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The Amazing Credit Solutions Provided by GreenSky Credit Corporation

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

David Zalik aged 43 years old, is the founder of the GreenSky Corporation, a company that deals with providing credit solutions to customers in the nation. He has a great history of success in his business career and therefore advises young entrepreneurs on effective ways of accomplishing their business goals. David Malik has played a great role in connecting various customers to financial institutions in the United States through his platform. This has helped in improving lives of many individuals in the country and hence GreenSky Company gains recognition for it.

The GreenSky Company was founded in 2006 as a private corporation with its headquarters being based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is highly praised for its proficiency in availing credit services to all their customers in the country. It partners with financial institutions to offer technological improvements meant to enhance services to their customers. The company thus acts as an intermediary in the provision of the credit services to all its customers within the United States. Some of these services include loan advancements, healthiness , furniture, roofing, window fittings, and installation of solar services in homes of the customers.

This provides an easier way of accessing reasonably prized funds among young entrepreneurs or even other interested consumers. Other medium organizations or companies are also not left out in this. All these efforts are centered on improving lives of the clients they work with. In all these services GreenSky gives a chance to customers to acquire loans of the amounts that suits their needs.

Most businesses thus use these funds to finance  their businesses in purchases of goods and all other transactions involved in the business until the final sales are completed. Customers access these loans through the financial institutions such as banks and other microfinancing organizations. However, the loan credibility is based on the customer’s pas t information on the payment issue.

The company, therefore, has no attempts at being a business rival to banks in the industry since they are completely different in their operations. Any financial institution willing to partner  with GreenSky can thus do it comfortably to advance its services as well as maximizing its profits.

Upwork Organize Your Day with the Help of a To-Do List

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

If you are an ambitious freelancer who doesn’t want to mess up their reputation online at a freelancing site like Upwork, maintaining a to-do list is a must. There are more than 12 million freelancers and 5 million registered clients at Upwork, so one can be sure that the environment at the site is highly competitive. If you do not turn in good work within the deadline, rest assured other freelancers are more than willing to fill in your position. You have to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you remain competitive. Keeping your client happy and satisfied is essential, and it is why you need to provide good work within deadline. To ensure this, you must have a plan. The most important part of the plan is to have and maintain a to-do list.

A to-do list would ensure that you can complete your tasks on time and is in the know about the deadlines that are approaching of various tasks. But, just remembering is not enough. You should write down the things that you need to accomplish the next day. There are multiple applications available these days that would help you delegate your tasks to your team and other team members in a very simple and easy manner. Using these applications is highly useful. But, just using the to-do application will be of no help if you are not careful. You need to make sure that you create your to-do list the night before so that you can start working on it early morning the next day. It also gives you a head start on the day. It is also useful to set deadlines for each task depending on their priority. There will be times when you won’t be able to complete each task for the day, and you will have to prioritize according to importance.

Upwork has been helping millions of freelancers by allowing them to sell their services online and earn considerable income from it. But, one has to be discipline and consider Upwork just like any other work if they want to be successful.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Authors A New Article

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that is used by businesses around the world as a video communication product that enhances their marketing efforts in ways that haven’t been seen before. He recently wrote an article on MarTech Advisor which is his second in the past year.

The article that Bob Reina wrote, “Video Advertising Trends of 2016″ shows the role that on-trend video styles and techniques can play when introducing an effective marketing campaign. Reina was asked to write the article by the editors of MarTech Advisors which is one of the most read publications intended for Chief Marketing Officers.

Talk Fusion’s main product is an all-in-one video marketing solution which Reina targets towards IT professionals and marketing leadership. He can stand on the products increasing trending and marketing analysis of how quickly the app is being adopted as a way to sell the product. One industry expert has described Talk Fusion as not just a beneficial way to increase the reach of marketing but is really an advertiser’s most valuable asset.

Reina has commented that his first product in 2004, Video Email, gave him foresight into online videos potential as a marketing medium. He decided to write his second article for MarTech Advisor as a way to show not only how to use online video as part of a marketing effort but why it should be used. Bob Reina has also written articles for The Huffington Post about his company and its products.

There are a number of key concepts developed into Talk Fusion. The first is that it is easy to use and requires no experience to use its drag and drop interface. Another feature is that it is fast and affordable where emails and live videos can be quickly created that are eye-catching and accessible. In addition to giving advertisers the ability to easily create communications that will capture their audience’s attention, the Talk Fusion app gives them the ability to allow viewers to quickly take action and engage with the advertised business.


The Amazing Success of Handy Home Services

Friday, February 19th, 2016

The home services industry has been growing very quickly with the new technologies that we have at our disposal. There are many smartphone technologies that are making on-demand home services more possible than ever before. Just like driving apps such as Uber, there are home service apps that are bringing the home services industry to a whole new audience. More now than ever individuals are feeling comfortable about hiring out their home cleaning and repairs. Most of the tasks that individuals used to have to do on their own are now being outsourced to professionals in the home services industry.

Just like any industry, there are companies in the home service industry that are standing out above the rest. Handy has been hailed as one of the leading companies in the home services industry due to their intense attention to detail and customer service. Only 2 years after Handy’s creation, the home services industry giant was up to $1 million dollars in bookings a week.

The success of this company is not only beneficial to those who are looking for home services but it is also beneficial for those professionals in the field of home services as well. With earnings between 15 to 22 dollars an hour, these home cleaning professionals are able to earn rates higher than if they were just on their own. These earning potentials attract the highest quality cleaning professionals to the Handy platform. Handy is very selective in who they choose to hire. When looking at the statistics, it is harder to work for Handy than it is to get into Harvard. This keeps the reputation of Handy very high with the level of expertise that is expected from these home service professionals.

