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Ricardo Tosto is a Prominent Figure in the Brazilian Legal Community

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Brazilian law borrows a lot from the Portuguese, German, French, and Italian Civil law. It majorly borrows its aspects from statutes with the recent incorporation of sumula vinculante. The Brazilian supreme law is the Federal Constitution, which was introduced on October 21, 1998. The Constitution categorizes the nation as the Federal Republic, consisting of a binding combination of states, municipalities, and the Federal District. The 26 federal states can choose to follow their unique Constitutions and laws. However, the principles listed in the Federal Constitution limit the autonomy of these states.

Municipalities also enjoy limited freedom since their legislation must adhere to both the rules of their respective states and Federal Constitution. The Federal District mixes the roles of Federal states and municipalities. It must also adhere to the principles of the Federal Constitution.

Law program and lawyers

Most Brazilians consider a career in law to be gorgeous. After completing a five years course in law, the students graduate with law degrees but still they do not have the power to practice their profession. The students are required to specialize in their area of interests and meet the threshold mark in their Bar exams before being licensed.

The profile of Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto holds a Law degree and an advanced degree in Business Administration degree from the Mackenzie University and FAAP respectively. He is a senior partner of renowned Milk, Tosto e Barros Advogados, which is among the largest law companies in Brazil as stipulated by the Analysis Yearbook Law 500. Tosto has established himself as a reputable lawyer and a successful entrepreneur. He grew his practice from a small office to one of the notable law firms in Brazil.

Tosto gained nationwide fame after successfully representing several high-profile clients ranging from corporations, executives, high-net-worth individuals, and politicians. He has decisively contributed to the creation and implementation of important laws in Brazil . Currently, he is in charge of day-to-day operations and expansion plans of Leite, Tosto e Barros. Tosto has mentored some of the powerful attorneys in the Brazilian legal community who started out at his firm as trainees.

Your Reputation Matters: Better Reputation Service and Success Better Reputation

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

A Good Rating is Essential for Business
Every business will reap success with a good reputation. Your reputation matters a great deal in business. It is important to keep in mind, that many social media sites will assist in quickly building a business online reputation. A five star rating will spread like wildfire across the internet. This includes many platforms and Yelp. The entire internet moves at a rapid pace and every business can fall and get demoted to a very low rank just as quickly as it can rise.

Professionals and Job Seekers
Every professional and each job seeker must also concern themselves with their reputation. A good reputation should not be underestimated when seeking employment. The search engines, such as Google, are quite often used by prospective employers. They will search for valuable information about prospective job candidates. A smeared Web presence could prove costly in regards to obtaining a desired dream job. A tarnished reputation can even lead to getting fired from a current position.

Help is Available for Reputation Disasters
There have been some noteworthy online reputation disaster. There is assistance available that will clear up, protect, and prevent these disasters. Stop a disaster with reputation management services. These are services that will help a business and a professional. Success can be achieved with a good reputation. Search results can be cleared and enhanced with these valuable services.

Better Reputation and Protection
Better Reputation is an Online Reputation Management Service. This is a service that has the experience and the knowledge to manage your reputation while offering protection from the unnecessary disasters. There are exceptional services available will foster success . Obtain more information with a Free-Reputation Assessment from Better Reputation.

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Getting What You Paid For

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

One young man wondered if paying more for a fashionable shirt is really smart. It seems like the consumer believes that paying more for a piece of clothing of any style is a guarantee that the article fits better and that they will look better. Well, it ain’t necessarily so. A young man put that theory to the test and discovered something quite interesting. Paying more for a shirt, does not guarantee better quality or a better fit. Often, it is wiser to stick with a moderately priced piece of clothing rather than paying over the top price for an expensive item.

Shopping for moderately priced clothing with a fabulous fit is easy, thanks to the Internet. JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries a wide selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim. Shoppers will find the latest trendy fashions on the site. JustFab realized that women would love a simpler and easier way to shop, without all the hassle. JustFab makes shopping online easy. Their customers are amazed and very pleased with the wide variety of items and the amazing quality of the products.

It is also super easy to become a JustFab VIP member. VIP members receive extra perks. Take advantage of this opportunity to get really cool deals and opportunities that non-VIP members do not receive. The first step is to take a short quiz. The quiz lets the stylist on the site know your style. A personal boutique is prepared just for you, after taking the quiz. Review the selections that were selected exclusively for you. Start shopping and make your selections in your boutique. Shipping is absolutely free for a purchase over a certain price. It is also super easy to return any items that you do not like. Join JustFab today and you are on your way to receiving exclusive styles at an affordable price.

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Marcio Alaor: Netflix Poised For Growth in 2016

Saturday, February 13th, 2016
Netflix, the market leader in streaming video service, is finalizing plans for its expansion in mid 2016. The company started offering its service in several new nations at the start of the year, and the companies service area has nearly doubled in a short time, and more investments are planned in the near future. Netflix is taking a risk with its expansion but it is depending on customer loyalty for its success.

