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Luke Lazarus is the man behind the success of startups in Australia

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

The man, Luke Lazarus is a distinguished consultant for startup companies, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Since starting his business over twenty years ago, he has consistently partnered with startup companies in building excellent business plans. For these companies, Luke has been an instrumental figure in helping CEOs with innovative business ideas, insights and helping the company manage growth and scale up through the heights amid the competition infested business world. He is a principal consultant with extensive experience in assisting companies in prioritizing decisions according to the criticality of the choices. Luke possesses the skills needed by startups to shape their trajectories by helping these companies determine the right time to make crucial decisions that will impact the company positively and set it on an upward trajectory.


Luke Lazarus prepared for his prestigious career through extensive study and research at the University of Melbourne, school of business. At the age of 23 years, he had already earned his MBA and delved right into the world of business. A decade after his graduation, Luke has already founded and sold four successful firms. He has a keen and unique aye for opportunities which he has over the time utilized to start new companies and sell them later. Besides that, he spends much of his time helping new firms gain momentum and older firms regain momentum in revenue generation. He defines his strengths as the ability to help startups build a formidable and competitive front by helping the managers draft their projections and plans.


In a recent interview, Luke Lazarus has talked about his life as a go-getter. He works smart and puts extra effort into his consultancy work. According to him, his day starts typically before the sun rises and he takes time to prepare for the day to make sure he meets all the objectives and goals for a particular day. He usually makes a to-do list to ensure no tasks are overlooked in his consultancy work as well as ensure both him and the company achieves the agenda of the partnership. Luke constantly multitasks during the day and knows how to set his priorities right which has been the key to his exemplary success as a consultant.


According to Luke Lazarus, most of his business ideas come from personal problems he faces in day-to-day activities. He then looks for solutions to these problems and takes his idea to the market. Luke prides in helping companies come up with fresh and innovative approaches to put them on a better economic level eventually. As an entrepreneur, Luke cites keeping of accurate records is an essential element in the recipe for success in any business. Additionally, passion and perseverance play a critical role in the success of every entrepreneur.


How Bhanu Choudhrie Help His Company Grow

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Bhanu Choudhrie studied Marketing and International Business at the University of Boston. Since 2001, he has held the position of Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He worked at an internship at JP Morgan before moving to London. He received an award called the Asian Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2008. He likes to invest in a variety of businesses which would include hospitality and real estate. Bhanu Choudhrie made an investment in the airline, and he considers it to be risky, but the investment was successful. He also became a member of the board of New Century Bank. By taking the board position, Choudhrie will get into financial services. He expects investors to make investments in emerging markets that are located in China and India.


Bhanu Choudhrie believes it is important to give back. He started an art foundation in London to help display more art from Asia. It will help showcase the talent of Asia. His business phone for movie productions in India. He invests companies considered mid-level production companies. The success of Bhanu Choudhrie is based on him knowing CEOs and management teams that are responsible for the daily operations of companies. He feels Richard Branson and Warren Buffett are entrepreneurial heroes. He expects to lead C&C Alpha Group Ltd to invest in hotels. The hotels are expected to be in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Choudhrie will use the hotel brand called Ananda. He also planned to do more charitable work. He is a director of the charity his mother started, and the charity’s name is Path to Success. Path to Success helped people get a better education. He studied at Harvard Business School that led to him becoming the Director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp in 2018.

In 2010, Bhanu Choudhrie was a member of the board of Atlantic Coast Financial. Has been passionate about helping businesses enter new markets. He was born in New Deli, India. Choudhrie feel tourism in the UAE and Saudi Arabia will grow, and this is another influence on the decision to have hotels with the Ananda brand in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Details Of The Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Whenever an individual takes to Twitter offering their thoughts on the happenings in today’s world, there is always someone willing to listen. However, when that person is venture capitalist and executive Shervin Pishevar, thousands and thousands of Twitter followers are hanging on his every word. In the case of his recent 21-hour tweet storm, his followers had plenty to read and think over, such as the future of the U.S. stock market, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, and the future of companies in Silicon Valley.

