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Clocks To Help Combat Energy Crisis

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Venezuela has gone ahead by 30 minutes as President Maduro declared that the move would come into effect from 1st May 2016. The reason for this time travel is simple – the energy crisis in Venezuela has become worse than ever before.

With this move, Maduro hopes that the energy usage would go down as it is during the evening that most power is used. This move will reverse the turning back of clocks by 30 minutes by former President Hugo Chavez who wanted children to wake up for school during daytime.

Venezuela is currently being crippled due to power shortage and critics of the government like Norka Luque also reveal that the crisis could be a result of lack of management and investment by the government in this sector. Apart from the clocks, Maduro also urged women to restrict the use of hairdryers to only special occasions since electricity is hard to come by these days.

CorporationWiki has reported on the country already dealing with economic and political crisis and this energy crisis is not going to help matters at all. With the Amnesty bill issue and the rising inflation rate making oil more expensive in Venezuela, people are finding it difficult to even handle day to day activities. Medicines, transport, and even basic amenities like food have become markedly more expensive in Venezuela.
The energy sector was offered longer weekends as Maduro recently made Friday a non-working day in Venezuela for some time.