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General Information Regarding Bruno Fagali

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

This will give a recap of an article as well as general information on Brazilian Attorney, Bruno Fagali and the company SEC. The article being recapped is called “SEC pays for bank system reporting highest reward in the history of the institution: $33 million!”. This is from “FAGASPRESS”. A couple weeks ago there were two rewards that the SEC had given to three unnamed reporters. They have helped significantly to both prove and make clear on some consequential illegality that the Bank of America has committed.

On the date of March 18th 2018, $25 million each was given to two of the three individuals. Also, one of the three was given an amount of $33 million. The next greatest money reward ever given by SEC was in the year 2014 with an amount of $30 million. An important thing to note is that the money given out hasn’t given any loss finance to the illegally managed security holders. This doesn’t excuse the institution from the legal responsibility it might have.


Now, some general information about Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali from USP became a holder in a master’s degree in State Law. His professional life has a focused on administrative law which focuses on the field of Public Administration control. Is by the PUC and FGV a Specialist in Administrative Law. He is known as a CIP or Specialist in Communication of Public Interest. The modern sb is actually the only entire Brazilian agency to an invitation in the advertisement in competition of international organizations.

Something Bruno Fagali has displayed his responsibility for implicating the Corporate Integrity Program. Also, he has been training teams from the locations of Rio de Janerio, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo. He also shows accountability of the Corporate Integrity Management designed to be a role in this process. Bruno Fagali also has stabilized the position for a total of twenty-four months.

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Ricardo Tosto Talks about the Importance of Hiring a Good Lawyer for your Business

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

If you are running a business, the chances are that not everything will go as planned. It might happen that you run into a conflict with your partners and feel that there is no resolution in sight. It is the time when a Brazilian lawyer is critical to help you solve the issue amicably. You need to hire a litigation lawyer who has the experience and the knowledge to correctly implement the litigation strategy that is a win-win for all the parties involved. You need to ensure that the litigation lawyer is well-informed about the law since you have everything in line. The lawyer should be able to guide you about the various course of action and advise you which one will be best for you.

In case you are facing problems in your business and need advice immediately in Brazil, you can contact Ricardo Tosto to help you with the legal dispute. Whether any suit has already been filed or will be filed, Ricardo Tosto has the experience to guide you when you need it. Ricardo Tosto has varied clients in different industries and represents them in cases that others will find it difficult to win. He puts in all of his efforts and energy in every case that he takes up and aim for getting the best outcome out of it for their clients. Since Brazilian law is quite complicated, not everyone can understand how it works. Only a learned and experienced lawyer like Ricardo Tosto has a thorough understanding of the law which is important to serve his clients.

Ricardo Tosto has been an important part of the Brazil’s legal community and is regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country with years of experience. He has also written a number of books on law, among which the Trial of Tiradentes was a bestseller. Ricardo Tosto got his law degree from McKenzie University School of law which is one of the top law schools in Brazil. Over the past 20 years, Ricardo Tosto has spent a lot of time in building his law firm Ricardo Tosto & Co.

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Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

Friday, December 30th, 2016

If you are business owner or corporate executive that needs legal advice or representation in Brazil, you need to get a business or corporate litigation lawyer. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a prominent Brazilian lawyer, is one of the best in the field and can help you.

Commercial litigation law and intellectual property law oftentimes overlap because some business disputes are over patents, copyrights, and trademarks. A number of experienced commercial litigation law firms or lawyers will understand or research intellectual property law when there is a need to represent their business clients.

Before you decide on a dispute law firm, you may benefit from arranging a consultation to meet with each of the legal professionals on your list. This consultation will provide you with a chance to see how well organized each lawyer or attorney’s office is and learn about his style of negotiation.

Legal fees may also figure prominently in your decision. If your dispute lingers on, legal fees may add up and become difficult to pay. As such, you may go with a dispute lawyer with an eye toward ensuring that your legal representation is affordable.

You may do well to first compile a list of potential lawyer or attorneys who meet your criteria in terms of such things as track record and experience. You may then go with the legal counsel on this list that charges the most reasonable legal fees.

Ricardo Tosto is a powerful litigation lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto cost-effectively manages complex legal matters for organizations. He handled business and corporate disputes due to his vast of experience in the industry and his focused technique. His performance history is proven and impressive. Mr Ricardo Tosto is acknowledged as one of the leading litigation lawyers in Brazil and also has a well well-known law firm.

Ricardo Tosto is always prepared to take the case to court if out of court settlement does not work. Whether it’s litigation or alternative dispute resolution, Mr Ricardo Tosto will pursue any type of methods to obtain his customer’s desired result. He is very caring and works closely with his clients to understand their business and their expectations.

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