When it comes to his predictions regarding the stock market, Shervin Pishevar undoubtedly made many investors nervous by predicting a drop in value of 6,000 points or more in the weeks and months ahead. Believing a volatile bond market will be the major reason for the decline in value, Shervin Pishevar also predicted that investors who are smart with their money will turn to precious metals such as gold to be a safe haven from the market’s woes.

Once finished making stock market investors nervous, Shervin Pishevar moved on to discuss his thoughts and predictions about Silicon Valley. Predicting these companies will no longer be viewed as the world’s best in the high-tech industry, he cited growing foreign competition from China and many other nations as the major reason for his predictions. To regain its elite status within the industry, he predicted Silicon Valley will need to reassess its willingness to develop cutting-edge global marketing campaigns, commit to hiring highly-qualified individuals from around the world, and commit itself to increased research and development in artificial intelligence and other growing IT areas.

Last but certainly not least, Shervin Pishevar made sure investors in virtual currencies had something to think about as well. Pointing to Bitcoin, he predicted the virtual currency will have a $5,000 drop in value, making it sound as if investors should abandon their investments. However, unlike stocks, he predicts a bright future for this industry. For investors who choose to leave their money with Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar predicts losses will not only be recouped, but profits will actually be made along the way.

Stream Energy Establishes a Philanthropic Arm

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Stream Energy is a renowned energy company which conducts offshore exploration of energy and natural resources as well as supplying electrical power as well as natural gas in the United States. It was launched in the year 2004 by Pierre Koshkaji and his ally Rob Snyder. The firm is a multi-level marketing company which also offers wireless and protective services to households and businesses. Stream Energy has its main offices in Dallas, Texas. Besides, it has other offices in the following state: Delaware, Washington DC, Oakland, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas. The energy company also sells its products and extends its services outside the country making it a highly reputable company in the world.


Stream Energy is the biggest company in Texas, and it has always been desiring to help the Teas residents, especially is locality, Dallas. The company tries its level best to improve the living standards of the people living in the city. By ensuring that, the energy company has decided to establish an independent arm within the firm which will specifically deal with charity and philanthropic activities. The charitable arm is known as the Stream Cares Foundation.
Stream Cares Foundation was established in 2016, and it mainly undertakes its activities in Dallas and other towns within Texas. The new philanthropic wing will take the role of continuing with the charities the company has been conducting since it was founded. Stream Energy has participated in many philanthropic activities such as helping families financially in Houston who were affected with the Hurricane Harvey. The company also helped people who were affected by Tornado in Texas. Stream Energy also provided basic needs like clothing and shelter to homeless children during the homeless crisis which had affected the city.

Stream Cares Foundation will ensure continuity of these charity activities, and it will be working together with other charitable organizations to help the Dallas people. It will be the one responsible for the American Girl Doll Experience, which is an annual project conducted to make the military families feel loved and embraced. The new arm will help the company strengthen its bond with the society.

Zilch Technologies Founder Serge Belamant Discusses Electronic Payment Technologies

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Serge Belamant is a pioneer in digital payment technologies. In fact, his first company, which he founded in 1989, was approached by Visa to create the chip-enabled credit and debit card technology we now rely on every day. However, he traveled an extremely interesting path to get to where he is today. Read more on

Belamant was born in Tulle, France, but moved with his father to South Africa at the age of 14. He stayed in South Africa for college, studying at Witswatersrand University, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science. After college, he found great success writing software for digital financial transactions, which led to his founding NET1 UEPS Technology.

In an interview with, he talked about his current venture, Zilch Financial, which aims to make it easy for regular people to make financial transactions using their smartphones. According to Serge Belamant, his new venture was inspired by a conversation he had with his son, who also studied computer science, and they arrived at the conclusion that the best way to integrate the poor into the financial system was by using the tool that was most at their disposal, the smartphone.

When asked about what makes him successful, he explained that everyone may be successful for different reasons. This is contradictory, because someone else may arrive at success by doing the exact opposite as you. Serge Belamant believes that his success is down to his drive to understand and his curiosity. He wants to find out the basic reasons for problems in order to find solutions. This is the common thread that has led him to work in a number of seemingly unrelated industries, such as medicine, computer science, philosophy, and engineering. Serge Belamant sees himself as a student of new ideas, and he thinks that it is this conception that his led to his success in his many projects and ventures.


