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Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Their Services Through A Merge With Las Vegas Air And Paradise Air

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Goettl Air Conditioning is a service company that concentrates on providing air conditioning services in homes and commercial property and also looks into their heating. In a recent news report by PR news, Goettl Air Conditioning announced their current merge with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. These two companies have been in operation for many years, providing heating and air conditioning services in homes. Through the merge, the companies have added twenty employees in the merge and also fifteen trucks to aid with the operations.



The president and chief executive officer of Goettl Air Conditioning, Mr Ken Goodrich describes the merge as a stepping stone for the company for greater success and more market in the Southwest. Through the merge, the company is assured of tapping more markets and also with the resources shared among the companies, they are certain that customers will continue receiving quality service.



Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air are also certain that the merge was the right decision for the companies. Stephen Gamst adds that through the merger, he would be able to give his clients and the employees’ better terms. Through the merge, both companies who share in the same values and mission will continue providing excellent services to their clients.



Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 as a family business that dealt on giving homes a comfortable time as they took care of heating the houses and ensuring that the attics didn’t hold so much heat that would make the living uncomfortable. With more than seventy seven years in the business they have learned a great deal on customer service and treatment. The company has qualified staff that ensure thorough work is provided to the homes which gives the clients an aura of comfort and a homely experience in their houses.



The company has offices in Phoenix Las Vegas and South California and continues to expand in several other areas. With the merge, the company will be able to provide their high quality services to more clients. Moreover, the company has diversified their services and operations so that they are able to reach out more customers. Their partnership with the Sunny Plumber enables the company to provide plumbing services to their clients. The company has mastered the art of air conditioning and plumbing so that they are able to match homes with the right service which lasts for several years. Under the leadership of Mr Goodrich, the company continues to grow and expand nationwide.