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Congress Reveals A Lesson About Wikipedia Content

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Wikipedia is a fantastic source of information. Tens of millions of people surely agree with this statement considering the huge volume of unique hits the online encyclopedia continually receives. Virtually any topic can be covered on the site. People, places, and things are found in abundance. Those “things” also include Acts of Congress, laws, major historical events, and other things related to politics. Sometimes, politicians, their aids, and donors do not exactly like what they read. Wikipedia revisions soon follow. Since Wikipedia is an open-source community, anyone can contribute edits even when those edits are – dare it be noted – silly.

The work of software developer Ed Summers keeps track of some of the oddball edits made from congressional computers. He public lists these changes on a special Twitter account that is sure to entertain many. SFGate reveals a rather excessive resume boosting edit made to a congressman’s profile after he was defeated in a primary.

Many congressional edits are mundane, a few are outrageous. All of the Wiki edits are worth keeping tabs on. The same is true of any Wikipedia page. In a way, these Congressional edits should provide a bit of a warning to those wondering if their Wiki pages are free from outside interference and editing.

Anyone can edit or add to a Wikipedia page. Fact-checking is generally not done by volunteer Wikipedia editors. So, a person who publishes a Wikipedia page for branding and internet presence purposes has to stay on top of those edits. A better plan may be to hire someone to keep track of the page. Get Your Wiki is a top company capable of doing this.

Get Your Wiki does more than just monitor pages for edits. The company handles various tasks and duties including complete creations of pages from scratch to translations in a multitude of languages. The editing monitoring service, however, remains one of the firm’s popular services. The monitoring work does help clients out immensely, which should make the popularity expected.

Handling the responsibilities of not just learning how to create an article on the site, but having to update a Wikipedia page is a lot more difficult than often initially realized. Stumbling to craft a decent page usually leads to the page not looking so good. Poor monitoring and editing of the page are also going to be unhelpful. Certain jobs absolutely are best put in the hands of the pros. Anyone who relies heavily on the success of a Wiki page would be advised to seek these pros out.

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