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Steve Lesnard’s 2 Key Principles In Digital Marketing

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

The entertainment and tech world is now dominated by the rise of digital goods. With the rise of digital goods comes the rise of digital marketing. In order to successfully market a product, it is common knowledge to always think about the needs of the customers and how the product adds value in customer’s lives. Steve Lesnard has two principles that he follows on digital marketing success.

  1. “Keep it simple and make it memorable”

Keeping things simple is the reason why Apple managed to bring huge success to its iPod product line. How could a campaign that says “10k songs in your pocket” appealed in the demographics of young people back then? Apple’s strategy is simple yet effective. It let its target market to know what real value can their product add in real life. They let their target market know right away that their product can let them carry music in their pocket so they can listen to it on the go.

This simple strategy let them simplify their products and highlight the best innovative and relevant features. Years after, Apple is still using this classic strategy to its full potential while giving a reason for their customers to upgrade. This time, it is used on their Apple Watch products. The Apple Watch appeals to people who want to stay connected even if they’re away from work. In the latest iteration of the product, the added ECG feature is expected to attract older audiences because of its health benefits. Steve Lesnard also highlights how giving the consumers a sense of unique experience is a beneficial thing for a product.

  1. “Bring it to life to make it real”

Effectively marketing the benefits of your product would be useless if the product cannot make these claims possible. Questions like “will this product look good on me?”, “is it easy to use?” , and “will it make my life easier?” are good questions to start with.

The consumers must know that your product can work well with their lifestyle, and you need to show them that it would. Using video advertising is one of the most effective ways to show this. Steve Lesnard believes that showing the right context in a video is an opportunity to highlight the best feature of the product. Consumer testimonies are also good boosters to show how your product will affect the consumer’s life positively. For more information, visit:

White Shark no meat on the bone.

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Google and other search engines function on algorithms in which they set. The myth that the internet is a place that just happens to exist without direction is simply ignorant. Many people that express the need for a website know nothing about the process, and this termination means absolutely nothing. These people have no clue of the work involved in making any business a success, but especially with the plethora of disinformation available on the subject. These algorithms reflect the way that Google and other dominant search engines want the Internet world to look and function as seen through their engines.


They want the web in general to reflect a set of values and not look like some ad page eventually filled with disinformation. I know because I have websites devoted to selling certain items, and I also have sites that have information and that direct traffic to these sites and others. Still others are devoted to news topics because having up to date relevant news of certain topics also gives me favor with the search engines. I knew this before I had websites but instituting these practices was exceedingly hard, and most entrepreneurs that hit this wall decide to simply not expand from this point.


I do not have the luxury of quitting, but I must admit that I was swamped with one site and had no clue how I would ever utilize the web for business beyond selling things. So I took to the web to find a solution, but the Web is rife with the type of disinformation that the web engines will eventually thwart. The company that I needed would be expert in search engines in general, search engine internet marketing and search engine optimization. Additionally, this company would have to have the same quality of the characteristics across all of my websites.


I actually wanted some rest, but I did not want the performance of the sites that I did have working well to be compromised. I found my solution in White Shark Media. White Shark Media is Google and Bing certified. This is invaluable because many companies only optimize for Google. To me, that is too much meat left on the bone, so I wanted a company to also treat these lesser search engines as if they were important to my business. White Shark is so awesome that they do not get paid until they perform these feats.