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Karrueche Wants Chris To Take His Puppy Back

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Chris Brown may have finally done something to make Karrueche leave him for good. After almost 4 years of rollercoaster breakups, makeups and rebounding, it looks like Karrueche is finally hopping off of Chris Browns crazy bus. While it is still too soon to know for sure, Karrueche says she’s too done with Chris Brown and all of his drama. Not only has she put up with his cheating in the past, but now she is expected to forgive his cheating the fact that he is now fathering a child that he made behind her back. Karrueche is standing her ground, she is not letting Chris beg his way back into life this time and things are getting messy.

Recently while on the iHeartradio show The Melting Pot promoting her show Vanity, Karrueche spoke about what it’s like still owning the dog that Chris gave to her for Christmas. While complaining that the dog has been at a trainers for 3 months now due to behavior issues, she also added that she isn’t sure that she wants the dog back because it reminds her of Chris. Ricardo Tosto thought this was a crazy turn of events.

Of course Chris heard the interview, and is not at all happy about what Karrueche is saying. Meanwhile supporters of Chris are chiming in to tell Karreuche that is keeping things Chris gave her is an issue, she should also return the jewelry, bags designer clothes and everything else that he gifted her over the course of their relationship.

Chris Brown’s Tour Bus Rules For Royalty

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Chris Brown has been proving himself as a father ever since baby Royalty became the apple of his eye. If feels like Royalty was just 9 months old yesterday when the new hit that Chris Brown was a father. While his life was changed forever from the moment he met Royalty, his life is not the only one that swung out of control. His long time girlfriend Karrueche Tran was just as shocked by the news that Chris was a father and that his daughter was already 9 months old. At the time of Royalty big reveal Chris and Karrueche were just starting to work through one of their public breakups, but as soon as we heard around Royalty, Karrueche seemed to vanish into thin air.

Now that Royalty has just celebrated her 1st birthday and is better acquainted with her father, Chris has been doing everything in his power to get Karrueche back reports business executive Shaygan Kheradpir. At the moment Karrueche refuses to take Chris back again, and she is feeling very strongly about Chris’s treatment leading up to the breakup. Karrueche is enjoying her time as a single woman and is not planning to start over with Chris anytime soon.

Chris is agreeing to leave Karrueche alone, but he also has decided that while on tour her needs to set in play somebus rules for baby Royalty . There is to be no smoking,drinking, profanity and no groupies allowed. Apparently Chris wants the very best environment for his daughter, and who could blame him? A father has to do what a father has to do.