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Details Of The Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Whenever an individual takes to Twitter offering their thoughts on the happenings in today’s world, there is always someone willing to listen. However, when that person is venture capitalist and executive Shervin Pishevar, thousands and thousands of Twitter followers are hanging on his every word. In the case of his recent 21-hour tweet storm, his followers had plenty to read and think over, such as the future of the U.S. stock market, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, and the future of companies in Silicon Valley.

When it comes to his predictions regarding the stock market, Shervin Pishevar undoubtedly made many investors nervous by predicting a drop in value of 6,000 points or more in the weeks and months ahead. Believing a volatile bond market will be the major reason for the decline in value, Shervin Pishevar also predicted that investors who are smart with their money will turn to precious metals such as gold to be a safe haven from the market’s woes.

Once finished making stock market investors nervous, Shervin Pishevar moved on to discuss his thoughts and predictions about Silicon Valley. Predicting these companies will no longer be viewed as the world’s best in the high-tech industry, he cited growing foreign competition from China and many other nations as the major reason for his predictions. To regain its elite status within the industry, he predicted Silicon Valley will need to reassess its willingness to develop cutting-edge global marketing campaigns, commit to hiring highly-qualified individuals from around the world, and commit itself to increased research and development in artificial intelligence and other growing IT areas.

Last but certainly not least, Shervin Pishevar made sure investors in virtual currencies had something to think about as well. Pointing to Bitcoin, he predicted the virtual currency will have a $5,000 drop in value, making it sound as if investors should abandon their investments. However, unlike stocks, he predicts a bright future for this industry. For investors who choose to leave their money with Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar predicts losses will not only be recouped, but profits will actually be made along the way.

Neurocore – Helps Achieve the Potential of Your Brain

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

If you are unable to sleep peacefully or facing a wide range of other mental health issues that you need relief from then rather than going for conventional mental health therapy, trust the non-invasive mental health treatment offered by Neurocore. The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was founded in the year 2004 and in the last few years, they have made benchmark growth in the field of neuroscience and applied neuro-feedback.

Neurocore has also developed a highly effective bodybuilding supplement as well that helps adults who are actively exercising and working out to enhance the speed of their muscle gain. Getting better results from the workout sessions is what everyone who works out regularly wants, but without the help of any supplement, it becomes difficult to achieve positive results fast.

Neurocore Muscletech is a very potent supplement that would increase metabolism and overall energy and stamina of the consumer. People who are suffering from fatigue and feel lack of energy through the day or during their work out can take the Muscletech would help you get over it. Neurocore would help pump your muscles effectively and ensure that you have ample strength as well to push through hardcore work out sessions.

Stream Energy Establishes a Philanthropic Arm

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Stream Energy is a renowned energy company which conducts offshore exploration of energy and natural resources as well as supplying electrical power as well as natural gas in the United States. It was launched in the year 2004 by Pierre Koshkaji and his ally Rob Snyder. The firm is a multi-level marketing company which also offers wireless and protective services to households and businesses. Stream Energy has its main offices in Dallas, Texas. Besides, it has other offices in the following state: Delaware, Washington DC, Oakland, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas. The energy company also sells its products and extends its services outside the country making it a highly reputable company in the world.


Stream Energy is the biggest company in Texas, and it has always been desiring to help the Teas residents, especially is locality, Dallas. The company tries its level best to improve the living standards of the people living in the city. By ensuring that, the energy company has decided to establish an independent arm within the firm which will specifically deal with charity and philanthropic activities. The charitable arm is known as the Stream Cares Foundation.
Stream Cares Foundation was established in 2016, and it mainly undertakes its activities in Dallas and other towns within Texas. The new philanthropic wing will take the role of continuing with the charities the company has been conducting since it was founded. Stream Energy has participated in many philanthropic activities such as helping families financially in Houston who were affected with the Hurricane Harvey. The company also helped people who were affected by Tornado in Texas. Stream Energy also provided basic needs like clothing and shelter to homeless children during the homeless crisis which had affected the city.

Stream Cares Foundation will ensure continuity of these charity activities, and it will be working together with other charitable organizations to help the Dallas people. It will be the one responsible for the American Girl Doll Experience, which is an annual project conducted to make the military families feel loved and embraced. The new arm will help the company strengthen its bond with the society.

Agera on Energy Utilization Within the Home

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Agera Energy serves a variety of customers within the United States, these customers may range from those that are within residential sector and to those that are within the business sector as well.

Agera Energy takes great pains to understand each and every aspect of the regions and sectors that they operate in so that they can provide their customers with a great experience overall.

Agera Energy knows that it pays to focus on the details and as such, residential consumers might be interested in conducting a deep dive into the different parts of their energy consumption.

