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Aloha Construction Is Proud Of Winning The BBB Torch Award

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

There is no questioning the fact there are numerous construction companies out there that seem like they are only devoted to making money. However, Aloha Construction has always stood out from the rest of the pack simply because they care just as much about integrity as they do about making profits. The recent occasion of them winning the BBB torch award illustrates this point.

This award was established in 1996, and it is only given to companies that demonstrate leadership, best practices, and social responsibility within their community. The company must hold high standards to customers, their employees, and most importantly, the community. Time and again, this company has demonstrated these characteristics.

One of the main ways that the Aloha company has demonstrated their worthiness to receive the BBB torch award would be through their active presence within the Lake Zurich community. They are very active with the Learning Express Charity, which is instrumental in sponsoring a low-income family and their ability to have a free one-minute shopping spree at a local toy store.

Of course, this company is generous in other ways. Aloha Construction also partnered with a local charity to send a boy with congenital heart failure and 11 of his closest friends to have luxury box seats at a recent Chicago Bulls game.

Indeed, there are many other examples of Aloha Construction taking pride in their local community. That alone would probably be enough for them to be considered for this award. However, they have also gone above and beyond the call for their customers.

The company emphasizes attention to detail in all of their projects. One example of this would be in roofing jobs, where they employ a nine point inspection process. Their attention to detail is one of the reasons why they are one of the leading construction companies in this suburban Chicago area. Besides that, they also make sure that each and every one of their employees is thoroughly trained for all jobs they might receive through the company. Truly, there is no other construction company that is more deserving of this most recent BBB torch award than Aloha Construction.