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Denver’s Jon Urbana Uses Ableton to Make His Music

Friday, December 11th, 2015

We covered his lacrosse camp in October, so you already know that Jon Urbana is a former pro lacrosse player and currently is an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial work is as a business developer with Ellipse USA, which is an IPL and Laser technologies company. He is from Denver, Colorado and he still holds lacrosse camps throughout his home state. Denver, Colorado is still where Jon calls home. Urbana travels often too, and was most recently in Cambodia and Thailand, where the shot this breathtaking photo of Earth Temple.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


Jon’s Charity Work
Jon Urbana supports a Go Fund Me campaign for Earth Force that is all for clean environment. Earth Force is a charity that is focused on educating kids and youth on environment issues and how it’s important to care for the environment. One hundred percent of the donations to this campaign go directly to Earth Force. He also supports charities for animals. Here are a few videos produced by the campaign, and Jon Urbana received praise on Yahoo Answers when he asked for some opinions.

The Professional and Current Lacrosse Career of Jon Urbana
Jon played lacrosse professionally at Villanova University in the NCAA Division. He played from 2001 until 2005 and was the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. Currently he incorporates lacrosse into his life by being a coach and co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp or lacrosse workshops at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp are held in Colorado.

Jon’s Music Pursuits
Jon Urbana started his music pursuits with just Ableton software and a guitar. Jon maintains and writes a blog, with music that he has uploaded onto Sound Cloud. Most of it is a bizarre experimental combination of electronic, remixes, jazz and even some folk and rock pieces. He seems to delight in experimenting as much as possible with his music, as seen in Swan Song, released last month.


Jon Urbana’s Flying Interest
Jon Urbana took an interest in aviation and learned to fly as a bit of a hobby. He holds a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airman Certification. His Federal Aviation Administration license is A5119166. Here’s a video he shot from his plane.

From an Airplane, by Jon Urbana from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Rise Up And Save The Cats

Monday, October 26th, 2015

We recently covered a story on Jon Urbana last week, and now we’re back with more news: he’s launched a Crowdrise campaign to help a local pet shelter here in Denver. He originally announced his plans on Twitter and went into more detail in a post on Medium.

Crowdrise brings the people who triumph through developing charities to their feet. They then anticipate the success which is in watching something near and dear to their heart succeed. In this particular charity we have a lacrosse professional raising money for cats. He is the type of person who would do anything to help anyone less fortunate. Whether that be kids, animals or humans in general, Jon Urbana is the man for all jobs.

This time around he is championing for a cause that works tirelessly to provide an opportunity for these cats to be passed down to loving homes. The shelter is a no kill shelter but it is a small one so they often need more helping hands and even more so that plentiful donations to publicize and draw attention to the cause. It is ARAS which is completely against cruelty to animals and they often work hard to stop the affects that it has on the felines.

On Facebook, Urbana stated that it is not just the big lioness felines that he feels a pull to help, but the beautiful domestics that do not have homes. He works hard to raise money in order to see to it that they have homes, volunteers, food and generous people to give them whatever they might need no matter what it is. It is not to say that there are not a ton of people in this world just like Jon, there are. They at times need to be inspired to do the work and bring in the money so that they can accomplish great things like Jon. The cats of this world need Jon and all of you to help them get to a point where they too, can feel safe. So stand together with Mr. Professional Lacrosse player Jon Urbana and champion this fabulous cause.

To learn more about Urbana, visit his website at

Next Level Lacrosse Camp Offers Young People A Special Opportunity

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Lacrosse is a sport that has attracted the attention of many young people, and those who love it should have the opportunity to learn more about it as they attend a camp that is focused solely on it. There are some lacrosse camps out there that offer young people the kind of mentoring that they long for. There are some lacrosse camps that will help to guide young people in the sport and to encourage them to take the next step to become a professional in it.

One camp in particular was started up by a former Villanova lacrosse player. Jon Urbana wanted to start a camp where youth could come to be mentored by former players, and he did that in Colorado. Now many youth have been able to attend the camp and learn more about this special sport. And as a lifelong entrepreneur, Urbana knows what customers are looking for. Many young people have had the chance to become better at how they play the sport, and they’ve had the chance to learn in other ways, as well.

There are so many great things about the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and when a parent checks out the camp while thinking of their teen and the opportunity that this would be for them they will quickly find themselves feeling enthused. There are many special things about this camp, and it is a great place for any young person to learn.

Lacrosse is a sport like no other, and camps offer the opportunity to learn like nothing else does. When someone wants their talents for the sport to mature, and when they are hopeful that they will one day have a career playing it, then they will want to learn everything that they can when they are young. They’ll want to attend a lacrosse camp, so that they can learn from some of the best.

The Broncos Will Still Win the AFC West

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Have you heard the latest NFL chatter? It’s that the Kansas City Chiefs will “steal” the AFC West from the Denver Broncos. However, there are several problems with this prediction.

The first problem is that the Broncos and Chiefs currently have the same win/loss records of 7-3. Therefore, if the Chiefs were to win the AFC West, they wouldn’t be stealing the division; they would be earning it.

