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The End Citizens United and its Contributions to the USA political Landscape

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

The End Citizens United holds that high levels of inefficiencies mark the American political and electoral processes. The group argues that those issues are linked to the role of big money in the electoral activities. Currently, there are no regulations on the number of finances that politicians can receive from donors to support their political activities. Consequently, billionaires and large corporations have seized this opportunity as being one of the ways that they can sway the elections to their favors. They undertake to support leaders who are keen in implementing policies and initiatives that favor their agendas. It holds that the leaders lack accountability and are less committed to addressing the issues facing the electorates. Read this article at Chronicle of Week to learn more.

The mission of the End Citizens United is thus to end the role of big money in the system. It undertakes to finance and support the candidature of individuals that are keen on pushing for positive reforms. In the past, the End Citizens United has pushed for the election of individuals such as Hilary Clinton, and Maggie Hassan. Although its contributions have been in only one election cycle, the group has managed to secure the support of many citizens and politicians. Through the support of the grassroots individuals, the group has been on the leading front in advocating for accountability and upholding of the rights of the electorates.

The End Citizens United V. F.E.C. Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court Ruling in 2010 in the listed case changed the nature of the American politics. Unlike the previous settings where there were regulations on the number of resources that Candidates and political parties could receive from diners, the ruling upheld unlimited financing. Éclair on, The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 had sought to ensure that there was a limit on the amount of resources used in an election. The provision had the benefit of controlling the impacts that billionaires and large corporations had on the process. It is thus the goal of the End Citizens United to ensure that this ruling is reversed. It is only through such a setting that the American elections would record a high level of accountability, efficiency, and transparency.

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End Citizens United Aims to Prevent Dark-Money from Destroying Democracy

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

The decision made in the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission devastated citizens across the country. By declaring in the favor of Citizens United, Supreme Court Justices essentially declared that “corporations are people,” giving them and affluent individuals the ability to donate limitless amounts of untraceable money to United States elections. The Citizens United ruling could potentially ruin the United States democratic system as we know it, permitting a flood of dark money to enter the electoral system. Therefore, resulting in candidates winning due to their pockets rather their platform. View the group’s profile on linkedin.

Realizing the ramifications of this ruling, End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to overturning the detrimental Citizens United decision. Found on March 1st, 2015 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., the leadership of End Citizens United has established a two-step process as the center of their political strategy. The first step is to support candidates whom are committed to campaign finance reform. The second step is to carry out special efforts to ensure the overturn of Citizens United. Due to their obvious opposition of obscene amounts of money flooding the political system, End Citizens United is dependent upon grassroots fundraising for their money-raising strategy.

In the 2016 election cycle, End Citizens united raised twenty five million dollars to support dozens of candidates across the nation. The PAC has set a goal of thirty five million for the 2018 election cycle, already endorsing 130 candidates across the country. In addition to supporting candidates, the political action committee plans to target “the Big Money 20” during the 2018 cycle. “The Big Money 20” refers to incumbents who benefit the most from corporate political action committees and “big-money” donors. Members of the big money 20 include senators Dean Heller and Ted Cruz along with numerous representatives. The 2018 election cycle will be the most eventful cycle yet for the dedicated PAC. However, alongside booming democratic platforms such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the wind of a Democratic “wave” at its back, it appears to be a good year for End Citizens United.

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ECU endorses Another Constitutional amendment in Arizona

Friday, May 11th, 2018

The proposed amendment will give the voters the right to know about all donation and spending sources in the state of Arizona. In the last state-level elections that were conducted in Arizona in the year 2014, over $10 million was spent in the form of dark money. End Citizens United, popularly known as the ECU endorsed a constitutional amendment through in the state of Arizona that outlawed the use of dirty money in political campaigns. The legislation would help in the prevention of corruption and increase transparency.

The Law would also require public disclosure of all donors who contribute more than $2,500 in the elections to be disclosed so that the public can know them. The legislation would also bring the laundering of political donations to an end. In the past, political donations have been laundered through intermediaries where the source of the money remains hidden. The constitutional amendment is still in the stage involving collection of signatures. The amendment is likely to take effect in the forthcoming mid-term elections scheduled for November.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to counter Citizens United’s harmful effects and bring reforms to the American financial system for political campaigns. ECU has a total of over 3 million members and over 90,000 in the state of Arizona. ECU has a related project that is known as Fight for Reform. The Fight for Reform project has put its focus on bringing accountability and transparency to local and state elections in the United States. This project is also set to connect Outlaw Dirty Money legislation with donors and grassroots activists. Outlaw Dirty Money co-chair, Terry Goddard, has said that the American democracy has become a rigged system in favor of the multi-million donors and big corporations. These donors allow the political parties and candidates to spend millions of dollars in secretive dirty money for political mileage and personal agendas.

Goddard added that such a situation would leave the residents and voters in Arizona in the dark about anyone who would be attempting to influence who gets into office. Outlaw Dirty money legislation will be critical in ending the destructive influence of secretive dirty money. The bill will also serve to promote transparency and accountability in the politics of Arizona. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller said that ECU welcomes the Outlaw Dirty Money Amendment. The legislation will also confirm the voters in Arizona that they have a right to know the source of all political donations.

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