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Andy Wirth: Squaw Valley Ski Resort Strategy to Remain Competitive in the Industry

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Squaw Valley Ski Resort has remained competitive in the industry through offering world-class terrain for its skiing clients. Over the years, the company’s visitation to the North Lake Tahoe has slowed down due to some rivals in the area diversifying their activities into extensive resort amenities to survive.

To respond to the effect, Squaw Valley Resort has developed a plan that is consistent with the community’s core values of environmental stewardship and culture. After many meetings with this community to invite their opinions, consensus, and input, a plan that would create new jobs and support the area’s infrastructure was agreed.

The plan entailed expanding the villages at Squaw Valley. The whole process of expansion would include the establishment of a Squaw Creek Interpretive Park to offer miles of new hiking and fun bike trails, and the creation of a Mountain Adventure Camp to offer frivolous opportunities that match the mountain landscape including rock climbing, zip lines, and other adventure activities. The camp will also be an outstanding training facility for sportspersons. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

To the communities, the project will create more than 1,500 new job opportunities. The project will generate more than $25 million in yearly tax revenues benefiting the entire county of California.

Additionally, essential public infrastructural support services including schools and health institutions, roads improvement, environmental initiatives (removal of snow), and transit services will be offered. And as the president of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth says, a project that protects the company’s legacy and benefits the entire community, is the best way to approach competitors.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings based in California. He has spent the larger part of his career working in both the mountain resorts and the hotel industry.

He has worked for several other companies including Steamboat Spring Resort, Intrawest (a company that acquired Steamboat in 2007), and currently, he is the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort.

Andy Wirth earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado State University (USA) and a Masters from the Edinburgh University located in Scotland.


Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley ski holdings and the chairman of the Reno Tahoe airports authority board, has been fighting against a threat. This threat was to incorporate Olympic Valley with other Northern winter iconic sports a move by a group of pro-incorporation backers from Olympic Valley. The threat was to have a negative effect on the development of Olympic Valley. It was easy for the area to be ignored in the development of road infrastructure and plowing of snow that would affect the businesses in the area. Andy thinks that the move was a recipe for fiscal disaster in the area where even a wine person will not have the ability to do his/her business due to increased task. The move was to lead Olympic Valley to a crisis in political, civic and business operations.

Andy Wirth has been in the forefronts for all operations relating to Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He spent thousands of dollars opposing the cruel move by the incorporation backers. He has been involved in many development activities to help the growth of Olympic Valley and its residents. He is concerned with the welfare especially because he once had a passion for skiing around the area but while skydiving he got in a fatal accident that badly injured his arm. His recovery was from the help of his parents, therapists and a group of Navy Seals located in the Olympic Valley. With the great team of navy seals Andy recovered very well. He hence participates with his group of steam iron to raise funds for the navy seal foundation and their family once they go back to their homes.

Andy Wirth works very hard for Squaw Valley and Olympic Valley in general. He looks to commercialize the town to even having real estates. He has recently embarked on a new project to make Olympic Valley the best ski area in America and attract more tourists in the region. Plowing of snow is regular in the area to avoid risks for the skiers. The area is being managed and monitored very well, and Wirth even participates as an undercover boss. When the base to gondola base project is done, Wirth assured skiers of protection while skiing and he do not affect the life of the wildlife animals in the area. Infarct, the project will connect two resorts and two cultures a great attraction for tourists.

The Reno Gazette-Journal article captured the fact that despite the area around Lake Tahoe experiencing a severe drought for 4 years; the winter season came early to the advantage of the business. Two problems have been solved in the area, and the residents and tourists will have the best time of their life in this winter season thanks to Mother Nature and the efforts of Andy.

Attempts to Incorporate Olympic Valley Finally Withdrawn

Friday, March 4th, 2016

In the last few years, people who live in the north shore of Lake Tahoe have faced two serious challenges. First, the drought that was experienced in the country was unfavorable to the winter resorts in that area and other forms of businesses that rely on those resorts. Secondly, there had been attempts to incorporate Olympic Valley. This is where the famous Squaw Valley Resort is located, as well as other important places that provide facilities for winter sports.

Residents of the area, led by Andy Wirth were therefore a happy lot after solutions were found for these two major challenges. First, the winter was a blessing for the area because its early start with storms and falling temperatures enabled Squaw Valley and other winter resorts around there to open early. The second solution came when the efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley were withdrawn.

Andy is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC. He is also the President of Alpine Meadows, because in 2011, the Company that owns Squaw Valley acquired Alpine Meadows. Perhaps as proof of his good business sense, Andy was also appointed chair of the Board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. According to reports, Andy was appointed because of his vast experience in running and managing resorts. He had also worked with other airlines in order to increase the number of flights to other places with resorts such as Utah and Colorado.

Andy had been a firm opposer of the efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley. He was of the opinion that the incorporation would threaten the business and civic environment in the area. In his efforts to oppose the incorporation, the Company for which he is President, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent up to hundreds of thousands of their money. This is because, as Andy said, the incorporation would also increase the taxes the residents of the area paid. Besides, incorporation would interfere with the provision of services such as snow plowing and road maintenance to the people of the area. Finally, Andy said that incorporation would isolate Olympic Valley from other North shore communities with which they cooperated to deal with their regional matters. Although Andy gave his reasons for opposing the incorporation, those who supported the incorporation thought that Andy’s Company had its own motives for opposing the incorporation. It was California’s Local Agency Formation Commission which decided that the town which was proposed by those proposing incorporation was not viable. After that decision, Andy requested that the community in Olympic Valley unite to deal with issues such as transportation. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has recently announced plans to build a gondola that will connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

This Article can also be found in the Reno-Gazette Journal.