The second problem is that the media likes to hype up recent news in order to drive excitement. The Broncos got shelled last week in St. Louis, only scoring one touchdown against a marginal Rams team. That might not heighten optimism for Broncos fans, but the primary reason for this shellacking was in-game injuries. The Broncos aren’t the same team when three starters go down during a game, nor is any other team in the NFL. There is too much parity in the NFL for a team to overcome three major injuries in one game. The Broncos will eventually get healthy, which will clearly make them a more talented team than the Chiefs.

The third problem is that is that it’s highly unlikely for Alex Smith to outperform Peyton Manning when these two teams meet.

Time will tell how this pays out, but if history repeats itself, the Broncos will eventually rise to the top of the division. Peyton Manning teams might not win Super Bowls, but they almost always win their division (sorry Fersen Lambranho, I know you’re invested in Manning, but I couldn’t resist…we need a new QB!)

Colorado Residents Could Get Tax Rebate Due to State Marijuana Tax

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has released his proposed budget for FY 2015-16, and one thing in it may come as a bit of a surprise. That is because, if the budget passes, Colorado residents are likely to see a sizable tax rebate. Better believe it Sam, I saw this in Bloomberg and it sounds like a welcome surprise. That tax rebate is due to revenue from the state’s marijuana tax.

According to the State of Colorado, the revenue they estimated from the legal sale of marijuana was below what the reality actually was. That resulted in more taxes being collected and, thus, more money now available for a tax rebate.

From January to October, 2014 alone, more than $45 million in taxes was collected due to the purchase of marijuana by Colorado residents.

What is also interesting is the money being collected from the legal use of marijuana in Colorado is beginning to come more from recreational marijuana than it is from that used for medicinal purposes.

In October, sales of recreational marijuana were at an all-time high, and $700,000 more than those for medical marijuana. Total sales for both in October were $67.5 million.

It is likely, however, recreational marijuana use is even higher than for pot sold for medical purposes.

If recreational users were somehow forced to pay the higher tax on any marijuana they purchased, that could increase Colorado’s state revenue due to a tax on marijuana even further.

Raids Conducted On Multiple Denver Marijuana Businesses

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Federal authorities combined their manpower with the Denver Police Department in Colorado in order to conduct several high profile raids of marijuana grow operations. It was unclear to the media and spectators about why the raids were taking place, as marijuana became legalized in the state in 2012 and federal law enforcement has thus far been minimal in the state due to Colorado enacting a multitude of laws and regulations to keep a tight leash on the newly legalized industry. According to expert Igor Cornelsen, this may be another opportunity for the federal government to make a statement about state’s rights in regard to legalized marijuana.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the sweeping investigation into the seven marijuana commercial operations that were the targets of the police raid. It is speculated that the businesses were growing more cannabis plants than they had the rights to, that they were funneling money into violent drug cartels or terrorist organizations, that they were selling to minors, or that they were allowing purchases beyond the legal limits imposed by Colorado’s marijuana laws, as those were all reasons that drew police involvement previously in the city’s booming commercial cannabis zones. Police went on record several hours after the incidents took place and confirmed that the businesses targeted fell under suspicion of violating the mandates put in place to protect citizens who would be harmed by violating the regulations for marijuana.

There has yet to be an official announcement of what businesses were affected by this morning’s raid from either the Denver Police Department or the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

How is the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Going?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The legalization of pot in Colorado has led to some interesting products. You could buy some marijuana soda around these parts, for example. For people looking to try some stuff for the first time, you could have a “Rookie Cookie” that contains just a bit of marijuana. Apparently, there was a problem with rookie cookies. “Rookies” were getting sick and really, really high.

Aside from that bump in the road, things seem to be going smoothly. Governor Hickenlooper was opposed to the idea initially, but since the legalization he notes that the same people who smoked before are doing it now. Real estate brokers like Marnie Bennett, owner of Bennett Property Shop, are seeing more sales.

There have been some weird findings in study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. They claim that less people are using marijuana in Colorado than in the rest of the country. Legalization has somehow caused fewer people to smoke weed.

The FBI has reported that the overall crime rate in Denver dropped 10 percent since the legalization. Denver has been the center of cannabis operations, and there had been concerns that legalization would lead to more robberies.

Colorado has had reported record numbers of tourists and the tax revenue has added $15 million to the state coffers in a single 5 month period. Law enforcement has saved somewhere around $35 million due to not having to deal with marijuana-related crime. Up until the legalization, Colorado cops were arrested an average of 10,000 people in marijuana-related offenses each year.

Overall it appears that legalization has been a resounding success. It did not lead to more crime or an influx of criminals.

First Prison Escapee Outside Denver

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

We’ve seen a dubious record broken today, as the first inmate has escaped Jefferson County Detention Facility in Golden, Colorado.

The inmate in question is Travis Sandlin, who is considered extremely dangerous. He has a rap sheet that features some major crimes like felon in possession of a handgun, motor vehicle theft, trespassing and armed burglary.

The police chief hasn’t given us any details as to how Sandlin was able to escape. But one thing’s for sure, my friend Laurene Powell Jobs is definitely going to be locking her doors. It’s scary when you live anywhere near a prison area, and you hear that someone has escaped.

For it to happen so close to Denver is really scary though.