Stream Energy Has A Heart For The People In Its State And Beyond

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Hurricane Harvey brought a lot of damage to the state of Texas, but Stream Energy, which is an energy company based out of that state, was quick to step in to help those who were affected by the storm. They donated to those in need and helped their customers. The company has always been all about giving back, and it recently formed its own charity, called Stream Cares to help its state and the country. And it gives back in more ways than just by donating money. It gets involved in the community and lets people know that it is there for them.

In years past, Stream Energy has worked with both the Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross. It has worked with the homeless and has put on an event for homeless kids to get to go to a water park. It was very hands-on with the event, by volunteering as well as giving money for the event. Stream Energy has a passion for taking care of those in need, and its employees know that and are eager to give back in any way that they can.

Stream Energy’s employees care about meeting the people who they are serving. They want to get to know their community and to offer them the financial and moral support that they need. Stream Energy is all about serving veterans, and it donated transportation for them to go out for a good meal at a restaurant. Stream Energy has always had a heart for the people around it, and it plans to continue to show its heart and compassion through the work that it does with Stream Cares. It is trying to make things better for Dallas, and for the state of Texas as a whole, and it is accomplishing that through its great leadership and philanthropy.

Adam Milstein: Ingenious Businessman with a Sincere Passion for Helping Others

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Adam Milstein is a man who used his childhood experiences that he obtained while growing up in Haifa, Israel to become one of the most influential/philanthropic leaders of the Jewish community. As a child, Milstein’s birthplace in Haifa provided him the privilege of being in one of the largest and most beautiful settings in Israel—a benefit that instilled him with a deep sense of respect and appreciation for his culture. Moreover, in addition to having become culturally impacted by his environment, Milstein was also heavily influenced by the love he received through the rearing by his parents. His mother (a stay-at-home mom) cared for the family and nurtured Milstein with the utmost endearment, while his father (a real estate developer) financially supported the family and taught Milstein the value of hard work. Together, his parents embedded within his subconscious the importance of being compassionate for others—a quality that Milstein inherited that would stick with him for life.

Yet, in addition to being compassionate, bravery was another strong characteristic that Adam Milstein adopted in his youth. At 19, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces out of a personal desire to help protect the nation of Israel against opposing forces who sought to bring harm to the people. After serving in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Milstein earned a degree in Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology in 1978 and then relocated to the United States with his wife shortly thereafter. Nevertheless, after arriving to the U.S. in 1981 and residing in California, Milstein returned to school to obtain his second degree (MBA) in business from the University of Southern California. Utilizing his business degrees, Adam Milstein ultimately became a successful businessman in the real estate industry. As a resident of California, he became a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties (located in Encino, California) where he currently fulfills the responsibility of overseeing all financial matters concerning the real estate company’s billion-dollar property ownership in the U.S.

Nonetheless, being that Adam Milstein was born to be more than just a businessman at heart, he innately took to becoming the philanthropist that his parents’ love had influenced him to be. He wished to enlighten and encourage those of the Jewish community to become leaders to make a positive difference within their lives and the lives of others as well. Therefore, to provide a system of direct aid to the Israeli-American population, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2001. Today, the foundation currently provides a multitude of nonprofit services including that of educational training, leadership counseling, medical support, and defense against anti-Semitism.

A Summary of Louis Chenevert’s Career Life

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

It is important that we leave a mark everywhere we go. This is not possible unless we are committed and clear about our goals. Louis Chenevert was able to create his legacy in UTC for the eight years he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Many questions came from his exit from the firm because he left at a time when UTC was experiencing great success as a result of his input.

However, it was confirmed that they were no disagreements that led to his retiring. He only wanted to have more time to focus on his family and interests. He is currently working as a financial advisor at Goldman Sachs.

Before joining UTC, Louis Chenevert had been in the corporate world for two decades. His experience in the other firms contributed to his intelligence and innovation. Before joining UTC, he was the President of the Pratt & Whitney. Here, he held the president position that he acquired six years after joining the firm. This was not the first place he worked. After successfully graduating with a degree in Production Management at HEC Montreal, he got a job at General Motors. He worked in the firm for over a decade. In General Motors, he learned the basics of running a business. He enjoyed multiple promotions in the company. He was the General Production Manager before he left the firm.