Squaw Alpine Looking to Boost Revenue

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Up until this year, the last several years has been on the warmer side of the spectrum. Many locations around the United States have seen record temperatures during the winter months. Additionally, much of the northwest stretching through the midwestern planes have experienced a draught as well. Some locations this has not proven to be a problem, but for locations and businesses that rely on moisture for the company’s wellbeing, it has proven especially difficult. This includes Squaw Alpine. Right off of Lake Tahoe’s north shore, ski-locations have suffered drastically. This has been due to the combination of warmer temperatures and a lack of snow. Thankfully though, Andy Wirth believes this year will prove to be a grand turnaround and help boost the economy in the region.

Early season storms in 2015 have drastically helped in the accumulation of snow in Squaw Valley. It is possible for the lodges to produce manmade snow for the slopes, but this is especially expensive and hard to maintain. It reduces the number of trails and skiing options available to visitors, which in turn reduces the number of visitors who come out in order to enjoy the skiing and other snow activities. Andy Wirth has pointed out it has been the worst four year stretch he has ever seen in the industry, and he has spent nearly his entire professional career not only in hospitality, but within the region as well.

Beyond the weather problems, Squaw Alpine and other resorts within the close community faced a battle against corporations looking to exploit the natural beauty of the region. These large corporations wanted to construct large numbers of new lodges and real estate properties, essentially industrializing the entire area. This is something all of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC and the rest of the community has been against for years. Thankfully though, the corporate desires on this area of the country has moved out, and with the combination of the heavier snow than user as of late, it is proving to help push business back to normal in the skiing community.

Andy Wirth is an individual who has worked within the hospitality industry all of his life. After receiving his college degree in hospitality, he moved to a neighboring hotel and resort in order to work there. While working for the resort he slowly worked his way up the corporate ladder until he sat on the board of directors. Eventually, he took over for the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC company, a position he has helped manage for the last several years. Now that it appears the four year lull is over, he is looking forward to take the company in a new direction and push it to better pastures.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Andy Wirth’s Plan For Clean Power

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Andrew Wirth has been working tirelessly towards clean energy, and all this work is finally beginning to pay off. Not long ago, the Reno City Council cast a vote in support of the Clean Power Plan, which hopefully will take the country from coal power to a new, cleaner and renewable energy. That vote made the council another significant member that gives support to the Clean Power Plan. Times have already changed a lot, and a better economy is rising, and bringing us cleaner energy. Our region has unacceptably poor air quality, along with the drought and increase in forest fires.

Andrew Wirth was born on the twenty-fifth of July and makes a living in the mountain resort and hotel industry. At the moment, he is the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has worked in this industry for more than twenty-five years now. Wirth’s career started with the Steamboat Springs Resort back in 1986, and he served in quite a few different leadership and marketing positions there, and at its parent companies. Wirth has also received a few professional and community service awards, not limited to the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, and the Community Five Award, along with many others. He strives to make the ski area a great tourist destination, and to give truly clean energy to the area as a replacement for coal.

After having his arm ripped off in a skydiving accident where he missed the designated landing area, instead landing on a fence of metal posts and wire, his arm was surgically reconnected, and Andy Wirth helped to co-found an Ironman team, “Wounded Warrior Support.” Which honors the men of the Navy SEALs, and supports them and their families after they return to their homes. Andy Wirth has contributed a lot to the Lake Tahoe community service and environmental organizations, which focus on improving the area for the general population.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.

Andy Wirth Applauds Reno City Council For Voting In Favor Of The Clean Power Plan

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
Andy Wirth clearly chimed in with his support of the Reno city council as they voted in favor of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Wirth’s opinion was short and potent in an Op-Ed recently printed in the Reno Gazette-Journal. The Reno city council is not the only entity to vote for the Clean Power Plan in the region. Other private sector companies have already chosen to support the EPA’s plan. Wirth points out that change is not just happening but has happened. He applauds the voices in the region who have embraced clean energy over dirty outdated energy sources. Moving towards clean energy not only contributes to the air we breathe but to the economy we operate in. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Tesla are all about clean energy. These companies also bring great jobs with them too. Wirth also makes the point that the region has great access to solar and geothermal energy yet coal is still being burned at the Valmy coal plant. The time to evolve is here, now.

Born in Neubrucke, Germany in 1963, Andy Wirth brings quite a bit of life experience with his opinion. Wirth has attended Edinburgh University in Scotland and also Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Wirth has been a wilderness ranger, hot shot fire crew member, has held various higher level marketing positions in the ski resort industry and has even appeared on a 2013 episode of Undercover Boss. Apparently, Wirth is willing to risk life and limb, quite literally, to be a doer rather than just a talker. In 2013, Wirth had a near fatal skydiving accident in which his right arm was torn off. After 50 days in the hospital and over 23 surgeries Wirth returned to work. This skydiving accident prompted Wirth to found a team called “Wounded Warrior Support”. This team raises support for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports Spec-Ops team members and families after they return from deployment.

Andy Wirth is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has also been appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth works to improve the Lake Tahoe area for people of all ages. Apparently, Wirth is passionate about not only improving the attractiveness of the area as a ski resort but also the environment that future generations will live in.