The future looks very bright for Handy as the market conditions are prime for the growth of tech startups. Individuals are becoming more accustom to purchasing goods and booking services online. Handy has also created customer confidence with their high standards of excellence for their employees. With the excellent professionals that are hired by Handy, it is easy to see why customers are so willing to invite these professionals into their home. It seems as though the only way for handy to move is upward. It will be exciting to see what is in store over the next few years for this rapidly growing company.

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Slyce – Visual Search Company is Taking Mobile Shopping to Higher Levels

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Slyce Inc. is a visual product search company that is revolutionizing the mobile shopping world. Recently, it publicized its intention to display top-notch visual search tools and variety of services available in beta development at

Embracing the Slyce image recognition technology will assist retailers to source for every detail of the product at the comfort of their smartphones. The e-commerce application allows users to take either 3D or 2D snapshot of a particular product and automatically details about the product are displayed. The technology connects retailers to their customers irrespective of their location. Established global retailer utilizing the Slyce visual search technology includes Tilly’s, Home Depot and JCPenny.

The will display additional trademarked products from the Slyce and beta products that are yet to be launched. These products are developed to act as platform through which retailers can interact with their consumers, enhance mobile revenues and aid in conducting marketing research concerning consumers’ preference. They include:

Universal Scanner

This is an amazing innovation, which allows consumers to take picture or scan a product of preference and get comprehensive background information about it. The Scanner interprets QR, coupons, barcodes and codes.

Slyce Insights

Visual search database contains background information of products viewed by the consumers. It enables retailers to keep track on the progress consumers are making in the online shopping.


With this technology, retailers can convert photos of printed coupons irrespective of its origin to a well-designed mobile version. The optimized version is retained in the app memory and users get redeeming notification when coupon nears expansion or close to retail stores.

The BETA technology is developed to increase sales by providing alternatives to consumers in the event of an ‘out of stock’ items. It utilizes a unique visual similarity and relevance analysis. Various mobile applications such as the Pounce, a mobile shopping app, Craves an app used to locate fashion boutiques and SnipSnap which is a top US mobile coupon app.

Slyce Inc. is a company located in Toronto. It specializes in developing technology that creates a platform for the retailer to engage with his/her customers. With simple snap shot consumers, get detailed information about a product irrespective of the packaging. Retailers can browse through products offered by their competitors.

Looking for Handy Cleaning Services

Friday, September 11th, 2015

The idea about hiring a cleaner can be very scary for some people. For one thing, many people feel that they can’t afford to hire a house cleaner. They believe that house cleaners are only available for the super rich. Also, there is the chance of getting ripped off by a house cleaner that is not trustworthy. Fortunately, the Internet has made it so that it is a lot easier to find a house cleaning service that can be trusted to clean a home. The service is also affordable. Therefore, people of all income levels could consider looking at a professional cleaner to hire for his home.

One place to look is at the more famous cleaning companies. This is where the bigger names for house cleaning come in. One should look at the different local name house cleaners in the area of the user. The more famous names are the ones that the user should look at so that he could read reviews on the services. Also, if the company is making a lot of money and getting a lot of recognition, then that is one company that is worth looking into. One must also look at home cleaning companies that do the best they can to protect the customer from being ripped off.

One cleaning company that is worth looking at is Handy House cleaning Services. They are one of the newer cleaning services. They have made a lot of progress since they first started up. They now make millions of dollars monthly. They have over 50 cleaners in their East Coast based company. While they satisfy many customers on a regular basis, it is very hard for someone to get in with the crew due to the screening process that they put each applicant through before hiring them.

The fact that a cleaning company takes its time to make sure that their staff is trustworthy makes it a trustworthy company in and of itself. So if one wants to make sure that they are in good hands with a house cleaning service, then they have to look at the approval process of the company. Once they see that a certain company has a trustworthy reputation, then they should schedule an appointment for their house to be clean. They just have to set the time, and the rooms that need to be clean. Once the cleaner shows up, all that needs to be done is for the resident to do whatever other tasks he needs to get done and not worry about walking home to a nasty home. His home will be spotless.

Get Out and Meet New People with Skout

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

It doesn’t need to be difficult in order to find someone new. It just takes knowing where to look. This doesn’t mean heading out to one of the local bars or clubs in order to hope to bump into someone. That really is not necessary. In fact, that probably is not always advised. Instead, all that is required is a mobile phone. It truly is amazing what smartphones are now able to do, which is why anyone who wants to connect with others in the given area just need to checkout the Skout application. This is a free application that connections millions of individuals around the world, all based on their GPS location. So, the next time someone is looking to get out and have some fun with new people, all they need is the application.

The Skout application can be downloaded for free directly from the App store on an iPhone or Google Play on Android. The application does connect individuals between platforms, so nobody needs to worry about not being able to connect to iPhone users because they have an Android. Once everything is up and running they are able to enter in some profile information. It is a good idea to provide some profile information, otherwise someone might end up without any kinds of matches. Images is a good way to start out. A person who has a profile picture is far more likely to connect with other users of Skout than those individuals who do not have a profile picture. On top of this, including a small blurb about oneself is a good idea to help break the ice as well. After all, it is all about meeting new people and interacting with others who someone might like and want to spend time with.

This is not necessarily a mobile dating application but instead a mobile people finding application. With the application it is possible to see who is located in the general GPS area. The user can alter their search field based on how far they are willing to meet someone. This way, someone who is a hundred miles away is not going to appear on the Skout application as this might just be good difficult to connect with one another.

One of the best features of Skout is the ability to shake the phone and find someone. By shaking the phone, it automatically brings up a random match. Then the user can decide if they want to talk with the person or if they would rather move onto the next match.