Residential Energy Consumption Categories and Energy Allocation

Surprisingly, entertainment is not a significant number on the list of energy concentration for residential home use. On an average and holistic basis, individuals allocate a small percentage of their energy to their television sets, this means that individuals spend about four to five percent of their energy on television sets and similar items in that category.

The next component would be that of drying machines, these are commonly used within the home but only take a small percentage of the overall energy use within the home. Households typically spend four percent of their energy consumption to in regard to drying machines within their home.

Agera Energy realizes that these are just a few of the components that an individual utilizes within their home and will seek to conduct further deep dives into the other components utilized within the homes of many different individuals.

Learn more about Agera Energy and how it can make a difference in your life.

Investors Feel Confident Having HGGC Invest Their Money

Monday, March 4th, 2019

There are many people who get very nervous about the idea of handing over their money to a complete stranger to invest for them. This is why a growing number of people are taking a close look at the background of any private equity company they are thinking about investing with. HGGC is a private equity company that has a solid reputation for making a profit for their investors. The firm had its start 12 years ago in Palo Alto, CA. Since then, the company has invested in more industries than you can shake a stick at. They have made a lot of good decisions that have helped the company to grow.


The reputation of an investment firm is the most valuable asset it has. This is the first thing a person looks at when they are thinking about investing with a new company. The good news is that HGGC has over a decade of experience making investments that in some cases can top nine figures. Therefore, they are used to getting involved in all sorts of investment opportunities. Nothing scares them away. They buy and sell companies and invest in such diverse industries as financial services and chemicals. The unorthodox approach to investing that HGGC has utilized since its inception has helped it to achieve legendary status in the financial community.


HGGC has been known to invest upwards of $125 million in certain companies. It all depends on many factors that they use to analyze the profit potential of any investment they are thinking about taking advantage of. They will never invest in a company just because many other private equity firms are doing it. They conduct their own research. They will never risk the money of their investors unless they are satisfied the risk will be minimal.


12 years of making huge profits for their investors has made HGGC very well known in investment circles. This has made it very easy for the company to get venture capitalists to hand over lots of money quite easily. The firm is one of the great American success stories. Its best days are yet to come.

Edwin Miranda Of KOI IXS

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Edwin Miranda is a successful CEO that has grown and established his company in marketing. At the age of 21, he understood his passion and followed. Ever since then, it has helped major brands around the world. His goal was to increase customer base of clients by using performance driven marketing. The techniques used by his company are known marketing theologies, he is also coming up with new ways to improve the quality of results. On his journey, he managed to learn how to effectively work and relate with people. He works with designers, analysts and creatives to get the best possible content and value for money. As every highly efficient person, Edwin Miranda wakes up early and uses his time wisely. At the start of the day he takes time to exercise, running or sometimes riding a bike around his place. By 7:30, he’s already at the office ready for his first meeting of the day and uses ‘Fantastical 2’ to organize and monitor his achievements. With time management like this, it’s no surprise why he is highly successful.

Even though his company thrives, Edwin Miranda is still looking for ways to improve the quality of the results. Part of what he looks towards is predictive marketing. The algorithm behind this technique allows analyst interact with the marketing structure in such a way that seems fictional to traditional marketer. If he was to give a message to his younger self, he would encourage himself to take risks, make mistake and grow from them. Along with that would be a bold nature that defies the norm and creates the unexpected. His conscientiousness through out the years have given him the edge at this point in his life. Good time management has definitely played a part in the running of KOI IXS.

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Edwin Miranda’s Tips For Breaking Into the Consultation Business

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Edwin Miranda deals with consultants regularly for his business. He has also written about the subject extensively in his blog. Naturally, we wanted to ask him for his advice or suggestions for those looking to get into the consulting business.

Do you need an MBA for this?

According to Edwin Miranda, it is optional but recommended that you get the MBA prior to entering the world of consulting. According to Edwin Miranda, consulting deals with everything from microeconomics to financial stats. That is why you are better off getting your MBA. That way your bases will be covered and you will look more appealing to head hunters.

Do you have any advice?

Yes. You cannot be afraid to be yourself, especially in interviews. According to Edwin Miranda, you are selling a part of yourself when you apply for the job. The person you work with is investing in your first. They want to hire someone they can see being around every day. According to Edwin Miranda, it also helps to not let work dictate the conversational tone 24/7. You can only talk about work for so long. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your team working. You will need to manage at least 10 hours of conversation a day. You should try to balance out the time by dividing the work and casual conversations. Those who cannot imagine talking for that long should consider a new career path. Consulting calls for a lot of talking with the people you work with. People want to see you being you. They have already signed on to hire you as a consultant. The hard part is over. Relax and let the rest happen naturally.

