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Vegan Beauty with Lime Crime

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

More and more beauty gurus are moving towards vegan products that do not test on and subsequently harm animals. Thankfully, many brands are creating tons of high quality vegan products, or even going completely vegan. One of the more well-known brands doing so is Lime Crime. Their beautiful signature makeup is bright, fun, and one hundred percent vegan, proving that you can look fantastic without supporting companies that test on animals.

While Lime Crime is mostly a makeup company, one of their most exciting new products is their Unicorn Hair Color. This semi-permanent coloring conditioner will give you the bold hair you’ve always dreamed of. The best part? Striking color even shows up on dark hair! Since it’s not a dye, this vegan product is totally healthy for your hair and doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell like some dyes. Lime Crime even offers an online quiz to help you discover which product will be perfect for you.

One highly awaited vegan item that this company recently came out with is the Venus XL palette. Proclaimed on their website as the ultimate grunge palette, this gorgeous set of eyeshadows displays a range of warm colors, particularly reds, pinks,and burgundies. It comes in eighteen different shades that include both matte and shimmer shadows. It is an exciting new take on their original Venus palette and perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Lime Crime creates cruelty-free products such as Unicorn Hair and the Venus XL palette and maintains their vegan status because they began as a brand that loves animals and wants to promote products that do not harm them in the process of creation. This includes all-vegan products, meaning that their makeup does not contain any animal byproducts. And of course, they are also cruelty-free, so none of their makeup is tested on animals. They proves that luxurious beauty does not have to come at a cruel price for our animal friends and that glamor can be achieved completely vegan.