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Fabletics- A personalized outfit retailer

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Fabletics, a comparatively new company is on the rise nowadays with its one a kind marketing tactics and a unique way of attracting customers. Fabletics is an online subscription business providing retail service. It mainly focuses on selling sportswear of women and many different types of accessories. Theses accessories are usually referred to as “athleisure”. What makes this company different from its competitors is that it provides personalized outfits; this means that a member can choose a custom made design or quality according to their unique preferences and adjustability to their lifestyle.

The company which rebranded to Techstyle fashion group recently JustFab owns Fabletics as a subsidiary. They opened their first ever mortal retail stores in malls owned by West Field and General Growth Properties Inc in October 2015. Their openings included in the malls of Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey, Christiana Mall in Newark, The Village and Topanga Woodlands Hills, and also in the St. Louis Galleria in St. Louis. After this launch in February 2016, they announced that around 70 to 100 Fabletics store are going to open in the next four to five months. Throughout this year, many stores were opened in various locations including North Carolina shopping center, Shopping center in Las Vegas, Creek shopping center in Colorado and the biggest mall of the country The Mall of America.

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Fabletics was officially launched on October 1, 2013. It was originally founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and also by Kate Hudson, who is also the main marketing face of this company. She is the reason behind most of the company’s success, because of her huge fan following and her amazing advertisements she is indeed a huge contributing factor in achieving new heights of successes. Fabletics also announced its new men’s activewear collection line in June 2015. Kate Hudson’s brother and Actor is the main model used for this launch. Later in March 2016, the company implemented on the decision of increasing its inventory beyond athletic wear by announcing new model dresses and various swimsuits. They want to maintain a further tight grip on the market which is based upon this decision. The company also seems to have a great tendency to run amazing advertising campaigns. They follow good tactics including targeting different competitors such as Lululemon by using cell phone footage shot by Hudson.

The company offers subscription services to its customers and its membership service costs $49.95 a month. Fabletics although do provide the option of skipping a month altogether by allowing their customers to not pay for the month if they want to(only if they have no intention of buying that month.) And pay the next month to enjoy the services of Fabletics again.

Members are required to complete a survey during registration in which they have to fill and mention their unique lifestyle and workout preferences. This option is very useful for customers who want the best outfit selected for them by professionals at the start of each month. So the company provides personalized outfits for their customers according to the mentions in the survey.

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Online Businesses See Success Through Visual Searches

Friday, February 5th, 2016

It’s become increasingly inconvenient to shop in the real world, making online retailers to become more alluring to shoppers as technology develops to give them what they need and what they didn’t even know they wanted. Since the demand for the tech sector is always high and caught in a state of perpetual change, startups are in an advantageous position to provide solutions through analyses to better the online marketplace.

For online retailers, pairing images with products goes without question. Sellers want to communicate to buyers just what it is they have for sale and provide an approximation of what to expect. For fledgling retailers, typically any clear image will do. For reputable marketplaces, considerations like repeat buyers and customer gratification factor greatly.

Startups like Slyce are there to bridge the gap and help companies get the right image to meet their business needs. Prioritizing in visual searches, they identify habits and cues that trigger the attention of shoppers both through online interaction and transactions but by collecting and analyzing real world data. Their recommendations are there to help retailers retain more satisfied customers and limit buyer’s remorse.

The need for accurate visuals paired to their proper counterparts has proven so valuable to businesses that an estimated $22 billion is at stake when visual search analyses are considered. Slyce is part of that market that concentrates on accuracy above all else Their clients, though focused on sales, can also use these data sets for proper strategy of their business, both in the present as well as the future, limiting unnecessary costs in inventory, orienting their staff to their needs, and even budgeting. Such data can prove to be even more valuable to businesses than the old data mining and retention practices of the past.

Though regarded as essential for business health and growth, startups like Slyce are only now gaining in popularity among business, but their numbers are steadily climbing.

Based in the bustling Toronto, Slyce is an intrepid image recognition firm dedicated to assisting an international business community. Founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot, they’ve been able to capture the attention of clients both domestically and globally.

An entrepreneur and businessman, Chell has given 25 years of his career to businesses in the technology sector. He founded Futurelink, one of the earliest cloud solutions companies in the late 1990s. Racicot’s business relationship with Chell goes back to their days in the Business Instincts Group where she used her background in retail and customer solutions to help businesses map out their future.