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Rocketship Education Reconsidered

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Washington Monthly recently published an article by Alexander Russo titled, “NPR’s Deeply Unbalanced Profile of Rocketship Charter Schools.” The article indicates that the coverage on Rocketship Charter Schools did not have a balanced viewpoint in the 3,800-word essay. The article in question was titled “High Test Scores—But at What Cost” by a blogger named Anya Kamenetz. The original piece discussed Rocketship Education as one of the popular school chains that use blended learning to encourage rapid knowledge acquisition.

However, the article in question states that Rocketship Education has practices that allow children to gain knowledge and skills quickly are difficult. It causes some parents and other community members to raise concern about the instruction model that focuses on technology instead of holistic student learning.

Russo reveals that the piece did not reveal that Rocketship Education uses a similar method as many other charter school networks. The tight discipline and ritualistic classroom are used in other networks like the Success Academy and KIPP which also have high test scores. Rocketship Education uses a technology-heavy learning model but Rocketship Education recognized it needed to change the technology model to expand properly.

The piece does not go into why the schools gained in popularity while providing too much weight to the critical anecdotes. In particular, Kamentz criticized the retesting and bathroom break policy. The staff turnover is also high compared to other schools in the area.

The piece also became controversial for considering Rocketship Education a company rather than a charter school, causing many to accuse the network of being a commercial venture. Rocketship Education is non-profits, they are not a for-profit company. Kamenetz also did not seem concerned that the piece had a slant as a takedown rather than as an unbiased piece of journalism.

Rocketship Education creates personalized learning for every student. The teachers tailor the learning experience, the content and the instruction to better help the children in their learning career. It also helps teachers continue to learn the latest in techniques and strategies by providing greater teacher development so each teacher might also reach his or her potential in the classroom.

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Betsy DeVos Is As Determined As Ever To See American Families Gain Freedom Of Educational Choice

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Betsy DeVos has always been known as a fighter and reformer in her home-state of Michigan. While she was made to look like she doesn’t know what she is doing in the field of education, the new Secretary of Education simply has a different way of looking at the educational system of the United States. She has long-been a support of educational choice and approves measures that would lead to public funding paying for the tuition of private and charter schools for kids in in the U.S.A. Many have mistakenly believed that her wealthy background means she is “insulated” and not in touch with the American people. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Instead, Betsy DeVos understands the plight of the average American family more than many others do. She has seen it and has been working to help underprivileged kids in the United States to be able to attend a school that their family actually wants them to go to. Betsy DeVos, herself attended a private Christian school when she was younger and also received her Bachelor of Arts in business economics while studying at the private Christian college Calvin College.


Betsy DeVos was appointed as Secretary of Education for the U.S.A under plenty of controversy, but while her proponents attempted to make her look like the fool, she continued to do the work she always has. As soon as she took the position, she contacted the two leaders of the largest teachers’ unions to meet with them. One of them agreed to do so, and DeVos and Randi Weingarten promptly paid a visit to a spread of schools in Florida. Many people, mistakenly, thought that Mrs. DeVos would play a passive role in her position, but those who know her knew she would be the usual steely, tough, and determined woman she has always been.


Betsy DeVos has served the state of Michigan as the chairman for the Republican Party of Michigan and has also been a mega-donor to the GOP party. In Michigan, her opponents learned that she is not one to take a backseat while waiting for others to get things done. She goes out there and gets them done herself. In today’s charged political climate, it is good that the children of the United States and their families have an ally on their side. That ally is Betsy DeVos, and she has pledged to continue to fight for the educational rights of every American child.


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The Amazing Credit Solutions Provided by GreenSky Credit Corporation

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

David Zalik aged 43 years old, is the founder of the GreenSky Corporation, a company that deals with providing credit solutions to customers in the nation. He has a great history of success in his business career and therefore advises young entrepreneurs on effective ways of accomplishing their business goals. David Malik has played a great role in connecting various customers to financial institutions in the United States through his platform. This has helped in improving lives of many individuals in the country and hence GreenSky Company gains recognition for it.

The GreenSky Company was founded in 2006 as a private corporation with its headquarters being based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is highly praised for its proficiency in availing credit services to all their customers in the country. It partners with financial institutions to offer technological improvements meant to enhance services to their customers. The company thus acts as an intermediary in the provision of the credit services to all its customers within the United States. Some of these services include loan advancements, healthiness , furniture, roofing, window fittings, and installation of solar services in homes of the customers.

This provides an easier way of accessing reasonably prized funds among young entrepreneurs or even other interested consumers. Other medium organizations or companies are also not left out in this. All these efforts are centered on improving lives of the clients they work with. In all these services GreenSky gives a chance to customers to acquire loans of the amounts that suits their needs.

Most businesses thus use these funds to finance  their businesses in purchases of goods and all other transactions involved in the business until the final sales are completed. Customers access these loans through the financial institutions such as banks and other microfinancing organizations. However, the loan credibility is based on the customer’s pas t information on the payment issue.

The company, therefore, has no attempts at being a business rival to banks in the industry since they are completely different in their operations. Any financial institution willing to partner  with GreenSky can thus do it comfortably to advance its services as well as maximizing its profits.

Four Things Rocketship Education Taught Co-Founder and CEO Preston Smith

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Rocketship Education has been in operation for the past ten years, since 2007. The chain of schools populate eighteen low-income areas throughout the United States, incorporated as a nonprofit institution by present-day CEO Preston Smith and John Danner. Preston Smith had kicked off his career as an educator in 2001, founded a public school in 2004, then – as most readers know – started Rocketship Education. Smith learned a large handful of important lessons throughout his decade-plus with Rocketship – let’s dig deeper.

Parents are required to submit evaluations of teachers at least once every two weeks, at longest once monthly. This helps administrators offer avenues of improvement to their instructors, for classrooms at large and individual students.

Students with special needs spend an average of 80% of their school days in general education classes, those with non-disabled peers. This prepares fellow children for interacting with developmentally disabled persons, teachers for instructing and dealing with them, and special students with proper social skills.

Parents shouldn’t be wary of moving their children into other schools, given their current educational facilities aren’t doing good enough jobs. This goes for Rocketship Education’s facilities, too, although with 91% of its students staying year after year, this doesn’t happen often.

Teachers visit students’ homes once annually, helping them develop better personalized lessons for each and every student. Understanding where one spends most of their waking hours – at home – is highly beneficial to instructors.

Redwood City, California, located on the northern portion of the Golden State’s Bay Area, is home to Rocketship Education’s first school. Created by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007, Rocketship Education has grown to a current high of eighteen schools spread throughout the United States. All of their locations are free for students to attend, although they provide educational experiences exceeding or meeting those of most private schools in their respective areas. They have three locations in Tennessee, one in Wisconsin, two in the nation’s capital, and twelve spread across all regions of their home state of California. The system of public charter schools is known for beefing highly innovative in implementing technology into individualized education plans.