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Agera Energy: A Brief History

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Agera Energy is an energy business that was started in 2014, and they have grown to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau. The company has been ranked there since 2016. The CEO is Geoffery Duda, and the office is based out of New York. Agera Energy works in the field of natural gas and electricity. Their goal is to educate consumers about where energy comes from, how to use it wisely, and earthly friendly alternatives.

Agera Energy also helps residential customers by teaching them about rate options for their utilities. It is a report that takes about five minutes to complete, and all one needs is a past utility read out or bill. The information you will receive is almost immediate because it is given back quickly via your private email. If you are in the market for focusing on green power, Algera Energy explains and handles those resources too.

“Paul Saunders, the leader of James River Capita, speaks on leadership “

Monday, February 11th, 2019

Paul Sounders and Kevin Brandt founded James River Capital. The company an affiliate of future Management Corp. it was incepted in 1986. The company has thrived in its operations. It offers services in investment management, commodity advisory, advisory among other services.


Also, the company is a registered trademark as an investment advisor in the SEC, Commodity Pool Operator and commodity trading Advisor. Paul Saunders is the current leaders and shares his leadership skills with the managers of other companies.


For one to be a good leader, they should possess exceptional skills to develop and lead the teams under them. It is essential to understand the core values of leadership as highlighted by the leader of James River Capital. Below are the best leadership skills that any management should impress to service.


Contribute to the team’s welfare, do not dictate it


Paul Saunders advises leaders to support the sides instead of leading them. When people are left to make their personal decisions, they tend to work effectively. Whenever there is any problem ar suggestion, chip in to help. Provide them with the necessary resources but do not dictate them in everything.


Encourage feedback


Stats show that 85% of employees hid essential feedback from harsh leadership. When the workers feel that they will be victimised from the negative or critical feedback, they will withhold such feedback. Employers should be open to their employee and encourage any feedback from them. Both negative and positive then act on the input for the betterment of the company.


Encourage everyone to speak out Encourage everyone to speak out in the meetings. Record their names and what they say. Encourage even the silent ones to air their views. Then after gathering the information from the employees, act on them appropriately for the growth of the company.



Paul Saunders is the leader of James River Capita which has thrived in the market since its inception in 1988. It deals with advisory services. Under the leadership of Saunders, the company has succeeded in the operation basing on his excellent leadership skills. He shares his insights with other managers.


According to the leader of James River Capital, support your teams in activities and do lead and dictate everything. Leave your employers to work independently but under the set company’s objectives. Help them where necessary, and you will see the company grow

The second insight is to encourage everyone to give his or her feedback.


Be transparent to your teams and use the feedback to improve the company.

Lastly, encourage all your employees to air their views during meetings. Encourage even the silent one to speak out, and the company will grow drastically. Learn more:


Steve Lesnard’s 2 Key Principles In Digital Marketing

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

The entertainment and tech world is now dominated by the rise of digital goods. With the rise of digital goods comes the rise of digital marketing. In order to successfully market a product, it is common knowledge to always think about the needs of the customers and how the product adds value in customer’s lives. Steve Lesnard has two principles that he follows on digital marketing success.

  1. “Keep it simple and make it memorable”

Keeping things simple is the reason why Apple managed to bring huge success to its iPod product line. How could a campaign that says “10k songs in your pocket” appealed in the demographics of young people back then? Apple’s strategy is simple yet effective. It let its target market to know what real value can their product add in real life. They let their target market know right away that their product can let them carry music in their pocket so they can listen to it on the go.

This simple strategy let them simplify their products and highlight the best innovative and relevant features. Years after, Apple is still using this classic strategy to its full potential while giving a reason for their customers to upgrade. This time, it is used on their Apple Watch products. The Apple Watch appeals to people who want to stay connected even if they’re away from work. In the latest iteration of the product, the added ECG feature is expected to attract older audiences because of its health benefits. Steve Lesnard also highlights how giving the consumers a sense of unique experience is a beneficial thing for a product.

  1. “Bring it to life to make it real”

Effectively marketing the benefits of your product would be useless if the product cannot make these claims possible. Questions like “will this product look good on me?”, “is it easy to use?” , and “will it make my life easier?” are good questions to start with.

The consumers must know that your product can work well with their lifestyle, and you need to show them that it would. Using video advertising is one of the most effective ways to show this. Steve Lesnard believes that showing the right context in a video is an opportunity to highlight the best feature of the product. Consumer testimonies are also good boosters to show how your product will affect the consumer’s life positively. For more information, visit: