Business Women on the Rise

August 9th, 2015 by admin

Not long ago, the landscape of business was deemed “a man’s world” where men in pressed suits and cordial ties climbed the ranks to success while women worked in the office as secretaries and receptionists. Visions of Don Draper come to mind when we picture the jet set crowd furrowing through stacks of papers in their suitcases, attending meetings, shaking hands and closing deals. Although this was predominantly our world not too many decades ago, women are shaking up the business world like never before.

Susan McGalla is one of those women: a distinguished member of the business elite whose identity extends beyond the boundaries of gender. She is the current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a position that embodies her driven nature and roots as a child. Born into a family whose patriarch is a football coach, McGalla was raised knowing that she was as good as the company she kept. Her two older brothers further instilled the notion that she was a part of a unit and not a feminine piece of a masculine family. This upbringing insured in her the sense of pride and motivation based on her potential as a person and to face individuals no different than she viewed herself.

Her views on success reflect her own perseverance as someone who strives to achieve a level of expertise that is not diminished by identity. She has been able to perform with men and women equally well in her career and attributes her prosperity to confidence and hard work. From her fourteen years at American Eagle Outfitters she has learned that skills and networking are the foundations to not only a successful career but superior production. The ability to parlay her managerial positions to much more prominent ones has led her to excel in various fields of work for numerous companies including the founding of her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

With a plethora of skills and decades of experience, Susan McGalla was able to tackle the workforce that was predominantly male with grace and poise. To her, prejudice and entitlement were attributes that would do nothing to advance her or her fields of industry. Instead of focusing on the male and female issues, she focused on her performance. This is a cue that all women should take when striving to obtain their own goals in this day and age.

The landscape is changing. Women don’t have to wait for doors to open for them, they can reach out and grab them. Opportunities can be created by anyone with the education, motivation, encouragement and drive to do so. The idea of surviving in a man’s world is a fading into nostalgia. Women are rising through the ranks and breaking ceilings, taking the business world by storm.

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