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EDM-Pop Legends, The Chainsmokers, Shine on with Their Diamond Certification

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Fans of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, also known in the EDM-Pop world as the dynamic duo The Chainsmokers, were thrilled to discover that the duet’s smash hit “Closer” had topped at least 10 million units delivered in the United States, giving their single a coveted diamond certification by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). While the RIAA seemed slow to break the news themselves, both The Chainsmokers and Halsey (whose intense vocals are featured in the single as well) proudly shared pictures on their Instagram accounts, smiling and holding tightly onto their plaques which commemorate this momentous occasion. Previously, the RIAA had recognized the song’s seven-time platinum status back in March of 2017. However, since that time, this status has grown to a ten-time platinum single, a feat for which many musicians can only hope.

For a little over two years, “Closer” had continuously received praise and recognition on the dance music scene. First, in the later part of 2016’s summer, it rocketed to the top of the Hot 100. Then it later went on to become an addition to the list of songs tied for fourth place in endurance as the number one hit in the United States in all-genre singles. Grammy nominations for both The Chainsmokers and Halsey were received because of the single, and while they did not win these iconic honors, they did collect several other awards along the way. One of these accolades included that of Billboard’s longest-standing number one hit in the Hot Dance/Electronic genre up until recent months, when it was surpassed by the single “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey.

While The Chainsmokers were no strangers to having a single in the top 10 hits before releasing “Closer”, this was Hasley’s first time to branch out from her growing fanbase into the dance and EDM culture. Because of this great achievement, Hasley is now a household name.

The Chainsmokers, Notated Verbalization

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart double team the renown and famously titled Chainsmokers which strategizes their musical direction towards breaking social norms of listeningbtovthe style that is so prevalent in todays culture. When writing about music it is unavoidable to not discuss how music shapes the cultures of the generations yet to come in the present and future periods of time. Since music has interweaved itself into the subconscious realms of the social functions of today one might ask what needs might need to be filled for the human void to be that much more satisfied. It is the Chainsmokers who discuss not just things that shape the culture around the individual people today but who also and more importantly talk about the culture that is prevalent and prevailing in society today. The Chainsmokers go above and beyond just providing entertainment as a commodity and luxury to the masses who want to tickle their eardrums with pleasant noises and they incorporate very real explanations on what is actually going on in todays current world as well to educate the younger generations of what it is they should be cognizant of instead of feeding out the junk so commonly discovered in musical sectors today. Their latest work Sick Boy for example describes and immerses in the engrossing details of pressure that occurs within the human brain when using social media sites. Narccissm has crept it’s way into the cracks of Facebook and Twitter to those who like to frequently check in on who likes what and who’s profile looks better than others. Although it was not the original intention of the founders of such business systems, the negative aspects of social circles have multiplied times ten in the areas which entail that performances and appearances equals one’s worth and self respect. Therefore, because of the obvious nature which permeates the circles of Facebook and Twitter, this provides an exact opportunity for The Chainsmokers to verbally elaborate on what is going on through their bold yet truthful and intelligent lyrics. Yes, this stems from their anger and frustration to keep to their values of real human connectedness despite the social norms of todays apparent use of technology.

“Queens Of Drama” Return To The Small Screen

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

The rise of the reality TV has often been seen as destroying the number of drama’s being shown in the daytime on U.S. television, but the latest scripted reality show could bring about a major change in the way U.S. TV takes shape. The “Queens Of Drama” brings a number of former soap opera stars together to form a new production company designed to bring a new soap opera to the television written and produced by the group of female actors. One of the major attractions for many viewers will be to see these former stars return to the screen, particularly famous names like Donna Mills and Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt is a name known to many soap opera fans for her roles in two of the most famous shows on U.S. TV, “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. Hunt brings her own personality to the “Queens Of Drama”, but also sees her on screen persona as the iconic Stacy Morasco to the scripted reality show. As Stacy Morasco the star was well known and loved for her performance that took her character from an exotic dancer to a final appearance in one character’s version of what hell looks like.

Since leaving the soap opera industry IMDb implies that Crystal Hunt has worked hard to establish a career for herself that respects her personal history as she looks towards the next chapter in her life. Hunt has become a popular figure in many different shows and movies that have been produced since she left “One Life To Live”; one of the most successful roles Crystal Hunt has taken up in this latest chapter of her life include the role of Lauren in “Magic Mike: XXL”. Crystal Hunt has also looked to create a new direction for her career by moving behind the camera to develop a new role as an executive producer on the movie “Talbot County”.

Crystal Hunt is just one of the iconic female stars who have joined together in “Queens Of Drama” bidding to produce a new soap opera for broadcast on a daily basis. Judging from her Instagram feed Hunt’s role on the show is to join the other actors on the show in assisting in the development and production of their own soap opera for a production company headed by former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills; the star highlights this scripted version of reality as being a twisted version of the truth of the attempts at soap opera production.  Check out Crystal’s Facebook Fan page to see what the actress is planning on next.

