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Chris Brown Is Going To Hook Up With More Women On Tour

Monday, June 15th, 2015

When it comes to Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, you can never be too sure when to say they are broken up for sure. Not that Chris would need it, but it’s safe to say that if he had a dollar for every time he did something to screw up his relationship with Karrueche he would be an even richer man. After working through one breakup after another, and even being taking back after he rekindled his relationship with Rihanna, Chris just continued to push the limits of Karrueche’s love. Finally after it looks like Brown’s luck has run out on Karrueche.

Just as Karrueche was preparing to take Chris back after an embarrassing holiday breakup, and social media dragging, the news began to circulate that Chris was the father of a 9 month old baby girl. Oddly Chris didn’t even deny it and actually fell in love with baby Royalty right away. Instantly Karrueche faded to black, and Royalty was the new leading lady in Chris’s life.

Karrueche appeared to have washed her hands of Chris and all of his drama for good. Unfortunately, some mutual friends of Breezy and Tran secretly pumped Chris’s head up with all of this talk about Karrueche wanting to work things out, Chris arranged to meet Tran at a nightclub and win her back yet again. Sadly Bruce Levenson heard that the entire meeting was a disaster and Chris was so embarrassed that he went nuts in the club and threw a fit after Karrueche gave him the ultimate cold shoulder.

Now Chris is insisting that if Karrueche is done with him, he is going to use his upcoming tour to smash as many women as humanly possible, Chris’s promise doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, after all if he wasn’t faithful during their relationship, what would anyone expect of him as a newly single man?