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Rise Up And Save The Cats

Monday, October 26th, 2015

We recently covered a story on Jon Urbana last week, and now we’re back with more news: he’s launched a Crowdrise campaign to help a local pet shelter here in Denver. He originally announced his plans on Twitter and went into more detail in a post on Medium.

Crowdrise brings the people who triumph through developing charities to their feet. They then anticipate the success which is in watching something near and dear to their heart succeed. In this particular charity we have a lacrosse professional raising money for cats. He is the type of person who would do anything to help anyone less fortunate. Whether that be kids, animals or humans in general, Jon Urbana is the man for all jobs.

This time around he is championing for a cause that works tirelessly to provide an opportunity for these cats to be passed down to loving homes. The shelter is a no kill shelter but it is a small one so they often need more helping hands and even more so that plentiful donations to publicize and draw attention to the cause. It is ARAS which is completely against cruelty to animals and they often work hard to stop the affects that it has on the felines.

On Facebook, Urbana stated that it is not just the big lioness felines that he feels a pull to help, but the beautiful domestics that do not have homes. He works hard to raise money in order to see to it that they have homes, volunteers, food and generous people to give them whatever they might need no matter what it is. It is not to say that there are not a ton of people in this world just like Jon, there are. They at times need to be inspired to do the work and bring in the money so that they can accomplish great things like Jon. The cats of this world need Jon and all of you to help them get to a point where they too, can feel safe. So stand together with Mr. Professional Lacrosse player Jon Urbana and champion this fabulous cause.

To learn more about Urbana, visit his website at

Andy Wirth runs past tragedy for a good cause

Friday, August 21st, 2015


Several years ago Andy Wirth was skydiving with his friends when his right arm was almost severed. An experienced skydiver, Wirth did not notice anything unusual in the conditions that turned a routine dive into a nearly fatal accident. Wirth was pushed off course, away from a safe landing, and into a vineyard, where a pole caught him in a major artery. Wirth experienced severe blood loss, and could have died without prompt medical care.

It was only due to excellent medical care, and the support of his family that Wirth has begun to recover. Since the accident Wirth has worked hard to regain strength in his arm, and get back to his previous level of physical fitness. Wirth’s ability as an athlete was an important part of his identity, and it was frustrating to struggle through tasks that used to feel natural.

Wirth has been inspired to put his pain behind him, and give back to the world. He has put together a team to participate in the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe, a triathlon. Wirth recruited a friend from college to bike, and a Navy SEALs he had become close with to swim. Wirth himself will be doing the running, with his arm brace. The team is called the Special Warfare Warrior team, and they are raising money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

The Navy SEAL foundation provides support to the community and families of brave individuals who defend our country. Throughout his rehabilitation Wirth became close with a group of Navy SEALs in his area. Their courage, dedication, and support was an important part of his recovery. You can give to the Navy SEAL foundation, and sponsor the Special Warfare Warrior Team by donating on crowdrise. The goal is to raise thirty-thousand dollars before the race next month. If you were inspired by Wirth’s story of survival and recovery please donate now.