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Dr. Mark Mofid inventing Better and Safer Implants

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Dr. Mark Mofid inventing Better and Safer Implants

Dr. Mark Mofid a world-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The doctor attained his academic acclamations from Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities. His educational background puts him in a unique position to understand and improve on all that is related to the medical cosmetic industry.

The doctor has earned respect and admiration of both his clients and colleagues due to his unconditioned adherence to medical safety practices. Mark Mofid only engages in practices that ensure a hundred percent safety assurance instead of taking advantage of his clients. These attributes of the doctor approve his position as the lead reconstructive surgeon and industry innovator.

Dr. Mark Mofid is continually looking for ways to improve the medical cosmetic industry and has ensured positive progress in his time. His approach to innovation is carefully mapped and supported by scientific breakthrough and careful examination of detail in addition to his extensive knowledge of the subject. These traits capped with the thinking outside the box has put him several steps ahead in the industry.

His contribution to the medical cosmetic industry research has been running for over eight years. This was since he discovered that a lot could still be done to improve the efficacy of his practice and safety to the clients. Dr. Mark Mofid’s nature could not allow him to do things merely as they were but propelled him to towards inventing better methods and products. He designed a superior gluteal implant to replace the previous versions that were usually incompatible and tended to sag after some time. This new improved product took the market by a storm as a result of its superior and compelling nature. Contrary to initial beliefs, Dr. Mark Mofid is re-inventing the quality of the cosmetic medical industry towards positive oriented results all the time.

The doctor has been studying the art of gluteal augmentation for a very long time. He has had the privilege of sharing ideas with other great players in this field and has realized that there are a lot more to be done. Individuals like Dr. Mofid keep the hope of advancement of this industry alive.

Lime Crime Unicorn Dreams Hair Color for Dark Hair

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Lime Crime beauty and hair care brand recently came out with Unicorn hair color in bright vivid colors that were best used on light hair or lightened hair. These colors included bright red, pink, grey, blue, purple, and orange For the fall season they decided to plunge their new collection of Unicorn hair color into darker shades that could be used by those with brunette or other darker shades of hair.

The Lime Crime company came out with the 100% vegan dark Unicorn hair collection to ensure that their dark haired customers could also purchase and participate in the Unicorn hair trend. The Lime Crime dark Unicorn hair color comes in four different options. The green shade is called Sea witch, which is a dark sea green hue. The second new shade is a beautiful deep Chestnut that has hues of dark purple within it. The next hair shade is Squid. It comes in a deep blue black hue that resembles a burst of squid ink that was released into the ocean. The last new hair color is a deep grey hue called Charcoal. It is close to black, but has a slight grey cast to it. This makes the Charcoal shade stay within the grey or silver hair color trend that is currently popular. This grey shade is more gentle for those with dark hued hair though, who don’t want to have to bleach their hair to achieve a light grey color.

This hair color may be used for a different look and for a unique change. Perhaps those who want to pursue a costume for Halloween that would involve changing their hair color would enjoy trying out one of the new dark Unicorn hair colors. Each shade would be fitting for mermaid, vampire, witch, and comic book character costumes for Halloween or other costume parties. The darker hair color shades are additionally perfect for anyone that needs to keep their hair professional for work. The darker hues do not stand out as much, and would likely be well suited for a workplace environment.

The dark Unicorn hair color retails at $16 per bottle. Each individual hair color packet retails at $1.50. The other Unicorn hair color shades are also priced at $16 per hair color bottle.