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Sheldon Lavin Professional Contribution to the Achievements of OSI Group

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group, LLC in 1970 as the Chief Executive Officer. He serves as the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and a Rush University Medical Center general trustee. Mr. Lavin is a professional in the banking industry and owns a financial consultant firm besides being an investor.

The renowned leader was involved in the facilitation of Otto & Son’s facilitation which served as an opportunity for him to work at the meat processing firm. His leadership transformed OSI Group LLC, to a global food products dealer. He contributed to the expansion of the business in 16 countries with more than 55 facilities. The investor utilized the brand of his consulting firm to secure funding for the expansion of OSI Group. He collaborated with professionals in other food processing companies.

This visionary entrepreneur has made valuable contributions to develop OSI Group. His dedication has transformed the company into an international industry leader from a domestic food processing company. The investor aims at emerging the company as the leading world-class food processing industry.

The Investor Achievements

His ability to propel the family business to an international company sets Mr. Lavin as a successful innovator. Through his creative skills, he has created job opportunities for more than twenty thousand people. Mr. Lavin leadership places OSI Group one of the 50 top private organization, with its facilities operating in 17 countries. The industry earns over $6 billion annual revenue

Sheldon received a Global Award in 2016 from India’s Vision World Academy, for his efforts in positioning OSI Group on the global podium. The ceremony was in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. The visionary leader was also awarded for his pledge to service in 2015, a Lifetime Achievement award by RSM US LLP.

OSI Group witnessed transformation with the bringing of Mr. Lavin on board. He has committed his efforts and utilized all available networks for the company to expand operations internationally. The company received an environmental award in 2016 November 26th. OSI Group food industry was also awarded in 2016 through Globe of Honor by British Safety Council, for its strategies in risk management.


It is the hope of the renowned entrepreneur, that OSI Group retains its market presence and expand operations to more countries. Lavin urges the new generation corporate leaders to seek mentorship and commit to creation of more opportunities for their employees. The global food industry devoted and talented leader is also a mentor to his successors.

Sheldon Lavin’s Linkedin page is

Handy Effectively Uses Online Onboarding to Cut Costs

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

At the start of 2016 CEO, Oisin Hanrahan, was facing a hard time facing leadership team meetings as he would see that his growth strategy was backfiring. Handy was in the middle of allowing professionals to join the on demand cleaning platform that links trade workers to clients. The plan was to create an online onboarding process that would pop up in all 28 markets the platform worked within.

The co-founder of Handy, Umang Dua was not so sure about the plan and had resisted its rollout for the past two years. He was worried that qualified professionals would not complete the application online. They decided to do a test run in Washington DC and Miami, FL in January of 2015. See,

They were trying to decide what to do after a year had almost past when they secured $50 million in Series C venture capital funding in November 2015. Suddenly they had more funding but they were also unnerved as many said that they would not invest more at this stage of growth. They thought this may be their last round of funding and decided the best path to profitably was via the online onboarding strategy.

Everything would have been great, but the plan failed with the success rate of onboarding dropping by almost 40%. was forced to cancel thousands of bookings as demand for services grew on the platform and the number of professionals failed to grow to match.

They didn’t give up though, they slowly kept rolling out the onboarding process and Handy’s engineers made the self-serve platform easier to use which helped increase the completion rate. By the time the second quarter came around the completion rate was actually 10% higher meaning that Hanrahan did make the right call, even if it did cause everyone to sweat a bit.