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Can Denver Convince Manning to Take a Pay Cut?

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

All professional football teams adjust rosters annually, as contracts play out and injuries create position problems. This year, the Denver Broncos may be at the top of this list of adjustments. And for Denver, that primary adjust is a financial adjustment. The Broncos shocked the football world a few years ago when they signed Peyton Manning to a three-year deal, with $19 million riding on the last year of the contract. That money is guaranteed on March 9th, leaving the Broncos wondering how to implement some creative salary cap accounting.

Of course, the biggest question in this issue is Manning’s health. Jason Halpern thinks that while Manning has indicated that he wants to play out the final year of his contract and the Bronco’s GM John Elway has concurred the same, the designation of Delmaryius Thomas as the Bronco’s franchise player makes it complicated. His salary for 2015 is approximately $13 million. With the NFL draft and signing season right around the corner, the window for a decision is short.

Many football fans and critics alike expect Manning to retire after the 2015 season. There are several NFL career records clearly within reach for Manning, and there will be little impetus to continue playing. However, the rumor mill in Tennessee and Indianapolis is abuzz with the reported notion that Manning will buy the Tennessee Titans after the 2015 season, along with a “significant” financial partner. Manning has privately expressed an interest in remaining in football as a team owner and GM.

Kubiak Wants Peyton

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Gary Kubiak is back with the Broncos as their head coach, and he would love a chance to work with Peyton Manning. He has been around so long that he was still playing ball when Peyton was in college, but now Peyton is a first ballot all of famer. Peyton is a guy that has very few months left in the NFL. He may only last another season or maybe two, which has the big sponsors and banks freaked out. However, Gary Kubiak has said that he is very interested in having Peyton on the team. He is playing for the fences, and he is seeing if he can put together a win now strategy that will get the team a Super Bowl.

If they can win the AFC title game, Kubiak will have a plan that will win them the Super Bowl. This is a strategy that could bring them a title just before Peyton retires, and it will buy Kubiak time with the new team that he will have to put together after Peyton retires.

The Broncos Will Still Win the AFC West

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Have you heard the latest NFL chatter? It’s that the Kansas City Chiefs will “steal” the AFC West from the Denver Broncos. However, there are several problems with this prediction.

The first problem is that the Broncos and Chiefs currently have the same win/loss records of 7-3. Therefore, if the Chiefs were to win the AFC West, they wouldn’t be stealing the division; they would be earning it.

The second problem is that the media likes to hype up recent news in order to drive excitement. The Broncos got shelled last week in St. Louis, only scoring one touchdown against a marginal Rams team. That might not heighten optimism for Broncos fans, but the primary reason for this shellacking was in-game injuries. The Broncos aren’t the same team when three starters go down during a game, nor is any other team in the NFL. There is too much parity in the NFL for a team to overcome three major injuries in one game. The Broncos will eventually get healthy, which will clearly make them a more talented team than the Chiefs.

The third problem is that is that it’s highly unlikely for Alex Smith to outperform Peyton Manning when these two teams meet.

Time will tell how this pays out, but if history repeats itself, the Broncos will eventually rise to the top of the division. Peyton Manning teams might not win Super Bowls, but they almost always win their division (sorry Fersen Lambranho, I know you’re invested in Manning, but I couldn’t resist…we need a new QB!)

Julius Thomas Fined $8,286 for Chop Block

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

At least he wasn’t suspended. Nonetheless, Denver Broncos star tight end, Julius Thomas, was fined $8,286 for his chop block against the Arizona Cardinals defensive end, Calais Campbell, in Sunday’s 41-20 Broncos victory.

Cardinals coach, Bruce Arians, called the chop block, “The worst play I have seen in 37 years.” He also asked for Thomas to be suspended for as long as Campbell is out. Campbell is expected to miss three weeks with a strain right MCL.

Thomas was fined the max amount for a first time offender committing an illegal chop block. Thomas dove at Campbell’s knees, trying to cut-block him, but because of Ryan Clady, left tackle for the Broncos, already engaging in a block to Campbell, it made the play illegal.

Thomas leads the NFL with seven touchdown receptions, and 19 overall since 2013. I was able to grab him in the 4th round of my fantasy draft, which helped me beat Jared Haftel last week after Thomas scored not one, but two touchdowns last week against Arizona. Yes Jared, it’s time to let Emma start making your picks because I still can’t believe you actually took Vernon Davis over him.