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Plastic Surgery Has Experienced Many Innovations Thanks To The Work Of Dr. Mark Mofid

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

When it comes to the medical field, cosmetic surgery is one of the most exciting for many doctors out there. A skilled plastic surgeon is capable of restoring the appearance or usefulness of certain parts of the body. The story behind plastic surgery is a long one, and there have been many hiccups in the industry along the way. Today, plastic surgery has never been better, with better methods for procedures and safer materials used in implants. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the plastic surgeons making all of this possible. Not only is Mark Mofid one of the leading surgeons in the country these days, with his plastic surgery work admired around the world for its unbelievably natural look, but he has been working hard to help the entire industry improve simultaneously.

The help of clients is also a big factor in improving the name of plastic surgery since every client is unique and creating a plan that works for them is key to their procedures overall success. Mark Mofid ensures all his clients are comfortable and understand exactly what to expect moving forward with plastic surgery. By upholding the highest standards for his own practice and following a certain creed for his practice, Mark Mofid has built a valuable reputation in his field. Clients around the world seek out Mark for consultations and advice, which he is more than happy to give. Mark is very active within his own community and even participates in online discussions concerning business and cosmetic surgery.

Mark has many years of experience working in plastic surgery these days and he specializes in butt augmentations. He has spent years studying the work of surgeons in South America, specifically Brazil, where butt augments are quite common these days. Mark also has a decorated academic history. He graduated at the top of his class from Harvard and he studied at Johns Hopkins University.Having made several improvements to the industry through improved surgical methods and even creating his own glute implants, Mark Mofid has made a big impact on plastic surgery in the United States.

Dr Walden Comes Home

Monday, December 5th, 2016

When you think of plastic surgery, you might not think about Dr Walden at least right now, but you might want to. You might be thinking who is she? That’s an easy question to ask when you look at her and her practice wither in Texas or New York.


Starting in New York


Dr. Jennifer Walden started her practice in New York helping the famous and normal people alike. She decided one day that she didn’t want her kids growing up in the city and decided to move back to her home in Austin Texas. She still practices and many fly to see her for themselves. This is what makes her special. Jennifer wanted to have success and did in the city and then came back home still having the same success.


How You Can See Her


You might be wondering how you can see Dr Walden and get the surgery you may have only dreamed of at this point. The best thing you can do is to come to Texas and see her for yourself. She will start with a consultation and then move on to making the appointment. Once you have the date set for the surgery, you will come in and prep and then have the surgery. After it’s over, you will have a short amount of time to heal and you can stay in town for this or go home and fly back to check in with the Doctor.


What to Ask

Even when you are working with someone like Dr Walden, you will want to ask questions. You should ask anything that you feel you need to know. You might want to know what will happen when you are in surgery as well as after. These questions are normal and you should ask them. This way you will be able to feel better about the surgery as well as what happens after the surgery.


There are a lot of things you should know before surgery, but Dr Walden is there for you and will help you to feel great before and after the surgery. Take your time and ask anything you might want to know.