The well known video streaming company is planning to extend its services to more than one hundred and thirty nations by the end of the year, says Marcio Alaor, VP of BMG Bank. This is significant since in the year 2015 the company offered its services in just 60 countries. Netflix would like to expand to Crimea, North Korea and Syria but such efforts have been delayed. Also, there are arrangements to enter China in 2016, reports Marcio Alaor.

One country in which Netflix plans to receive a large influx of subscribers for its video streaming services is India due to it large population. In that nation, with a high number of potential consumers and a solid film industry, Netflix will look to make independent movies with local actors, says Marcio Alaor, VP of BMG Bank. In addition, Netflix would like to extend Bollywood films to a global audience.

Netflix has original productions such as “Orange is the New Black”, “Jessica Jones” and “House of Cards”. The companies offerings are increasing in popularity, notes Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank, which holds a large multi-million dollar investment in the company. Most recently, Netflix launched its first long film entitled “Beasts of No Nation”, a movie which is based on a war novel.

New partnerships with Ericsson in conjunction with Volvo have demonstrated a willingness of companies from different industries to incorporate video streaming technology. These organizations, as Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank illustrates, are helping to create a framework where consumers can watch Netflix videos anywhere without requiring internet connection.

The forecasts for Netflix’s growth in the amount of new subscribers and revenue growth are strong. The company forecast that between the years 2016 and 2020 the number of new streaming video subscribers will increase at a rate of about 24% a year, notes Marcio Alaor. At that rate of growth, by the end of 2020, the global number of Netflix subscribers could reach as much as 150 million, notes the executive of the BMG Bank. Further, at this rate of growth, annual revenue for the company would reach 20 billion dollars. The increase in profit in the year 2016 would be of 137 million dollars, in year 2017, 500 million dollars and in the year 2018 1 billion dollars, notes Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank. Indeed, 2016 should be a profitable year for Netflix.

Marcio Alaor is VP of Banco BMG. BMG bank is one of the largest in Brazil. Alaor, businessman and entrepreneur, has played an instrumental role in the banks growth as the nations top consumer lender.

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George Soros: US Money Reserve Metals.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

The U.S. Money Reserve is the largest precious metal dealer in the country. They handle metals like gold, silver and platinum in the form of coins that have been weighed and its purity tested by the government. The clients who buy gold from the reserve can be rest assured that the coin bought contains the value grooved whether it is gold, silver or platinum. The coins are also considered to be official U.S. legal tender as they have been certified by the Congress. The President of the money reserve, Philip Diehl spearheads all operations in the reserve and is considered to be the most prominent US Mint directors of today.

Philip worked as the chief of staff of the Treasury before joining the Mint. He also operated as the director of the Senate Finance Committee and also as chief of staff of the US treasury before being nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as the Director of Mint. His deep understanding of fiscal and monetary policy can be attributed to the fact that he worked closely with officials in his branch and on Capitol Hill. After joining the Mint, he overhauled the customer service department making the US Mint the second best among all federal agencies as a survey that was done by The University of Michigan.

The money reserve is the best solution to the current status of the unstable dollar according to George Soros a Billionaire financier. Currently, the reserve offers the one-ounce gold bullion coins which can be either the American Eagle, the South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf and the Australia’s Philharmonic. The gold bullion bar can be either a one ounce, 32.15 ounces or a 10-ounce bar. Silver bullion in the U.S. Money Reserve include the American Eagle coin, 100 ounce Johnston Matthey bar, 500-coin monster box and the 90% Silver Bag. For more information on the denominations offered click here.
Philip other achievements on the money reserve apart from the customer services improvement are that he led the creation of the 50 states quarter program which came to be the most successful coin in the history of US. The coin sold more than any other coin ever produced by the reserve beating the Susan B. Antony Dollar and the platinum coin. The introduction of the new coin made enough profits for the money reserve up from $450 million to $2.5 billion during the final years. The president of the Mint is also a member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation and is also the co-founder of the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee.

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Lime Crime: A Makeup for Every Girl

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

The great artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.” Showcase that enthusiasm with the makeup that’s shocking the cosmetic world. Being unique is a gift, and Lime Crime believes that the world should embrace individuality.

There’s something for every type of girl at Lime Crime.
1. Happy Hottie
High energy, bubbly personalities will love Lime Crime’s line of Carousel gloss. Whether they’re on the dance floor or at a party, the Happy Hottie knows there’s something powerful about a smile. This glittery gloss echoes the words “Girls just Wanna Have Fun,” and will put the spotlight on any social butterfly. With color names such as “Candy Apple,” “Hollygram,” and “Snowsicle,” these products are sure to bring a smile.
2. Brainy Babe
More than ever before, nerdy is the new cool. Intellectuals are really enjoying a moment right now and for good reason: Smart chicks are hot! Showcase that big brain with Venus eyeshadow. Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus” has nothing on this color palette. It blends nudes, oranges, browns, and reds to reveal a surprising mix of classic and mod. The smart choice is obvious. Create a stir with intelligent creativity.
3. Moody Beauty
Just because they take a more sober approach to life, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look fabulous while showcasing who they are. Enter the Velvetines. This lip color goes on like a liquid but sets like a matte. Make a statement with Witchberry Purple or Black Velvet. No matter how dark the shade, Velvetines are famous for their never fading or transferring. Go out into the darkness armed with Velvetines, and look great doing it.
4. Workaholic Woo-man
This group of girls doesn’t get a lot of love from the beauty industry. They make the stereotypical assumption that girls who kick butt don’t have time to look good. Lime Crime is here to prove them all wrong. Sleep is important. Sometimes just fifteen extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a crappy one. Making a splash around the water cooler doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected nail color. Apply one of Lime Crimes delightfully odd nail polish colors the night before. It doesn’t take long, but the results are fantastic. Play around with Parfait Day, Peaches & Cream, Pastelchio, Crema De Limon, or Once in a Blue Mousse. The working girl can enjoy the extra attention she receives from that hot guy three cubicles over. She’s earned it!

