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Securus Technologies Helps Stop Drone Misuse

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

With all the good that technology can be used for criminals always find a way to use it for misdeeds. Corrections officials have seen a new trend that is directly related to technology. That trend involves criminals introducing illegal contraband into jails and prisons via pilotless drones. Drones can often go undetected but by fighting technology with technology Securus Technologies has come up with a solution.


The long-time prison technology holding company has just wrapped up its 18-month drone detection tests and they have been a massive success. The trials will continue in order to fine tune the technology that is poised to massive reduce the amount of illegal contraband coming into its customers’ facilities. The technology uses a technology similar to the company’s wireless containment system and its digital antenna structure (DAS).


Securus also announced that they have been the recipient of three Stevie Awards for their outstanding customer service. The awards were given to the company in February of 2018 at their 11th annual awards banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company’s state of the art call center supports over 1.2 million inmate clients that they serve. The company owns around 20 companies that provide technology-based solutions to over 3,500 agencies in the Untited States and Mexico.