The Life Of Sergio Cortes AKA Sergio Jackson

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Sergio embodies the best of Impersonators. The charismatic young imitator mimics Michael Jackson to perfection. He has been called the best there is and will ever be due to how close he is to Jackson. He talks like him, sings like him, walks like him and dances with him. He had been a double since the age of 16 when he doubled MJ during his wedding to Elvis Presley’s daughter.
Sergio Cortes was born 44 years ago in July.He was born in the Spanish city of Barcelona to a family of 9.His elder brother introduced him to the Jackson 5 at an early age. From then onwards he started watching his videos wherever he could find them. He also aspired to dress like him and talk like him. All this obsessive behavior paid off in 1987 when Michael was visiting Spain. A journalist noticed how good he was and hired him to play as a double. It marked the beginning of his career.

Being an impersonator take skills and intelligence. He today strikes everything right. When singing, you may be tempted to think it’s the best lip synch ever. Buts it’s not, he is just that good. His videos have amassed over 900 million views on YouTube. A number that is bigger than most leading musicians. He today runs his company specializing in his brand. He has been said to deliver world class Michael Jackson acts in Sold out shows across the world. In Brazil where he lives, he is very popular. He has a big fan base in Latin America and is urgently growing his brand across the world. He is a professional who will deliver his bid in a professional way.
Personally, Sergio is a more artistic less theatrical version of Michael. He lives in seclusion in Brazil with a few friends and sometimes the company of his brothers. His brothers have shown support for him and sometimes accompany him to his shows. He is rumored to be gay . He is a big collector of action figures and dolls and has even awards on graphic design. He has a female Yorkshire named Zaffy, and he says she is his best friend.
His efforts at keeping the memory Of M.J. alive should be applauded.He has worked very hard to be where he currently stands. We salute you, Sergio Jackson.

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Sergio Cortes Is The Best Impersonator Of The Talented Man

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Michael Jackson was one of the most talented men ever, and it is a hard thing for one to try to impersonate him because of that. It’s hard for someone to try to take on the life of one who had so much success, and to do him justice. But somehow Sergio Cortes has managed to impersonate Michael Jackson well. He’s done all that he could to make himself into the man, and he has been able to get his moves down just right. The fact that Sergio Cortes is impersonating a man who was so talented, and that he is doing so good at it, is impressive. It means that Sergio Cortes himself is very talented, and that he is very ambitious.

When Sergio Cortes decided that he wanted to be a Michael Jackson impersonator he knew that he had to be all in because there was no being halfway when it came to something like this. He had to put his all into the work that he would be doing, so that he could be proud of himself for the way that he was imitating the man. There were many men out there already trying to imitate Michael Jackson, and looking and acting anything but like him, and that was not what Sergio Cortes wanted to do. So, he put long hours and hard work into perfecting everything, and now he has become a great impersonator of the man.
Sergio Cortes has done all that he could to become Michael Jackson with the moves that he makes and the look that he has, and now when people see him they are impressed. A lot of people have even begun to say that they believe him to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator. All of the hard work that Sergio Cortes put into things is definitely paying off for him. Michael Jackson may have been a very talented man, and it may have seemed impossible at first when Sergio Cortes was setting out to be just like him, but somehow it has worked out for him. He’s been able to become the best impersonator of Michael Jackson.

The Thrilling Sergio Cortes

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

The inspiring Michael Jackson will forever have admirers around the world. His breathtaking dancing and vocal abilities are going to be appreciated for many years into the future. His legacy of music is powerful and today greatly alive because of a man named Sergio Cortes. He is recognized as the very best Michael Jackson impersonators on earth.

Sergio Cortes is regarded as the most impressive in this field. He is considered the most genuine Michael Jackson imitator in recent history. Fans of Michael Jackson possess a real deep relationship with the missed celebrity. They really want another enthusiastic fan to turn into a duplicate of their much-loved King Of Pop.

Millions experienced a real loss when Jackson passed and had been left looking for an impersonator that can help fill up the emptiness. As a young boy, Sergio Cortes was captivated by the pop super star and began copying Jackson’s dance moves and performing style. He would commit several hours a day learning every little thing about Michael Jackson.

These days Sergio has all of it the stroll, the dancing techniques, as well as the tone of voice. After many years of training his voice it is identical to Michael’s. Hearing him one could believe it is actually Jackson singing. He can sing out live in any environment to demonstrate that he can sound the same as Michael Jackson. He’s got each and every ensemble of clothing out of every MJ period duplicated for his shows.

When Sergio poses for photographs it is common to mistaken him for the genuine MJ. He’s the entire and complete package. He has devoted fans who appreciate his thrilling shows simply because they help remind them a lot of Michael Jackson. This unbelievably gifted Spanish man has brought the realm of impersonators to a higher level. It’s impossible to come close to Sergio. He continues to practices daily to make certain his shows are fantastic.

He really loves his followers and wishes to provide them with the top Michael Jackson experience any imitator can offer. He did not have to go through any plastic sugary to achieve the appearance because he effortlessly looks like the King Of Pop. Each one of these factors make him esteemed by Michael Jackson lovers across the world.

It is simple to see many of his shows on the internet since the YouTube is filled video clips of Sergio executing what he does best. Sergio will constantly strive so fans remember what made Michael Jackson so loved.