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Discover Recent Business News About Doe Deere

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Doe Deere, successful female entrprenuer and cosmetic founder of the Lime Crime brand has made business news headlines. She was able to merge with the Tenegram group with her cosmetic brand being a superior candidate for Tenegram. The Tenegram group has kept a watchful eye on cosmetics like Lime Crime for standing out on their own. Plus, Lime Crime has been able to sell millions of cosmetics and has attracted Tenegram for this reason. Their new CEO and former Fresh manager; Stacy Panagakis says, Lime Crime will continue under its current moniker. Their customers can still rely on their completely vegan formula.

Plus, Deere was able to stop the sell of fake matte cosmetics by creating an international overseas e-commerce. Unfortunately, many international users were putting their skin in jeopardy by using fake super-foil cosmetics. Deere along with their Global Marketing Manager immediately came up with a resolution to help their clients stay safe. Today, their progressive e-commerce has sold thousands of units. Their international market has been a success. International LC cosmetic users have the opportunity to use authentic products with the success of their e-commerce market. Doe Deere has always been interested in expanding her cosmetics to a global forefront.

Lime Crime is a unique blend of eye-shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick products. Surprisingly, their cosmetics offer bold colors that are unmatched by their competitors. In fact, their matte base is why a lot of users prefer their cosmetics. The super-foil formula was not the top selection for many other cosmetic brands. However, the business risk turned out to be a success for LC cosmetics. You can find ways to spruce up your color style choices by using their exclusive YouTube tutorials for ideas. You can buy their products from select retail department stores. Most customers enjoy buying their cosmetics from the Lime Crime website.

Doe Deere has always had an idea for bold colors. She was glad to birth the LC cosmetic blend. However, her expansion ideas also includes her Scandal lipstick with an violet-blue hue along with a unique Unicorn hair dye collection with bold colors for her users.

One Intrepid Reporter Tries A New Hair Care Line

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Any woman wants hair that looks great when she’s around the town or a special date. Getting hair that is manageable and looks fabulous but does not require a lot of attention is not always easy. This is why the savvy businesswoman today knows that it always useful to be on the lookout for new products that can help her get hair that looks wonderful but does not require a lot of maintenance. This is what one reporter discovered on her quest as she tried an entirely new line of hair products on the market at the present time.
Her Results

At Bustle Magazine, she shows to her readers what happened to her hair when she decided to use Wen hair products. Wen By Chaz is a new line of hair care items that are all about offering today’s modern woman choices that can help make their lives easier and less stressful. This is why she decided that it might be a good idea for to find out what the items could do for her own hair. She quickly found out how it was possible to apply the products on her own hair and get looks she really loved each day.

Working With Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is an entirely unique line of new products on the market that are made from specific ingredients that are known to produce lovely results for anyone using them. Each type of Wen By Chaz product has been created from ingredients that have been proven safe and highly effective over time, allowing modern women to tap into this kind of ancient wisdom each time they use it. Many women today have found out how it is possible to buy the products and then them each day to get hair they really love. Get Wen hair care products online on Guthy Renker and Sephora. It can also be purchased through

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Get Ready for School with These Wengie Life Hacks

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, sharpen your pencils and prepare for another school year! Alright, it is not necessarily an exciting time, but Wengie has compiled a pretty nifty video that abates the general stress affiliated with starting a new school year. Her life hacks help you channel your inner education guru with some Aussie flair.

1. Sitting at a computer for long periods of time puts dangerous strain on your occular muscles. If your eyes begin to hurt and you simply need a break from reading, activate the speech feature that most computer programs have. You can simply listen to the text instead of reading it. This is also great for proofreading.

2. If you are without a whiteboard and in need to take down some temporary notes, a picture frame serves the same purpose.

3. Who does not love gym class? Well, probably the people who cannot avoid the stench of their gym shoes! Placing tea bags in the shoes before placing them in your locker or bag will eliminate the odor and any potential embarrassment.

4. Classrooms can get pretty warm sometimes, and not everyone carries deodorant with them to school. Using hand sanitizer under your arm pits kills the bacteria that causes body odor, though!

5. Have a pesky marker or ink stain that does not wash off? Use nail polish remover.

6. is a great thesaurus that helps you expand your vocabulary and to avoid repetition when writing an essay.

7. More than half of the population feels nervous before giving a presentation. Supposedly, though, blowing on your thumb before giving a speech abolishes any lingering nerves.

8. Unfortunately, the world is full of some unsavory characters. If you ever find yourself driving home from school or work and have the unsettling feeling that you are being followed, take four right turns to go into a circle. If the person is still behind you, they are following you–consider driving to a police station or a public place until they leave.

9. If you ever seal an envelope but forgot to put something in it, do not rip it open. Instead, place it in the freezer to weaken the glue.


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