Lime Crime’s variety is as amazing as it is ground-breaking. Every kind of girl is represented through pure, quality cosmetics. Now there’s no need to settle on makeup that’s “so-so” or “good enough”. Insist on the best. Insist on Lime Crime.

Trust Me on This One

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

My dog Lucy turned 10 last year and I never thought she would make it to that age. The reasoning behind her healthy success, Beneful. I know it sounds corny to say Beneful saved my dog’s life, but I honestly believe they did. When Lucy turned 8 years old, she started having problems with her heart and digestive track. It got to the point where I almost thought I would have to put her down. Before I even thought about it twice my brother in law gave me the idea of trying a different dog food brand. That brand was Beneful. At first I did not think switching dog foods would do the trick, but it sure did.

Within just a few weeks of switching Lucy’s dog food I started to notice some spectacular changes in her behavior and eating habits as well. But that is not the best part. When I took Lucy to the vets office just one month later they informed me that her digestive problems were resolved and her heart was well on the way to making a full recovery. I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying at first. He had just given me the best news I ever could have asked for. I could now keep my my best friend with me for years to come. If I hadn’t of taken the advice from my brother in law Steve, I am not sure that would have made it this far.

I feel that Beneful could solve a lot of problems for dogs across the world if owners on facebook are willing to take steps towards changing. Compared to other brands, Beneful really isn’t all that expensive and for the benefits it gives your dog, who cares if it is an extra dollar more. What matters is that you will be giving your dog a chance at a healthier life. One that will allow them to stay young for years to come while on a brilliantly healthy diet. Maybe others do not feel the same, but I do. I am not the only advocate either, just ask my family.

Not only did me and my brother in law choose to use Beneful, but so didn’t my father and my cousin Daniel as well. Each and every one of them agreed with me when I said that this brand was able to completely change a dog’s life around. My cousin started using it with his puppies he just got a few months ago and he said they are growing at full speed. The puppy chow offered by Beneful has all the nutrients and minerals needed to grow a beautiful little puppy into a full grown healthy adult and you will not get that with any other brand. Trust me when I say that.

How to Pick out and Relate to Your Beauty Products

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

There’s an entire industry focused on beauty. Almost every woman has made a search for beauty at least some part of her life. And these two things will usually intersect with each other fairly often in everyone’s life. There’s a lot of women who want to look their best. And there’s a lot of options out there to help them do so. One might think that this would make the search for true beauty fairly easy. But most people can attest that the amount of options out there can actually make things more difficult. There’s something really disheartening about searching through hundreds of different makeup brands and not finding anything that really works for one’s individual sense of style.

But sometimes innovation can come from frustration. Doe Deere is a woman who found herself in that exact situation. As a performer, her public image was especially important. It was vital that her outward appearance match her inner sense of beauty. But she simply couldn’t find any brand of makeup that fit her personal aesthetic sense of beauty. So Doe Deere decided she needed to create her own brand of makeup. The result is something that would later come to be known as Lime Crime. It proved so popular that she started to produce it in larger quantities and actually sell it. Thousands of women have been delighted to finally find a perfect match for their personal sense of style with Lime Crime.

Obviously not everyone can start their own makeup company. And it’s not really an option for most people to even try creating their own makeup. But what women can do is follow Doe Deere’s Lime Crime inner convictions. She knew that beauty is all about fully expressing oneself. It’s not about hiding blemishes or things that people don’t like about themselves. Of course makeup can accomplish those things. But that’s easily the least important thing about it. What’s really important about makeup comes from added potential. Makeup allows people to push forward in new and unique ways. It lets people open up doors for themselves which would otherwise be closed. Makeup means that women can create a look for themselves which matches what they feel in their heart. Perfect makeup is something which allows a woman to perfectly communicate her inner beauty to the world through outward displays.

This also leads into one of the most common mistakes that women make with beauty products. People have a strong tendency to forget that makeup isn’t something that’s meant to create a new face. Makeup is about enhancing and making smaller changes. It’s there to make a smile come out more, to draw attention to traits people like about themselves and away from those people don’t. To once again return to Lime Crime, the brand’s motto is to not quit one’s daydreams. Makeup is less about a dream, and more about a daydream. It’s about reaching those nearly achieved goals people see within their daydreams. Makeup is all about helping people achieve the almost possible ideals. The best makeup is the makeup which allows people to live their own lives more fully.