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Barclays Appointed Mike Bagguley as the COO in 2015

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

The appointment of Mike Bagguley in 2015 as part of the executives’ team is seen as the right move towards improving the investment unit of the Barclays bank. Bagguley was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the bank on the move to ensure that the bank is back to its former glory. Earlier on before the appointment, Mike Bagguley served as Barclays’ bank head of the macro markets unit. As the COO, Bagguley now reports directly to the chief executive officer of the bank Tom King.

As the head of the macro products, Mike oversaw the reshaping of the interest rates, commodity products, and the foreign exchange. This was all happening when the general industry was experiencing low revenues, but he imposed stringent regulations that enabled the bank to see profitability. One of the duties that Mr. Bagguley now handles is the coordination of significant products in the bank. The bank which is based in London was at the time trying to slim down their investment so that to be able to improve the profitability and the one person that was seen fit to oversee the strategy was Mike Bagguley as Tom King said.

Despite that financial year seen as the lowest in the whole banking industry, the macro product department that Mike Bagguley earlier headed was able to realize profits. Barclay joined several banks that had decided to cut down their activities so that they can focus on other trading areas that are less hit by hard regulations like the case of advisory and equities. The Barclays Investment Bank had since April the same year stayed without a Chief Operating Officer as Justin Bull had left the bank. With immediate effect, the macro business desk was left in the hands of Rob Bogucki and Nat Tyce who were the co-heads of the macro trading together with the head of the macro distribution Kashif Zafar. The trio would jointly be in charge of the macro products businesses.

Mike Bagguley joined the Bank in 2001 where he served at the fixed income desk in London. Mike has also held other senior roles in the banks Tokyo, Johannesburg and New York Branches. After visiting his Crunchbase, it shows that mike has a B.S in mathematics degree from the University of Warwick.