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Rebel Wilson – Upcoming Star in Hollywood

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Rebel Wilson is an Australian born actress who just turned 39 on March 2 of this year.

Wilson was born in Sydney, Australia in March 2 of 1980. Her parents were professional dog breeders. She described herself as very shy and socially awkward at a young age.

So that she could break out of her shell, she joined the school debate club. Early on, an influential high school teacher urged her to join a group call Tournament of Minds, which included different performing arts and improvisational acting.

Rebel Wilson stated that if it weren’t for her high school teacher, she may have not ever broken out of that shell, and if it weren’t for her, she would not be where she is today, a successful Hollywood star and actress. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson went to an all girl Christian school, where she was encouraged to go after the dreams she aspired to and to do what she believes in. She stated that she feels sad when you see a really intelligent ambitious woman that gets married way too young or has kids too young before the woman has time to mature or make a living for herself.

She stated in an interview that actresses that often come from Australia are often over dramatic, and that she truly believes she is the first woman to come from Australia that has her own sense of style she brings to Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson just starred in a hit movie called Isn’t It Romantic, which is a romantic comedy that hit theaters right before Valentine’s Day and she plays an ordinary New Yorker woman with the great career, love life, and friends.

An active and charismatic actress, she is also involved in writing and producing. Rebel Wilson has three more movies in post-production scheduled for later this year, which include The Hustle, Jojo Rabbit, and Cats.

As far as Rebel Wilson’s personal life goes, she talks about the unrealistic standards that Hollywood has for beauty, and has become a spokesperson for weight loss and is part of the weight loss company Jenny Craig in Australia.

Wilson has been an outspoken person for stricter gun laws, stating that since the stricter gun laws in Australia, there has been less violent crimes, and in America there is growing increase in gun crimes every month. She stated that she doesn’t like getting political, but just cares about the safety of people when they go into public places just wanting to enjoy themselves, such as movie theaters.

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Rebel Wilson: How She Came To Be

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Hollywood, the land of the stars, has always been a breeding ground for the most famous and most successful actors, actresses and personalities that are known all around the globe. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

Hollywood is based in Los Angeles, California is also home for the biggest production houses and studios that have been utilized for creating and producing the best quality films that are being enjoyed by the whole world. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List

One of the products of Hollywood’s finest training grounds is Rebel Wilson – who we might recall as “Fat Amy” in the groundbreaking movie series of Pitch Perfect who also starred Anna Kendrick, Ester Dean, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Ganks, and Anna Mae Lee.

Rebel Wilson’s characterization of Fat Amy was a huge hit to the audiences – her quick wit, her Australian humor, her charming personality and her lovable physique was a perfect mixture for selling the part. Rebel Wilson was also able to showcase not only her skills in acting but also her spontaneous humor prowess and of course, her amazing singing skills.

She was also known for her supporting role in How To Be Single where she played as the best friend of Dakota Johnson. Her character here was kind of similar to how she played Fat Amy – but no one has complaints about it because she pulled another rabbit out of the hat with her amazing and stellar performance.

Rebel Wilson did not start out as we know her today – Rebel Wilson was actually one of the shy kids in her family. Now in her family, most of them had really strong personalities and a lot of them really had great sense of humor and public presence. Needless to say, Rebel Wilson actually started out as a black sheep in her family who tends to keep quiet and tends to just sit in the back and watch he family members in the spotlight.

Not until her early teenage years that she had an epiphany that she needed to have a better personality, before it was too late for her to have one.

So that’s why she has exerted a lot of effort and time into actually discovering who she is and knowing her strengths in order for her to temper her own steel to be able to have a solid and unshakable persona. Which has played to her favor in her career, her true personality has been loved by her audience ever since.

Now, there is no stopping for Rebel Wilson and there is only pushing onward, forward and upwards. She was recently casted in another bigtime romantic comedy movie production entitled “Isn’t it romantic” where she will play the lead role along with co-stars: Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra. Rebel Wilson will again play to her strengths as she will play another girl who is humorous and easily loved by the audience.

There is nothing but a brighter future for the Australian bombshell, Rebel Wilson. She is still set to approach her full bloom and shine brighter like the sunspot she is.