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The Life and Career of Brian Bonar

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

This year, the chairman and CEO of Dalrada got the chance to be named as the executive of the year by the Cambridge Who’s Who recognition. The Cambridge Who’s who gets to name two males and females who have excelled in their respective fields as executives of the year.

For you to be chosen by the selection committee, they have to review your leadership abilities as well as the academic achievements and professional accomplishments. Brian Bonar has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector where he has dealt with big projects. This experience led him to land the Position of operation management at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar has held the position of the chairman and chief executive officer of the Corporation for over ten years. These two positions puts him in a position where he is supposed to select employee benefits and at the same time has to deal with after-market products.

The main job of Dalrada is to act as a marketing Liaison. This means that it’s fully responsible for offering the clients those services that enable them to work efficiently. Some of these services include financial management and business management. They also offer other services like risk management insurance where they deal with workers compensation and business liability and also deal with employee benefits.

Brian Bonar is a scholar as he holds a Ph.D. and is also responsible for day to day running of other organizations such as Smart-Tek Automated Services where he is the CEO and the chairman. At Allegiant Professional Service Inc., Bonar is the president and oversees day to day activities. He went for his undergraduate degree from James Watt Technical College where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering.

As for his masters, he attended the Stafford University for a Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering. Brian has not always been his own boss but has worked for other corporations before. There was a time he worked for the IBM as a procurement manager.

Later on, he became the director of engineering at QMS where he was able to manage over a hundred people. Brain did not rest here. Instead, he moved on and became the sales manager at Adaptec and once he felt he had the required experience, he started his own venture and established a company called Bezier Systems.

Despite the broad requirements of his career, Brian Bonar has managed to concentrate on two things. He deals with acquisitions as well as mergers. He has a way of combining the skills of an engineer with that of architecture to produce genius solutions.

Brian Bonar has also managed to serve on other boards such as the board at Alliance National Agency Inc. as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.