety of your investment.
5. Before you invest know why you are doing it. Keep your goals in mind.

In 1995 CrunchBase would indicate that Bradley Reifler was the founder and CEO of Pali Capital and remained in that position until November 2008. While at the head of the company its revenues grew to over $200 million per year. The Forefront Management Group, LLC is his latest financial firm. The goal is to assist the overlooked or the 99% of investors. To give them the opportunity usually reserved for the wealthy. They have created a coalition of business leaders that provides to the investor advise in proper investing, portfolio management, and banking.  Check out Brad’s twitter for further information.

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