Despite all this success, the most discussed is his reign at the United Technologies Corporation. He improved the share value of the firm with 200%. He also made it the highest profit making in the USA through the acquisitions that he made for the firm, leveraging it.

The former UTC CEO says that one thing that led to his great accomplishments is working with a talented team. He says that you can only perform as great as your team can deliver. He mentions that relentless focus also helped him achieve his goals.

When we dig into our past, we always have one thing we would love to do differently. Louis Chenevert says that he could handle the internal politics cautiously. He says that they are always two groups in every firm, those who are aligned with the agendas and the naysayers. Focusing on the latter blocks one from accomplishing their goals.

Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Sinto’s Long Careers in Healthcare Management

Monday, November 26th, 2018

When you think of commitment and longstanding experience in healthcare management, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides should come to mind. Both individuals have spent about 20 years in this field, and they have a whole lot more experience under their belts.

Where Rick Shinto Has Worked

Rick Shinto has a long career in the health field. He started his work as a pulmonologist and specialist in internal medicine. Later he moved onto the management side of healthcare as the CEO of Medical Pathways Management. He has also served as the CEO of Aveta and at North American Medical Management as the CM officer. He currently serves as InnovaCare Health’s CEO. He also has an impressive educational background. He earned his B.A. at the University of California at Irvin. He then attained his medical degree at the University of New York at Stony Brook. Finally, he earned his M.B.A. at Univerisity of Redlands.

Aside from his long career and list of educational accomplishments, he has also received that Access to Caring award for his advancements in providing quality care to those who can’t afford it. In 2018, he was also on the list for the Top 25 Minorities Executives in Healthcare, which is put out by the magazine, Modern Healthcare.

Where Penelope Kokkinides Has Worked

Currently, Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. In previous roles, she has served as the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta, Inc and the Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare and Touchstone Health. At Aveta, she was also the Vice President for Clinical Operations. She has also been the Vice President for Care and Disease Management at the company, AmeriChoice. And she has expertise in government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which helps InnovaCare provide further aid to those in need.

InnovaCare, Inc. Company History

InnovaCare Health serves over 200,000 members in places like Puerto Rico and the United States. One of InnovaCare Health’s central tenets is to provide affordable healthcare to those who cannot afford it. The company also makes strides in technology advancements to be able to offer better quality care that meets the individual’s needs.

Steve Ritchie: People Are Our Top Priority

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

When a company wants to know how to make improvements for its employees and customers, the best thing to do is talk directly to those who will be affected by the changes. At Papa John’s Pizza, that is exactly what CEO Steve Ritchie has been doing this year. Traveling to cities across the United States such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, and many others, he has met not only with Papa John’s franchisees, but also many of its customers. And along the way, he has discovered an attitude within these individuals that is hopeful and positive.

In these face-to-face meetings, Steve Ritchie has been able to hear how franchisees consider those working with them not as employees, but instead family members. Along with this, he has also heard how these individuals make it a priority to get heavily involved with the communities in which they are located. Whether this means working with local charities to raise funds or with local schools to help students get the materials they need for learning success, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s knows those who carry the Papa John’s mantle in communities across the United States are indeed very special people.

Keeping the Papa John’s philosophy of People Are Priority Always, better known as PAPA, Steve Ritchie knows the conversations he engages in with people across the country will be key to learning how the company can improve more and more each and every day. From store managers to delivery drivers and pizza makers, it’s clear to Steve Ritchie it takes a team effort to create a successful product, keep customers happy, and help a company stay ahead of the competition. Here’s the latest news about Sajwani rolling out diversity to Papa John’s.

Moving forward in the months and years to come, Steve Ritchie realizes tremendous amounts of hard work and dedication will be needed by everyone in the company to achieve the results everyone seeks. However, after meeting so many special people along the way during his travels, Steve Ritchie knows Papa John’s Pizza is in excellent hands. With franchisees who have a unique commitment to customer service and helping their communities, the future looks very bright.

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